Fairhaven Baptist Church Sustainers' Banquet 2016 (8 of 15)
Each year Fairhaven Baptist College hosts a Sustainers’ Club Banquet. Financial supporters of the college, pastors and laymen alike, enjoy Christian fellowship, a wonderful meal, student testimonies, special music, and a challenging message. This evening opens our Annual Preaching Conference.

2016 Sustainers’ Banquet

2015-11-22 Sunday School-00018
We were excited to begin the first of our six-week spring campaign.  As Christians we should be telling the good news of salvation throughout the year; however, we have times set aside for a special emphasis on bringing folks out to hear a clear salvation message whether it be in […]

Spring Outreach Campaign

Fairhaven Baptist Academy Volleyball Basketball Tournament 2016 (38 of 40)
The first annual Fairhaven Basketball and Volleyball Tournament took place recently. Teams from Cozaddale Baptist Academy in Goshen, Ohio, along with young people from Cornerstone Baptist Church in Chicago were able to join the Fairhaven teams this year. Everyone had a great time. Congratulations to the teams from Cozaddale for […]

Basketball and Volleyball Tournament

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This special week is right around the corner. Make plans to be here! For more information and to register, follow the links below for Preaching Conference and College Days.

Preaching Conference and College Days

Fairhaven Baptist Church Patriotic Recording (8 of 11)
A lot of hard work, planning, and practice went into the recording of Fairhaven’s newest music CD. The patriotic CD will be released on July 3, for our special “God and Country Sunday.”

Fairhaven Musicians Record Patriotic CD

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 2.21.59 PM
The senior orchestra accompanied video footage of Victory at Sea in their performance of the Symphonic Scenario composed by Richard Rodgers and arranged by Robert Russell Bennett. The band performed the arrangement for the Parent/Teacher Fellowship as well as for the Jolly 60s ministry.  

Academy Highlights

Fairhaven Baptist Police Appreciation (5 of 12)
Our youth group recently held a Police Appreciation Night for the Chesterton and Porter Police Departments. The teens met with many of the officers, including Chesterton Police Chief David Cincoski. The teens expressed their appreciation for the safety provided to our community through these departments and gained a deeper knowledge […]

Police Appreciation Night

He Is Risen - FC
Dave Olson just wrote a new tract explaining the purpose of the death and resurrection of Christ. It is a great tract to use anytime because of the detailed presentation of the gospel, and with Easter just around the corner, this tract should be well received. Tracts may be purchased […]

NEW “He is Risen” Tract

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The latest edition of the Fundamentalist, Always Abounding, is complete and on its way to you. If you are not on our mailing list and would like to receive a copy, send an email to fundamentalist@fairhavenbaptist.org. The digital copy can be viewed on our website.  

Fundamentalist – Spring 2016

Fairhaven Baptist College Ensembler 2016 (16 of 27)
Our traveling ensembles enjoyed a couple weeks of ministry recently. They visited several churches as well as some of the sites in Florida, South Carolina, West Virginia, Ohio, Tennessee, and Alabama.

Ensemble Update

Fairhaven Baptist College Volleyball Marathon 2016 (17 of 20)
Over 90 hours of continuous volleyball — Volleyball Marathon is a tradition unique to Fairhaven Baptist College. It keeps the tuition down and the excitement up!

2016 Volleyball Marathon

Dave and Lisa Olson recently traveled to Mexico City to visit one of Fairhaven’s missionaries, the Rardin family. Dave is the Director of Missions for Fairhaven Baptist College.  

Mexico City Update

Fairhaven Baptist Academy Wrestle-O-Rama 2016 (912 of 1161)
Adults and children alike agree that Wrestle-O-Rama is a wonderful Fairhaven tradition. The academy boys get to compete, and everyone else gets to enjoy not only watching them, but also eating the delicious food! After the wrestling champions have received their trophies, the food auction begins. Mr. Ramos and Dr. […]

2016 Wrestle-O-Rama