Elder David Green

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Baptist History – Elder David Green By Ura Schrock Elder David Green lived in the early 1800’s and was originally from Virginia.  He spent most of his life preaching the gospel in North and South Carolina. In 1805 he and several families moved to the bootheel area of southern Missouri, south of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, called Tywappity Bottom.  This was the first organization of a Baptist church in the Missouri Territory or west of the Mississippi River in the United States. That original church did not last very long and was reorganized into a more permanent church a few [...]

Have You Ever Wondered What a Baptist Believes?

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We're taking this acrostic, B- A- P- T- I- S-T, to review and summarize Baptist distinctives. The “B” stands for the Bible as our only rule for faith and practice.  Of course, thinking about next year's preaching conference and that theme of, “A Chosen Generation. ”  Timeless truths of separation. Timeless truths of separation? Here is a big problem with a Christian school or a college.   Here's a big problem. That school or college gets to create a handbook. Has to really create a handbook, doesn't it? If it's going to have any order.  And in that handbook, there [...]

Have You Ever Wondered Where Man Came From?

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This article was taken from a class session by Mrs. Jennifer Wright, professor of Biology at Fairhaven Baptist College. This lecture is called, Human Origins.   There are, obviously, two views of human origins.  What do you think the two views are based on? Evidence or paradigm?   It's based on your paradigm. If you are a creationist, you have one view of human origins and you're most likely not going to be swayed to the other.  If you're an evolutionist, you have another view of human origins and you probably won't be swayed the other way, either. Because origins is [...]

Have You Ever Wondered What the Bible Says About Music?

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HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS ABOUT MUSIC? Dr. Jeremiah Mitchell There is sound;  but, there is also words.  There is also words. And with the music, we know the Bible says that we are to sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs.  Ephesians 5:18. Not 5:18, but moving on after that. So, we have songs, hymns, and spiritual songs. The Bible tells us to sing these things.  I don’t think it’s wrong to hear a commercial. (Sings.) “Give me a break. Give me a break. Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar.” Or something [...]

John Vassar

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"Uncle John Vassar" Baptist History segment at Fairhaven Baptist Church in Chesterton, Indiana One of the the finest and most fruitful soul winners that American history has ever recorded is John Vassar. He was known in history as Uncle John Vassar. His family came from French Huguenot heritage the beginning of the 18th century or early 1700s, because of religious persecution in France. His family crossed the English Channel into Britain and lived there for three or four generations. That is where John’s father was born. They chafed under the continuous church state restrictions (Britain didn't like them either because they [...]

Phil Shuler

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Shuler is a name that for the last 70-80 years has been a most honored and respected name in the circles of Fundamentalism .  Dr. Phil Shuler was born in 1924. He came from good stock. His dad was Robert Shuler - Fighting Bob Shuler. He was an old-time Methodist who dared to stand for the truth when most other Bible believers in his denomination were hiding - maybe figuratively and literally. Fighting Bob Shuler built Trinity Methodist Church- the largest Methodist church in the country.  In Los Angeles, in the ‘20’s and ‘30’s, while leading a fight against corruption [...]

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