Rardins in Mexico

//Rardins in Mexico

The Rardin Family – November 2018


This Thanksgiving week, we are praising God for the most successful evangelistic campaign we have ever had.  I attribute it to God's working in the lives of our people and their spiritual growth and maturity in the last couple of years. Click the link below to continue reading the latest update from Clint Rardin. The Rardin Family November 2018 prayer letter

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The Rardins – Mexico


We have been back in Mexico City a little over five weeks, and our church is going strong with a full auditorium on Sunday mornings and good attendances in the evening and midweek services.  Brother Oscar did a good job preaching during our absence and has one more year of training in the Bible Institute.   About an average of 15 people are going out knocking on doors on Saturday mornings and another 15 on Tuesday nights are passing out tracts to the Jews in Polanco.  Others visit on the routes on Saturday. Click the link below to continue reading the latest [...]

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The Rardin Family in Mexico


September 4, 2018 Dear Praying Friends, This last Saturday evening we arrived in Mexico City after a year-long, pleasant furlough.  Rhonda, my wife, came down with shingles the last two weeks of our travels. This was very difficult for her, but she is feeling better.  Please continue to pray for her. We returned to a strong church with a great attendance of 226 this last Sunday and fifteen people participating on our Tuesday night Jewish Outreach.  That evening I was able to visit in the home of a new Jewish contact named Nathan who has already attended our church once in [...]

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Rardin Family – Mexico


Dear Praying Friends, We continue to hear good news from Liberty Baptist Church in Mexico City. Since my visit the first Sunday of May, souls have continued to be saved and baptized, including Laura, who our newly saved and baptized pharmacist, Jose Luis, had invited a couple of weeks ago. Our entire family is now traveling this summer visiting churches in the South and Far West.  It will probably be the last time our entire family will be able to spend this much time together.  Our daughter, Kellie, a junior in college, will be continuing her studies in Elementary Education at [...]

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Mexico City Update – May 2018


Dear Praying Friends, Good things are happening in Mexico City during our absence.   The church celebrated Kid's Day to begin the spring campaign. They had 362 in attendance -- 199 adults and 163 children.  Twelve adults and 5 children made decisions.  I flew down for their Mother's Day celebration on the 6th of May.  They have it on a different date in Mexico.   We had 181 adults, 262 altogether.  The auditorium was full of people.  Two were saved. Even in the weeks leading up to the spring campaign, souls were being saved. Eduardo and his family have been coming to [...]

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Mexico Missions Trip


A group consisting of several high school seniors, college students, and church members returned last week from a missions trip to Mexico City. They spent many days serving with Missionary Clint Rardin ('94) through witnessing, Bible clubs, services, a children's ministry workshop, and college classes. Praise the Lord for His working in the lives of the people in Mexico as well as in the lives of those who went. To see more pictures, click here or on the picture below.    

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Mexico City Update


Dear Praying Friends, “For though I be absent in the flesh, yet I am with you in the spirit, joying and beholding your order, and the steadfastness of your faith in Christ” (Colossians 2:5).  It has been a blessing to hear of the church in Mexico City thriving in our absence.  They have had attendances as high as 221 a couple of times with over 150 adults filling the auditorium and 70 children in the junior churches. The last few Sundays, they have seen two people saved.  Amerika is a twelve-year-old girl whose parents, Anselmo and Katarina, were led to the [...]

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Mexico City Update – June 2017


Dear Praying Friends, So much has happened since I last wrote.  First of all, I have some sad news.  As those who receive our updates know, Daniel Juarez, one of our students in the Bible Institute, passed away at 23 years of age in March. Danny was one of the most spiritual and sincere Christians I have known.  Because of his constant battles with his kidneys (he was on dialysis 10 hours a day), he had stared death in the face many times and knew his time could be short.  Because of this, he tried to live life to the fullest [...]

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Mexico City Update May 2017


Dear Praying Friends. Thank you so much for praying for Kid's Day.  God answered all of our prayers with a great attendance and souls saved.  We broke our attendance record with 417 testing the capacity of our building with 220 adults and 197 children, in spite of a three-day weekend (May Day is Mexico's Labor Day).  Ten adults were dealt with at the invitation and made a decision as well as 16 children in junior church.  We had 243 on the routes. It was great to see Estela, who was saved with her husband Marcelo in church a couple of months [...]

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Mexico City Update


Dear Friends: Our church attendance this year showed that many of the new families of the fall are continuing to attend.  One Sunday, we had 218 in church, rivaling our campaign attendances (38 over last year’s average).  The amazing thing is that we had an average children’s attendance of 63 but an adult attendance of 155, which really packed out the auditorium.  We had to set metal chairs in the back and around the sides of the platform.  Our attendance continues to average around 200. Our emphasis this year is “Grow in Grace” (II Peter 3:18).  We have seen better attendance [...]

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Mexico City Update


This last December we had time to reflect on the last twenty years of ministry in the Mexico City area and to thank God for all that He has accomplished through us. The church that we helped establish in the northern suburbs of Mexico City, Northside Baptist Church, continues to go forward with an average of 200 in attendance and five bus routes.  Pastor Luis Santana and his wife Gabriela, both graduates of our Bible Institute, are doing an outstanding job.  Out of this church, another church was started in rural Mexico.  It now has an attendance of over 100, and [...]

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Mexico City Update


Dear Friends, This summer has been full of blessings.  At the beginning, we baptized Rosa and Elizabeth, a woman and her teenage granddaughter who were saved this spring.  Also this summer, Martina, a military wife for whose salvation we had been praying for months, was saved and baptized. Lazaro and Abigail were married last summer, and last month we received this young couple into our church membership.  Abigail is the sister of one of the soldiersʼ wives in our church.  Abigail’s niece was saved at the youth conference we attended this last spring.  Lazaro and his wife go visiting on Tuesdays [...]

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Mexico City Update


We had a very good spring evangelistic campaign with souls saved, baptized, and continuing to grow in the Lord. Although we did not meet our goal of 400 on Kid’s Day, the first day of the campaign, we did break our attendance record again with 392.  Our routes brought in 207, and we had 208 adults and 184 children.  It was nice to know that we have a comfortable capacity of 180 in the auditorium.  Of the 48 first-time, adult visitors, 14 adults came forward to accept Christ, and one woman who would not leave her baby to go to the [...]

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Mexico City Update


Dear Praying Friends, We had a very good Kid's Day.  Although we did not meet our goal of 400, we did break our attendance record again with 392.  Our routes brought in 207 and we had 208 adults and 184 children.  It was nice to know that we have a comfortable capacity of 180 in the auditorium. Many people come to Kid's day thinking that it will be a big fiesta in spite of us being a church.  In the adult Sunday school hour, I could see a restlessness among the people.  In fact, two families of 11 people left between [...]

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Mexico City Update


Dave and Lisa Olson recently traveled to Mexico City to visit one of Fairhaven's missionaries, the Rardin family.  Dave is the Director of Missions for Fairhaven Baptist College. The Rardin family (Clint, Rhonda, Elias, Jackson, and Kellie) are missionaries sent out of Fairhaven Baptist Church and have been serving God in Mexico for almost twenty years. Liberty Baptist Church is located very close to the largest military bases in Mexico and near a large shopping center, making it a highly visible location. The Olsons One of the bus routes of Liberty Baptist Church in [...]

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