The Mickeys – June 2020

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We trust all is well with you during this time.  Many are living in fear during these uncertain days but we are so thankful that God has provided for us in His Word the answer to the fear that is found in so many lives.  Is it not the greates of all gifts to have in our possession a pure, inerrant, preserved copy of the Word of God in our own language?  To continue reading the update from Robert Mickey, please click on the link below. The Mickeys - June 2020

The Hardeckers – June 2020

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We looked up what God's churches did during hard times in the book of Acts, and we found these three things: 1.  They made sure that there was not "any among them that lacked." 2.  They were in prayer, "but prayer was made without ceasing of the church."  3.  The word of the Lord was increased, "But the word of God grew and multiplied." To continue reading the update from Bill Hardecker, please click on the link below. The Hardeckers - June 2020

The Halls – June 2020

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Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support, especially during these times when many are out of work or working less.  In our lives here, we have seen the Lord to be bigger than the virus and its restrictions!  May the Lord grant to you the same as you obey and follow His leading. To continue reading the update from Jon Hall, please click on the link below. The Halls - June 2020

The Gambrells – June 2020

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As you know, the last two to three months have been very different, and they continue to change.  We have found that every country in which we have missionaries serving are even more different from America. Our office continues to be open as the government declared us to be "an essential service" for which we are thankful.  To continue reading the update from Ernest Gambrell, please click the link below. The Gambrells - June 2020

The Dunbars – May 2020

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Praise the Lord that we serve the God that is always on the throne, is always in control, and is not surprised by the events of this year. One thing that I have learned from Preacher Keck is conflicts are opportunities for service.  During this time, I have been seeking opportunities that I would not normally have. To continue reading the update from Joel Dunbar, please click the link below. The Dunbars - May 2020

The Alexanders – June 2020

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Thank you for praying for our decision about the winter break.  We were able to determine that it would not be beneficial for all of our students, so we will maintain our regular schedule. Thursday was a holiday, so our students got library time instead of classes.  In the evening we got our campus students together to play table games.  To continue reading the update from Ed Alexander, please click the link below. The Alexanders - June 2020

Couriers for Christ – June 2020

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During this frustrating world lock down because of COVID 19, have you thought of this?  People are home with time on their hands to read.  I can't help thinking of the multiple millions of scriptures that we have distributed throughout Europe, Eastern Europe, and Russia that are silently waiting to be picked up and read.  I'm sure that during this time of uncertainty many of these scriputres are being searched for answers. To continue reading the update from the Ingalls, please click the link below. Couriers for Christ - June 2020

The Pierces – June 2020

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Thank you for your love of our Nation's Heroes and the demonstration of your faith.  We are greatly encouraged by your faithful prayers and generosity toward our ministry.  Our military continues to be a wide-open mission field that needs the seed of the gospel. To continue reading the update from Harold Pierce, please click the link below. The Pierces - June 2020

The Starrs – May 2020

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Livestreaming, preaching, special music, parking lot services with radio transmitters, Bible Study blogging, phone calls, phone calls, phone calls! Texts, texts, texts, cards and letters, and emails, emails, emails!  Yet, none of it takes the place of fellowshipping face to face with believers in the local church!  Oh, if the circuit-riders could only see us now! To continue reading the update from Randy Starr, please click on the link below. The Starrs - May 2020

The Schrocks – May 2020

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Perplexed yet not distressed. In II Corinthians 4:8, Paul gives a ministry report, "We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair."  On every front Paul faced immeasurable trials, and at times, there seemed to be no end in sight.  Yet, his reply to these troubles was, "No distress and no despair." To continue reading the update from Eli Schrock, please click the link below. The Schrocks - May 2020

The Rardins – June 2020

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As I wrote in our last prayer letter, the church was on all eight cylinders with the highest average attendances, souls saved and baptised every week, and 12 members received into the church in just a few weeks; then we hit the wall of the corona scare in Mexico.  To continue reading the update from Clint Rardin, please click the link below. The Rardins - June 2020

The Gardners – May 2020

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Thank you for your prayers on our behalf.  Our God has kept us safe and we are thankful for His faithfulness and goodness to us and our people. COVID-19 seems to be decreasing here and schools started back on May 20.  We still are not gathering for our services except for staff and a few people, usually around 14 altogether.  To continue reading the update from Dan Gardner, please click the link below. The Gardners - May 2020

The Hardeckers – May 2020

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The most unusual Mother's Day ever.  Certainly the pandemic did not hinder our love and prayers for our mothers.  First, my mom has undergone dialysis and although at first she was physically weak, she is now doing well.  What is even more exciting is that she has been able to watch our Sunday live-stream and thus hear the gospel.  To continue reading the update from Bill Hardecker, please click the link below. The Hardeckers - May 2020

The Cromwells – May 2020

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Judy and I rejoice to watch God set our schedule.  We began the year with five weekends open, presenting in Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas.  We returned to Chesterton two days ahead of our departure to Kabewe, Zambia.  To continue reading the update from Byron Cromwell, please click the link below. The Cromwells - May 2020

The Sharps – Spring 2020

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Much has changed around the world since our last update, but we are assured that one thing hasn't changed- the love of God toward man.  That love appeared in the form of His Son-the Lord Jesus Christ.  It is our joy to continue laboring to broadcast His love for a lost and sinful world. To continue reading the update from Geno Sharp, please click the link below. The Sharps - Spring 2020