The Eckels – August 2020

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We are on our 26th week of Covid-19 lockdown and our 6th week of having 8:00 p.m. curfews.  I am thankful that during these times we can still meet as a church online.  I have been doing live streaming Sunday morning and evening services.  Our mid-week service is held on Zoom so we can see everyone and pray together.  To continue reading the update from Chris Eckels, please click on the link below. The Eckels - August 2020

The Gordons – September 2020

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We have the honor in life to be called to the uttermost.  By God's grace, we serve those who send those who are sent, those who are preparing to be sent, and those in the uttermost who are served by those sent.  This year continues to have special challenges that the Lord is turning into blessings. To continue reading the update from Pat Gordon, please click on the link below. The Gordons - September 2020

The Starrs – September 2020

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We were thrilled to be with Pastor Jim Leslie and his wife Bethany for their first anniversary at Bible Baptist Church, McConnellsburg, PA.  Such an excitement with 12 visitors in the afternoon service.  To continue reading the update from Randy Starr, please click the link below. The Starrs - September 2020  

The Mickeys – September 2020

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Kenya began opening the country back up for international travel, albeit with strict conditions, on August 1st.  This allowed me to take a quick 17 day trip to Kenya.  Truly people are hurting because of the economic shutdown that lasted nearly five months.  It will take quite a while for things to get back to normal for the majority of people.  To continue reading the update from Robert Mickey, please click the link below. The Mickeys - September 2020

The Kureckis – July 2020

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I am currently in the hospital with Alicia writing this preayer letter because baby Elroi Philip Kurecki was just recently born on Monday, August 3rd at 10:12 a.m.  He is 7 lbs. 3 oz. and 27 inches long.   To continue reading the update from Jordan Kurecki, please click the link below. The Kureckis - July 2020

The Smiths – August 2020

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"It's Trump's fault, isn't it?"  Wow.  How many times have we heard that in the last three months?  TOO MANY to count!  Just when we began to think that the world couldn't get any crazier, we are proved wrong! The Bible clearly predicted this insanity:  "This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come."  II Timothy 3:1. To continue reading the update from Mike Smith, please click the link below. The Smiths - August 2020

The Canavans – August 2020

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The lockdown has been a time of reflection and realization: we are in the last days.  We must use what time and means we have to earnestly proclaim the gospel to the lost and strengthen believers.  We continue to give spoken presentations of the gospel to those around us as the Lord gives wonderful opportunity to witness. To continue reading the update from Dan Canavan, please click the link below. The Canavans - August 2020

The Halls – August 2020

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In spite of Covid restrictions and fears, the Lord has been blessing and allowing us to conduct on-site and digital servies each week.  In Nowra at Shoalhaven Baptist Church, we meet on-site each week for Pastor Shellabear's adult Sunday School class, for our Wednesday Bible study and prayer meeting, and for two different Friday youth activities.  To continue reading the update from Jon Hall, please click on the link below. The Halls - August 2020

The Gardners – August 2020

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Well, it is already mid-August and the heat is intense here in Japan - over 100 degrees heat index almost every day.  I know that it is also hot in America, not only physically but politically too.  We are praying that America wakes up to what is happening.  Many times I thank God that we are here in Japan.  I am thankful that God is in control.  We just need to do our job, and it is to reach the lost and dying world with God's Word. To continue reading the update from Dan Gardner, please click the link below. The [...]

The Sharps – September 2020

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As to be expected in the work of our Lord there are often times of resistance from the enemy.  After all, we are invading his air space with the  Gospel, and he is often referred to as the "Prince of the Power of the Air."  Lately, we have been seeing this resistance to the Light in many areas of the world.  Our stations in Africa have been enduring some pushback and extreme regulation.  Please keep the missionaries and pastors in your prayers as they navigate these delicate waters.  To continue reading the update from Gene Sharp, please click the link below. [...]

Herb Curriden – Summer 2020

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Many people have many ideas of what they think the purpose and priorities of the world should be.  But what is really important for people to know has been written before the world began.  That is why it is so important to "know the truth." To continue reading the update from Herb Curriden, please click the link below. Herb Curriden - Summer 2020

The Barkers – Fall 2020

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We hope this letter finds you all doing well.  We are back on the road again traveling to churches.  The Covid 19 restrictions vary, depending on where we are.  We have been to Chicago, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Indiana.  The meetings have gone well with many decisions, including salvation. To continue reading the update from Dave Barker, please click the link below. The Barkers - Fall 2020

Inner City Baptist Missions – July 2020

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As we see the chaos in many cities across our country, we are mindful of the need to continue our church planting efforts.  Some would encourage us to leave the center of these once great cities, but we know that the Lord has sent us and will go with us and before us as we are faithful.  Thank you for praying and holding the ropes as we continue to press on for the Lord. To continue reading the update from Paul Hoover, please click the link below. Inner City Baptist MIssions - July 2020

The Rardins – August 2020

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The last two weeks we have seen our church attendance get up to about two thirds of what it was before Covid (167 this week).  We are not running the buses currently, although several of the families from the routes are coming.  The families of the most physically vulnerable as well as several doctors and nurses in our church still have not returned to church (about 70 people). To continue reading the update from Clint Rardin, please click the link below. The Rardins - August 2020

The Hardeckers – August 2020

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We had just been granted a less restrictive community quarantine status on Agusut 1, only to be tightened for a couple of weeks from Agust 4-18.  The Metro Manila health care workers requested a halt because they are exhausted and the "Inter-Agency Task Force" along with the President honored their request and put the entire region back to the Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine.  Once again, there was no public transportation and gatherings were limited to 5.  To continue reading the update from Bill Hardecker, please click the link below. The Hardeckers - August 2020

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