The Canavans – May 2021

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A two week trip to partake of our son's ordination changed our lives.  The trip had been previously canceled in 2020 because of Coved.  After graciously working around our schedule, Caleb settled on April 127, which would be followed by a missions conference.  To continue reading the update from Dan Canavan, please click the link below. The Canavans - May 2021

The Ruppels – June 2021

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Many missionaries and national pastors have had the privilege of investing in Pastor Tho, his family, and his ministry.  The Ruppels are just a small part of what God is doing in their lives. Pastor Tho was saved in Phnom Penh and soon became burdened for his relatives in his home village about 100 kms away.  To continue reading the update from Rodney Ruppel, please click on the link below. The Ruppels - June 2021

The Gambrells – July 2021

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We held our 2021 Annual Institute of Missions, June 6-11, at East Side Baptist Church, which is our "home church."  Our pastor, Finley Cutshaw, and the entire church staff and membership did an outstanding job of preparation and were a great blessing as many of our members "ministered" to the missionaries throughout the entire week. To continue reading the update from Ernest Gambrell, please click the link below. The Gambrells - July 2021

Inner City Baptist Missions – June 2021

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As we travel the United States in our church planting ministry I am more burdened than ever for our country.  For decades we have been far from God but now it seems we are in a free fall away from Him.  To continue reading the update from Paul Hoover, please click the link below. Inner City Baptist Missions - June 2021

The Pierces – July 2021

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As we all gather for Independence Day let us appreciate our Freedoms that we can still enjoy.  We are thankful through your faithful prayers and giving we can offer the gift of salvation to our soldiers and their families around the globe providing them with true life and liberty. To continue reading the update from Harold Pierce, please click the link below. The Pierces - July 2021

The Mickeys – July 2021

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Last month our youngest daughter, Elizabeth, married Shawn Myers in a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.  Shawn and Elizabeth met in Kenya as Shawn's family were missionaries in Tanzania.  Shawn is a recent graduate of New England Baptist College.  We are excited for Shawn and Elizabeth as they begin a new life together.  To continue reading the update from Robert Mickey, please click the link below. The Mickeys - July 2021

Couriers for Christ – July 2021

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An exciting and incredible opportunity has been afforded to us recently.  A missionary friend in Poland has an influential contact in the area of law enforcement and the military.  This contact asked Missionary West if he could get 100,000 pocket-sized Bibles (not New Testaments) for the Polish military and police.  To continue reading the update from the Ingalls, please click the link below. Couriers for Christ - July 2021

The Eckels – June 2021

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We have been in twenty-seven churches so far with about five more to go.  We are hopeful for five new supporters this time around.  We praise the Lord that we have not been sick the whole time and have had great traveling mercies.  To continue reading the update from Chris Eckels, please click the link below. The Eckles - June 2021

The Hardeckers – June 2021

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Praise God for new visitors.  Pray that they would be willing to be dealt with concerning salvation for some, and others are in need of serious discipleship.  What better place for these to take place than at church.  To continue reading the update from Bill Hardecker, please click the link below. The Hardeckers - June 2021

The Bottrells – June 2021

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April began with the opportunity to preach for Pastor Larry Williams in Seneca, PA.  We are so blessed to see God's hand on Bro. Williams and rejoice each day that God grants him his desire to continue to serve.  To continue reading the update from Rodger Bottrell, please click the link below. The Bottrells - June 2021

The Starrs – June 2021

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Late spring ministries began with a family conference with Pastor Jim Leslie at Bible Baptist Church in McConnellsburg, PA, including a special ladies' fellowship.  Two weeks later, 3 pastors cooperated in a Family Camp weekend in Conestoga, PA.  To continue reading the update from Randy Starr, please click the link below. The Starrs - June 2021

The Schrocks – May 2021

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In April, after the sudden death of one of our beloved teachers, Akara, we experienced grief and learned to trust in the everlasting arms of our Heavenly Father.  Although we were not permitted because of COVID restrictions to attend the funeral which took place in Akara's home province, yet we were thankful that her family allowed a group of Christians in the Stund Treng province to host a Christian funeral and glorify God at her graveside.  To continue reading the update from Eli Schrock, please click the link below. The Schrocks - May 2021

The Rardins – June 2021

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God blessed our church in April and May beginning with three baptisms on Sunday including Sara, a woman in our church who had seen her grown sons reached through the RU program and has brought many family members out.  Now she has finally become a member.  To continue reading the update from Clint Rardin, please click the link below. The Rardins - June 2021

The Guerreros – 1st Quarter 2021

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Warm greetings from the Philippines.  Our family wishes to thank all of you for the faithful support for the ministry here.  This time. last year, an unprecedented lockdown was imposed all over our counrty to curb the spread of Covid-19.  To continue reading the update from Joey Guerrero, please click the link below. The Guerreros - 1st quarter 2021

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