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The Eckels – April 2020

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It was smaller than usual considering we were just a few days from not being able to meet all.  We managed to stay under the 100-limit required by law at the time and God was gracious as we held our 11th anniversary with just members and some faithful attenders.  To continue reading the update from Chris Eckels, please click the link below. The Eckels - April 2020

The Eckels Family – February 2020

2020-03-02T15:07:23-06:00March 2nd, 2020|Categories: Missionaries, The Eckels|Tags: , , |

Ministry Highlights:  Apocalyptic headlines are everywhere we turn in our media.  The media is even using Biblical terms in describing these events in our world.  What a reminder that God's word is true.  Signs of the times are everywhere reminding the believer that Christ will soon return. To continue reading the update from Chris Eckels, please click on the link below. The Eckels - February 2020

The Eckels Family – November 2019

2020-01-14T13:25:11-06:00January 14th, 2020|Categories: Missionaries, The Eckels|Tags: , , |

Souls saved, baptism, new members added unto the church.  This is what has highlighted the Westside Baptist Church in 2019.  We started off 2019 with several families leaving us and discouragement in the church.  I am reminded that the church is the Lord's not mine.  Our theme was "God is Faithful" and we strived as a church to just be faithful and let God build His church. To continue reading the the update from Christopher Eckels, please click the link below. The Eckels - November 2019

The Eckels

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We continue to press on growing here a little there a little.  We see visitors still coming and some come from soulwinning.  We have a new family that has been coming that was reached through our Soulwinning ministry.  Peter, his wife and child have been attending faithfully as well as Simon a man whom I am discipling.  To continue reading the update from Chris Eckels, please click the link below. The Eckels

The Eckles Family – December 2018

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Ministry Highlights It is hard to believe we are about to finish another year here in Australia.  We have been in Australia going on 14 years.  We have had many ups and downs in these 14 years but in all of it God has been so good to us. Click the link below to continue reading the update from the Chris Eckels The Eckels - December 2018