Mother’s Day Brunch

We are grateful for the many guests who joined us for Mother's Day.  What a better way to spend Mother's Day than in church.  Pastor Damron preached a convicting message about the transforming power of the gospel, and afterward all visiting mothers and their families were invited for a special brunch.  Praise the Lord for the dining hall being filled with over 220 mothers and their families. [...]

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Mexico City Update – May 2018

Dear Praying Friends, Good things are happening in Mexico City during our absence.   The church celebrated Kid's Day to begin the spring campaign. They had 362 in attendance -- 199 adults and 163 children.  Twelve adults and 5 children made decisions.  I flew down for their Mother's Day celebration on the 6th of May.  They have it on a different date in Mexico.   We had 181 adults, 262 altogether.  The auditorium was full of people.  Two were saved. Even in the weeks leading up to the spring campaign, souls were being saved. Eduardo and his family have been coming to [...]

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NEW! Grace Greater Music Recording

Our Dean of Music and his wife, Jeremiah and Kara Mitchell, have recently released their first recording, Grace Greater.  The vocal duet recording with piano and string accompaniment is comprised of music meant to highlight God’s goodness extended to the undeserving. The CD is available for purchase at cdbaby and Facebook.  It is also available for download and streaming on Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes. For bulk orders, email the Mitchells.

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Preaching Conference & College Days 2018

What a wonderful week God gave for Preaching Conference & College Days 2018!  We are grateful for all those who joined us.  The Lord spoke to many hearts about the overriding theme of the conference which was to separate ourselves for service to Him!  If you weren't able to make it, you can order an MP3 of all the services here for only $12.  Just follow the link and email us.  You can also view videos of the services here.Enjoy the highlight video of College Days and a picture gallery of Preaching Conference below. [...]

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2018 Fairhaven Baptist College Sustainers’ Club Banquet

Each year Fairhaven Baptist College hosts a Sustainers' Club Banquet. Financial supporters of the college enjoy Christian fellowship, a wonderful meal, student testimonies, special music, and a challenging message. This evening opens our Annual Preaching Conference. If you are interested in joining the Sustainers' Club, follow this link for more information. Click here to see more pictures of the evening.    

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Philippines Update – April 2018

Dear Praying Friends, I trust that you are doing well. Please continue to pray for us. We desire to see genuine conversions and not just hollow professions. We desire to see families strengthened, and individuals drawn closer to God. It is summer time right now in the Philippines (April-May) and the schools are out. Please pray for our first ever VBS. I know you'll be in sincere prayers for us and I rejoice and thank the Lord for your friendship. Your Missionary because of Jesus, Bro. Bill Hardecker Hardecker Headlines Apr 2018 [dg]

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NEW! Music & Outdoor Camp

Camp Advance (Fairhaven's summer day camp) is expanding this summer to include two weeks of specialized teaching -- Music & Outdoor.  We will give more information in the coming weeks, but if you are interested in your children (ages 6-13) attending either of these weeks, please use the following links to let us know you're interested. Music Camp (July 9-12) Outdoor Camp (July 16-20)  

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Missions Emphasis

Last week was Missions Emphasis at Fairhaven Baptist Church & College.  We were blessed to have two missionaries with us.  Dan ('97) and Beth (Crego '89) Canavan have been missionaries to Ireland for the past 19 years, and Clint ('94) and Rhonda (Proctor '90) Rardin have been serving in Mexico City for over 20 years.  Please pray not only for these families as they serve on the foreign field but also for others to answer God's call to go to the mission field.  Enjoy a video update from each of these missionaries below.  You can listen to Clint Rardin's sermon here [...]

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Resurrection Sunday

What a wonderful day we had at Fairhaven Baptist Church for Resurrection Sunday! The adults in the auditorium not only enjoyed hearing the children's Easter program entitled, The Greatest King, but also a challenging message from Pastor Damron. The "puppets" had a special message for the children about how Jesus died and rose again! He is risen!

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Third Annual “Conquerors’ Challenge” Basketball & Volleyball Tournament

We were privileged to host the third annual Fairhaven Basketball and Volleyball Tournament - The Conquerors' Challenge. Teams from Cozaddale Baptist Academy in Goshen, Ohio; Prairie Christian Academy in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin; Beth Haven Baptist Academy in Sheridan, Michigan; Pleasantville Baptist Academy in Pleasantville, Iowa; and young people from Cornerstone Baptist Church in Chicago were all able to join the Fairhaven teams this year. Everyone had a great time. Congratulations to the the Cozaddale Baptist Academy Chargers for taking first place in both volleyball and basketball! We are already looking forward to next year's tournament March 14-15, 2019. Click here [...]

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John Vassar

"Uncle John Vassar" Baptist History segment at Fairhaven Baptist Church in Chesterton, Indiana One of the the finest and most fruitful soul winners that American history has ever recorded is John Vassar. He was known in history as Uncle John Vassar. His family came from French Huguenot heritage the beginning of the 18th century or early 1700s, because of religious persecution in France. His family crossed the English Channel into Britain and lived there for three or four generations. That is where John’s father was born. They chafed under the continuous church state restrictions (Britain didn't like them either because they [...]

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Men’s BBQ

We were excited to see many visitors at our recent Men's BBQ. It was a privilege to have Pastor Jerry Ross from Blessed Hope Baptist Church in Jasonville, Indiana here to speak.  Click here or on the picture below to see some great pictures of the BBQ!  

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Always Abounding – The Fairhaven Fundamentalist – Spring 2018

The latest edition of the Fundamentalist, Always Abounding, is complete and will be arriving in mailboxes soon. If you are not on our mailing list and would like to receive a copy, send an email to The digital copy can be viewed below.

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