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Philippines Update – November 2018


Dear Praying Friends, The photo above is that of our Sunday School Bible Class (Adults/Teens). They were happy recipients of a KJV Journal Bible. They can take notes and do personal Bible studies on the side margins of their Bible. They all spent more than 12 weeks of lessons and reviews, and passed their exam on an "Overview of the New Testament." May our churches be filled with brothers and sisters as affectionate and devoted as these dear believers. We will be welcoming to this group a new convert to the faith, Sister Lowela. Praise the Lord that she has been [...]

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Philippines Update – October 2018


Dear Praying Friends, One of the reasons we write is to encourage our readers to actively serve the Lord. I heard it said, if you do no good at home, you'll do no good anywhere else. Just because we are in the mission field doesn't make our service for the Lord more special than service for him "at home." The truth is that hearts are darkened on the mission field just like it is darkened on any soil. God wants us to let our light "so shine" (Matt. 5:16), and trust in Him that He can and will do those things [...]

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Hardeckers in the Philippines – August 2018


Dear Praying Friends, The fellowship of the believers in Tuktukan is growing. We are seeing souls saved and they are proving faithful. It is a joy to see conversions, and a double joy to see them move onto discipleship. God's mandate (Matt. 28:16-20) is not an option, but at the same time where He commands us we may expect to have His assistance. God always supplies us with grace commensurate to the trials and testings. Praise the Lord! Thank you for your prayers and faithful, sacrificial giving. Your Missionary because of Jesus, Bro. Bill Hardecker Hardecker Headlines Aug 2018

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Philippines Update – April 2018


Dear Praying Friends, I trust that you are doing well. Please continue to pray for us. We desire to see genuine conversions and not just hollow professions. We desire to see families strengthened, and individuals drawn closer to God. It is summer time right now in the Philippines (April-May) and the schools are out. Please pray for our first ever VBS. I know you'll be in sincere prayers for us and I rejoice and thank the Lord for your friendship. Your Missionary because of Jesus, Bro. Bill Hardecker Hardecker Headlines Apr 2018 [dg]

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Philippines Update – November 2017


Dear Praying Friends, Your prayers have been a great source of encouragement to my family and me. Thank you for being a blessing to us. Please feel free to visit our webpage at to see some videos and photo updates that I simply could not add to my newsletter. While there is no "Thanksgiving Day" in the Philippines, we are happy to have "Thanksgiving" in our home. We will also be able to join my parents in Angeles City for Thanksgiving. God is good! Your grateful missionary because of Jesus, Bro. Bill Hardecker Hardecker Headlines Nov 2017   [dg]

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Philippines Update – October 2017


Dear Praying Friends, Let us serve the Lord with gladness because joy and kindness affects our listeners like none other. Joy lightens the heaviest burdens and kindness pacifies the hardest cases. No matter how orthodox our doctrines may be, people will listen only to the extent that you share the truth in love and kindness. Remember, you and I can't do anything, but the Lord Jesus can do all things! Attached is our October update. Thank you ever so kindly for your love and prayers. Please continue the importunate prayers on our behalf. Yours ever more for the Lord Jesus' sake, [...]

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Philippines Update – September 2017


Dear Praying Friends, We praise God for your fellowship in the gospel! The Lord has graciously kept us safe as we continue to evangelize Tuktukan either by visitation or tract distribution and we are thankful for His grace. God is faithful in provisions, protection, and we are strengthened by this promise: "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me" (Phil. 4:13). We are encouraged to know that many of God's people earnestly pray for us concerning the missionary work that the Lord has allowed us to be engaged in. Please note that I couldn't fit any of the photos [...]

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Philippines Update – August 2017


Dear Praying Friends, First of all, thank you for your prayers! We aren't alone in the work of the ministry. Your prayers have been graciously heard and we are the beneficiaries of blessings by your intercession for us and for our mission-work in Tuktukan. This newsletter is a special edition from William Tyndale (our 6 year old). We trust that you are doing good and keeping busy with service for the Lord. The Lord desires to see souls saved, and we can be instruments in His hands to lead them to Him. Salvation is only the start. The life-long work of [...]

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Philippines Update – June 2017


Dear Faithful Friends, 2 Thess. 3:1 "Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you:" While there are many things that could hinder the work and the Word of God our confidence remains steadfast upon the Lord. His Word will do the work! Thank you for your prayers and partnership with us in the ministry. Marcia and I celebrated our 13th year wedding anniversary, and we are thankful for all the well wishes and greetings we received, but most especially for your prayers! Stick by the [...]

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