Mexico City Update – May 2018


Dear Praying Friends, Good things are happening in Mexico City during our absence.   The church celebrated Kid's Day to begin the spring campaign. They had 362 in attendance -- 199 adults and 163 children.  Twelve adults and 5 children made decisions.  I flew down for their Mother's Day celebration on the 6th of May.  They have it on a different date in Mexico.   We had 181 adults, 262 altogether.  The auditorium was full of people.  Two were saved. Even in the weeks leading up to the spring campaign, souls were being saved. Eduardo and his family have been coming to [...]

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Missions Emphasis


Last week was Missions Emphasis at Fairhaven Baptist Church & College.  We were blessed to have two missionaries with us.  Dan ('97) and Beth (Crego '89) Canavan have been missionaries to Ireland for the past 19 years, and Clint ('94) and Rhonda (Proctor '90) Rardin have been serving in Mexico City for over 20 years.  Please pray not only for these families as they serve on the foreign field but also for others to answer God's call to go to the mission field.  Enjoy a video update from each of these missionaries below.  You can listen to Clint Rardin's sermon here [...]

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Missions – Zambia, Africa


Our Director of Missions, Dave Olson, and his wife recently took a trip to Zambia, Africa, where they were missionaries for 10 years. Two young people reached through the ministry in Zambia came to Fairhaven Baptist College to train. They are now both graduates of FBC and are serving the Lord in their home country (Brenda Champo and James Silwamba). Please enjoy the following update video.

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Mexico City Update


This last December we had time to reflect on the last twenty years of ministry in the Mexico City area and to thank God for all that He has accomplished through us. The church that we helped establish in the northern suburbs of Mexico City, Northside Baptist Church, continues to go forward with an average of 200 in attendance and five bus routes.  Pastor Luis Santana and his wife Gabriela, both graduates of our Bible Institute, are doing an outstanding job.  Out of this church, another church was started in rural Mexico.  It now has an attendance of over 100, and [...]

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Ordination Service


This past Thursday night was a special service at Fairhaven. Byron Cromwell was ordained to the gospel ministry. Byron ('07) and Judy ('97) desire to serve the Lord as short-term missionaries, filling in for missionaries on furlough. The Cromwells leave at the end of July to cover for Eli and Mari-lyn Schrock in Cambodia.

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Mexico City Update


Dave and Lisa Olson recently traveled to Mexico City to visit one of Fairhaven's missionaries, the Rardin family. Dave is the Director of Missions for Fairhaven Baptist College. The Rardin family (Clint, Rhonda, Elias, Jackson, and Kellie) are missionaries sent out of Fairhaven Baptist Church and have been serving God in Mexico for almost twenty years. Liberty Baptist Church is located very close to the largest military bases in Mexico and near a large shopping center, making it a highly visible location. The Olsons One of the bus routes of Liberty Baptist Church in [...]

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Zambia Update


The Lord blessed with a great anniversary Sunday for the Independent Baptist Church in Kabwe, Zambia. There were 404 in attendance, and two people trusted Christ as their personal Savior! Pastor Ron Royalty preached the anniversary service. Pastor Rich grew up under the ministry of Pastor Ron Royalty and Gospel Baptist Church in Poland, Ohio. Pastor Ron Royalty preaching for the anniversary service Pastor and Mrs. Royalty and the Riches From left to right: Jim Hunt (FBC intern), Pastor and Mrs. Ron Royalty, Gina Frey and Brenda Champo (IBC staff), Pastor and Mrs. Adam Rich, and [...]

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FBC Update – Student Internships


Our students are encouraged to enhance their college instruction through practical ministry service. A few of the students involved in the 2015 summer internship program are pictured below. Trevor Golden in Chicago with Pastor Courtney Lewis. James Silwamba preaching in Kabwe, Zambia. Josh Barzon at Camp Fairhaven. Ben Martin in Corpus Christi, Texas (Pastor Jason Atwood).

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FBC Update – Summer Travel


Since college graduation, various FBC groups and representatives have traveled across the nation and to several foreign countries. FBC has been represented in many states (from Maine to Utah), as well as churches and mission works in Canada, Germany, France, and the Czech Republic. The ensemble enjoyed a morning at Tabernacle Baptist Church in Tioga, Pennsylvania. Pictured here are Pastor Steve ('91) and Jennifer ('92) Neff and their family. Missionary Jon Rettig (l) and Dan Armacost (r) in Prague, Czech Republic After the ensemble served at Lee Baptist Church in Lee, Maine, Pastor and Mrs. Bickford [...]

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