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The Canavans – August 2020

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The lockdown has been a time of reflection and realization: we are in the last days.  We must use what time and means we have to earnestly proclaim the gospel to the lost and strengthen believers.  We continue to give spoken presentations of the gospel to those around us as the Lord gives wonderful opportunity to witness. To continue reading the update from Dan Canavan, please click the link below. The Canavans - August 2020

The Canavans – March 2020

2020-04-02T14:09:22-05:00April 2nd, 2020|Categories: Missionaries, The Canavans|Tags: , , |

Last year we had the best year in the history of the church with nearly 20 salvatin decisions and 14 baptisms.  This followed a major, multi-year battle to buy the building we had been renting.  The energy and potential for growth in the church is at a level I have never seen before.  To continue reading the update from Dan Canavan, please click the link below. The Canavans - March 2020

The Canavans

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Jaime grew up within a Catholic home in Sardinia, Italy.  Catholicism and the socialistic utopia of Europe left him, like millions of others in Europe, wandering in darkness.  Seeking a change, he moved to Ireland when he was 20.  To continue reading the update from Dan Canavan, please click the link below. The Canavans

Dan Canavan Family

2019-04-11T10:34:11-05:00April 11th, 2019|Categories: Missionaries, The Canavans|Tags: , , |

March 2019 - We have started off 2019 with salvation decisions, baptisms, additions to the church and returning visitors.  We seem to be experienceing some growth.  We are so very grateful to God for making it all possible.  There are links in the side bar to videos and pics on page 2. To continue reading the latest update from Dan Canavan, missionary to Ireland, please click the link below: The Canavan Family

The Canavans – Ireland

2018-11-12T17:28:31-06:00November 12th, 2018|Categories: Missionaries, The Canavans|Tags: , , , |

Art Camp - During the summer, Irish parents put their children in various one week day camps.  As it is part of Irish culture, we have sought to tap into the "camp" culture and use it to bring gospel to kids.  We began back in 2012 with Holiday Bible Club or a VBS.  This year we added sports camp, and had our 2nd year of Art Camp.  We had church kids, non-church kids that came last year and some new kids. The continue reading the update from the Canavans in Ireland, please click the link below: The Canavans - September 2018

The Canavans – Ireland

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For several years, we have worked and prayed to reach more children.  In September 2015, Andrew moved back to Ireland and became the youth pastor here at Hope Baptist Church.  We thank God for allowing Andrew to work with us and to help further the vision of reaching more and more children with the gospel. Click the link below to continue reading the latest update from the Canavans The Canavans - Ireland

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