We believe that it is never too early to start guiding our children in “the way they should go.”  Children are welcomed to the beautiful facilities of Fairhaven Baptist Church. We have a graded Sunday School and Junior Church for elementary-aged children with well-qualified and caring teachers.  Your children will love it and will gain a well-rounded knowledge of the Scriptures.

Brief overview of our Sunday School Curriculum:

Beginners:  Creation, Jesus as God, Jesus as a Loving Saviour

Pre-School:  All powerful God, We can come to God, Jesus as a man

Kindergarten:  The Ten Commandments, Names of God, Loving our Neighbor

1st Grade:  Parables of Jesus, Life of Christ

2nd Grade: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and Moses, The Advent of Jesus

3rd Grade:  Judges of Israel, Miracles of Christ, Last Supper and Ascension of Christ

4th Grade:  Kings of Israel, Basics of Salvation, Second Coming of Christ

5th Grade:  Old Testament Prophets (Daniel, Jonah), Life of Paul, Bible Doctrines

6th Grade:  Doctrine of Christ, Life of Peter, God’s Kind of Man/Woman (Work, Obedience to Authority, Prayer, Guarding our Tongues), Revelation