The Gambrells – January 2021

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Being that this has been a very different year, my letter to begin the year of 2021 might be a little different.  I have written each of our missionaries a similar letter to encourage them.  Having served in the foreign field of Mexico, I realize that the missionaries you support have been greatly affected.  I have not "been where they are" but I have tried to imagine how I would have felt if I were not allowed to be "door-knocking."  I really cannot imagine how I would have felt if the government had closed down the church I was planting and [...]

The Gambrells – November 2020

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Missionaries are facing more and more obstacles in some of the countries where they serve.  I talked with several of our missionaries over the past week.  In some countries, it differs even from state to state.  I talked with Jon Hall in Australia last night.  He is church planting in New South Wales.  They are able to have "on site" services during the week, but the Sunday morning services have been shut down by the Government.  In Victoria, Missionary Chris Eckels has been shut down completely and is using "ZOOM" for all services.  Australia has proved difficult. To continue reading the [...]

The Gambrells – September 2020

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I have mentioned one of our missionaries several times. Yery Martinez and his wife, Waldi, who live and serve in Honduras.  I talked with Yery for a good length of time last night.  Waldi has completed the first four chemo treatments and has four more to follow, which will go into November.  Her first treatment caused her no problem but the last three have been very hard on her.  To continue reading the update from Ernest Gambrell, please click on the link below. The Gambrells - September 2020

The Gambrells – August 2020

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We continue to work with missionary families on every field to help them cope with the problems the world-wide pandemic has caused.  We continue to receive notifications daily from the State Department's STEP program, (Smart Traveler Enrollment Program), which give a detailed list of countries, and cities in those countries, where it is dangerous to travel because of the high number of Covid 19 cases and the rapid spread.  To cotinue reading the update from Ernest Gambrell, please click on the link below. The Gambrells - August 2020

The Gambrells – June 2020

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As you know, the last two to three months have been very different, and they continue to change.  We have found that every country in which we have missionaries serving are even more different from America. Our office continues to be open as the government declared us to be "an essential service" for which we are thankful.  To continue reading the update from Ernest Gambrell, please click the link below. The Gambrells - June 2020

The Gambrells – February 2020

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From the opening of January until now it has been a very busy new year.  I will begin by updating you on the petition filed for an R-1 Visa to bring missionary Yery Martinez to the States for a short period of time for further training.  After 14 months (October 2018 until December 2019) we worked with the USCIS in California to obtain the R-1 petition approval. To continue reading the update from Ernest Gambrell, please click the link below. The Gambrells - February 2020

The Gambrells – September 2019

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In my August News/Prayer Letter I shared with you a little of what we do "behind the scenes" in the Home Office to assist local churches, the missionaries they send and support, plus the cause of Christ around the World.  This month, I thought it might be good to share some of the same. To continue reading the update from Ernest Gambrell, please click the link below. The Gambrells - September 2019

The Gambrells

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Referring back to my last letter, I am glad to report that Richard Miller, a missionary of almost 50 years, has had great improvement in his severe back pain to the point that he is not going to have surgery at this time.  Please continue to pray that the pain will not return as it was severe. Click the link below to continue reading the update from the Gambrells. The Gambrells - November 2018

Ernest Gambrell – FBWWM

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From the desk of Dr. Ernest Gambrell  ~  President, FBWWM September 2018 Dear Supporters and Friends, In our last “Prayer Letter” we shared the work we are doing to obtain a “Temporary Non-immigrant Religious Visa” for Yery Martinez and his family to come to the United States from Honduras. That continues. At present, Keith Rheinheimer, our Vice-President of Operations, is in Honduras working with and assisting Brother Martinez. Please pray that God will let us “find favor” with the immigration department. As God answers our prayers, I will keep everyone informed. THIS PRAYER LETTER CONTAINS TWO VERY SPECIAL PRAYER REQUEST     [...]

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