Each year Fairhaven Baptist College hosts a Sustainers’ Club Banquet. Financial supporters of the college enjoy Christian fellowship, a wonderful meal, testimonies, special music, and a challenging message. This evening opens our Annual Preaching Conference. This is a special year as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of Fairhaven Baptist College.  […]

2017 Fairhaven Baptist College Sustainers’ Banquet

The conference is now less than a week away!  We are getting more and more excited as the conference draws near.  The campus is full of activity as we prepare for our visitors. Please be in prayer with us that God blesses with lives challenged to do more for Him. […]

Preaching Conference 2017

We were privileged to host the second annual Fairhaven Basketball and Volleyball Tournament – The Conquerors’ Challenge. Teams from Cozaddale Baptist Academy in Goshen, Ohio; Prairie Christian Academy in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin; Beth Haven Baptist Academy in Sheridan, Michigan; and young people from Cornerstone Baptist Church in Chicago were […]

Second Annual “Conquerors’ Challenge” Basketball and Volleyball Tournament

The conference is now less than three weeks away — time for Round 8 of the PC Trivia Contest! Read carefully as instructions for entering this week’s contest have changed.  The first person to comment on the original post, located at fairhavenbaptist.org, wins. Go ahead and give it a try, […]

2017 PC Trivia – Round 8

Many of the participants in the fall school fundraiser were able to enjoy a trip to sunny Florida (during the cold Indiana winter)!  Highlights included Busch Gardens, the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, and the Tampa Museum of Science and Industry.

Academy Highlights – Florida Trip!

We were excited to see many visitors at our recent Men’s BBQ.  It was a privilege to have Pastor Stan Roach from Anchorage, Alaska, here to speak.

Men’s Barbeque

The conference is now less than five weeks away — time for Round 7 of the PC Trivia Contest! The first three people to email the correct answer to 2017PC@fairhavenbaptist.org win. The winners will each receive a $15 restaurant gift card. Question:  The Fairhaven Baptist College ladies’ dormitory was built […]

2017 PC Trivia – Round 7

Volleyball Marathon is a tradition unique to Fairhaven Baptist College. It keeps the tuition down and the excitement up! There’s still time to support the college and help a student reach their goal.  Donate here!

2017 Volleyball Marathon

The conference is now less than seven weeks away, and it’s time for Round 6 of the PC Trivia Contest!  (To those who were wondering what the answer was to the Round 5 question, the correct answer was Dr. Roy Thompson, Cleveland, Ohio.) The first two people to email the […]

2017 PC Trivia Contest – Round 6

Fairhaven’s newest music CD is in production. The finished product is due for release at our Preaching Conference and College Days in April. The CD, entitled Throw Out the Lifeline, features the Fairhaven men’s quartets and is sure to become a “must have” in your music library!

Fairhaven Musicians Record New CD

We are excited about the second year of our bus teen camp – CAMP ADVANCE.  Call the office for more information (219) 926-6636.

CAMP ADVANCE – Bus Teen Camp

The conference is now less than nine weeks away, and it’s time for Round 5 of the PC Trivia Contest! The first person to email the correct answer to 2017PC@fairhavenbaptist.org wins. The winner will receive a $50 gift card to Cracker Barrel. Question: For the 1982 Preaching Conference, who was […]

2017 PC Trivia Contest – Round 5

The ladies enjoyed a wonderful evening at the Mother/Daughter Banquet on Friday. We were privileged to have many visitors in attendance. What a blessing to have Mrs. Helen Hutchinson here to speak. You can view more pictures here or click on the picture below.

Mother/Daughter Banquet