When:  Thursday nights at 7 p.m. from September-May

Where:  Education Building, library, and gymnasium

Who:  children ages 3 years through 6th grade

Leader:  Brian Rinehart

Why King’s Kids?:

Whether we realize it or not, our children are the next generation. From the time they are born to adulthood, they are being trained to either love God and serve Him with their lives or to love and serve themselves. If we are not training them in God’s way, this selfish, sin-filled world will train them in a way that will take them down a long, dark, destructive path.

Consequently, we need to train children who know the Bible and are dedicated to a life-long study of it. King’s Kids is a ministry that is designed to help parents train their children (ages 3 years through 6th grade) to love God and His Word and to serve Him with their lives. During the months of September – May, it meets every Thursday night at Fairhaven during the mid-week service. The program is designed to present the Bible in a way children enjoy and understand. Throughout the year, children learn memory verses, compete in games, and hear age-appropriate Bible lessons that help them apply the great truths of the Bible to their lives. Each staff member is well trained and ready to help your child learn more about God.

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