In a day when society is struggling for answers, Fairhaven Christian Academy continues to produce graduates who are not only above average in scholastic achievement but go on to establish Christian families and make positive contributions to society and our country. Fairhaven believes in a well-rounded, balanced education that prepares students for life. Young people today face complex challenges, and it is imperative that their education give them not only the ability to make a living but also the right philosophy of how to live. In order to provide this for our students, we combine traditional academics with the study of fine arts, the character development of a sports program, and various other extracurricular activities.


As a private school, we have tremendous flexibility in designing a curriculum that will meet the particular spiritual, social, as well as, academic needs of our students as they meet the ever-changing demands of the world in which they live. In designing this curriculum, we continue to draw upon research and experience that helps us understand how different teaching styles can be used in the classroom. This combination of innovation and sound practice reflects our commitment to doing one’s best academically and helps us maximize the time spent with students both in and out of the classroom.

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We use our sports program as a means of developing character and providing wholesome recreation.  There are Physical Education classes from first grade to sixth grade in which students are not just let out to play, but learn skills in swimming, basketball, soccer, wrestling, and volleyball. Each Spring, our K5-6th grade boys enjoy being a part of one of three intramural soccer teams as well.  This teaching and development of character continues through high school in the sports program. The girls have the opportunity to participate on one of the intramural teams in our school, competing in track, cross country, volleyball and swimming. Our young men can participate on the high school soccer team, or the Fairhaven Conquerors Wrestling Team, in which they will compete each season against many public and private schools in Northwest Indiana.

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Yearly tuition rates:

Three day preschool (K3/K4):  $900

K3-K5 half day: $1,475

K3-K5 full day: $1,920

1st-6th grades: $2,920

7th-12th grades: $2,970

Families with more than one child in school will get a discount on their tuition.

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Fundraisers have been a very important benefit to Fairhaven Christian Academy from the beginning. The school candy sale helps provide an affordable private education and also aids in the development of students’ social skills and money management. The sale is held in the spring and in the fall, when students have the opportunity to go out selling during school hours. Parents, faculty, and friends are all heavily involved, making an effort to help students meet their goals.

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