The Gordons

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Be Thou My Vision is our burden and desire for this New Year.  We look forward to an increasing vision - HIS vision - as we focus on the needs of the entire world.  The world is perishing...let us bring them to Christ by our lives and by His Word.  To continue reading the update from Pat Gordon please click the link below. The Gordons

The Gordons – FBWWM

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Pat and Greta Gordon - FBWWM Many times, we have personally witnessed 'mantle passing' in its Biblical sense.  In reading I Kings 19, we know that the Lord ordained Elisha to take Elijah's prophetic office.  Elijah "cast his mantle upon him. [Elisha]"  Yet the transfer did not actually take place until 2 Kings 2, where the Word says, "He [Elisha] took up also the mantle of Elijah that fell from him [Elijah]..." Click the link below to continue to read the latest update from Pat and Greta Gordon of Fundamental Baptist World Wide Missions The Gordon's - FBWWM

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