The Eckles Family – December 2018


Ministry Highlights It is hard to believe we are about to finish another year here in Australia.  We have been in Australia going on 14 years.  We have had many ups and downs in these 14 years but in all of it God has been so good to us. Click the link below to continue reading the update from the Chris Eckels The Eckels - December 2018  

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Dave Barker – Scripture Memory


God has been so good to the Scripture Memory Ministry this year.  We are very grateful and do not take all His blessings for granted.  What a blessing to see souls saved, lives changed, and people getting into God's Word. To continue reading the update from Dave Barker please click the link below. Barkers - Scripture Memory

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The Alexanders in Brazil – November 2018


The two middle Sundays of November we had no meetings so we were able to catch up on some things as well as spend some time with our childrens' families in Greenville.  Over the weekend we traveled to Chicago, and yesterday we reported to one of our supporting churches in the morning. Please click the link below to continue reading the update from the Alexanders. Ed Alexander update - November 2018

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The Rich Family – November 2018


In September we welcomed two new interns to our ministry team.  David Crego is a Fairhaven Baptist College student who will be with us until April.  He is working primarily with the teens, in the music ministry, in our outreach and soulwinning ministry, and in our teaching/preaching ministry. Click the link below to continue reading the update from Adam Rich. The Rich Family November 2018

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The Starrs November 2018


After a 13-hour flight from Dulles, a 6 hour layover in Beijing, China ,and another 12-hour flight and many rice meals later, we met Pastor Eckels and Yolanda in Melbourne Australia for two weeks of jam-packed ministry. Click the link below to continue reading the update from the Starrs. The Starrs - November 2018  

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The Rardin Family – November 2018


This Thanksgiving week, we are praising God for the most successful evangelistic campaign we have ever had.  I attribute it to God's working in the lives of our people and their spiritual growth and maturity in the last couple of years. Click the link below to continue reading the latest update from Clint Rardin. The Rardin Family November 2018 prayer letter

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Philippines Update – November 2018


Dear Praying Friends, The photo above is that of our Sunday School Bible Class (Adults/Teens). They were happy recipients of a KJV Journal Bible. They can take notes and do personal Bible studies on the side margins of their Bible. They all spent more than 12 weeks of lessons and reviews, and passed their exam on an "Overview of the New Testament." May our churches be filled with brothers and sisters as affectionate and devoted as these dear believers. We will be welcoming to this group a new convert to the faith, Sister Lowela. Praise the Lord that she has been [...]

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The Pierce Family


The Pierce Press - Armed Forces Baptist Missions The Lord uses your faithful love, prayers and generous giving to expand our ministry.  Our family counts it a great honor that you have chosen us to be your ambassadors for Christ; reaching our heroes around the glove. Click the link below to continue reading the update  from the Pierce family. The Pierces - November 2018

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The Ingalls


Couriers for Christ - The Sofia Campaign In September of this year God blessed us by bringing together a great team to evangelize Sofia, Bulgaria.  We  sowed the Word of God and held a service in the Endica Hall, where the gospel was preached and each attendee was given a Bible in his native tongue. Click the link below to continue reading the update from the Ingalls. The Ingalls - November 2018

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The Mickey Family


Furlough About Over We are quickly coming to the end of our brief furlough.  The time has gone by quickly but we believe it has been beneficial.  We have enjoyed visiting with family, friends and many supporting churches.  Along the way we have made some new friends and have had opportunity to rehearse with many what God has been doing in Kenya and the Regions Beyond. Click the link below to continue reading the update from Robert Mickey. The Mickeys - October - November 2018

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The Gambrells


Referring back to my last letter, I am glad to report that Richard Miller, a missionary of almost 50 years, has had great improvement in his severe back pain to the point that he is not going to have surgery at this time.  Please continue to pray that the pain will not return as it was severe. Click the link below to continue reading the update from the Gambrells. The Gambrells - November 2018

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