2017-2018 FBC Basketball Team

Roster (listed from back row left to right, then front row left to right)  To view their schedule click here.

Name Year Hometown
Jacob Spencer Freshman Akron, Ohio
John Mallinak Freshman Ogden, Utah
Jim Hunt Junior Chesterton, Indiana
David Bottrell Senior Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania
Cooper Gressly Freshman Saxonburg, Pennsylvania
John Olson Sophomore Chesterton, Indiana
Andrew Nicholson Freshman Sheridan, Michigan
Mike Santucci Junior Massillon, Ohio
Caleb Barrera Freshman San Diego, California
Jericho Morris Freshman Sheridan, Michigan
Daniel Zdziarski Freshman Quincy, Illinois
 Levi Armacost  Sophomore  Chesterton, Indiana
 Coach Dan Armacost

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