We can help! Several speakers, teachers, and musicians/music groups are listed below.

We'd love to help and minister at your church through seminars, conferences, retreats, or camps!

Dr. Jeremiah Mitchell

Dr. Mitchell has been on staff at Fairhaven for over 15 years serving in various capacities. Dr. Mitchell's degree is in pastoral theology and music. He is in charge of college ensembles and is available to teach on many different aspects of church music. Dr. Mitchell and his wife, Kara, also sing vocal duets and recently produced their first music recording.

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Dr. Randy Starr

Randy Starr and his wife, Shirley,have been in full-time ministry for over 40 years. Both can train men, women, parents, workers, Sunday School teachers, and Christian school students and teachers. Their unique experiences have equipped them for service in a number of areas, including revivals, single services, pulpit fill, special days, Bible conferences, missions conferences, family camps, couples' retreats, family training, and other thematic preaching. Dr. Starr also plays trombone, and Mrs. Starr plays trumpet and French horn.

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Dr. Rodger Bottrell

Rodger Bottrell and his wife, Becky, have been married for 50 years, and they have six children who are serving the Lord.  He dedicated his life to the Lord in pastorates in Wisconsin, Texas, Arkansas, and New York.  He is now serving as an evangelist and is available to preach a variety of meetings including revival services, missions emphasis, family conferences, as well as pulpit fill. Request a Meeting

Evangelist Eric Ramos

Eric Ramos is a staff evangelist for Fairhaven Baptist Church. He loves working with youth.  Brother Ramos is available to speak in camps, VBS programs, Christian school chapels and retreats, revival meetings, and youth rallies.

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Pastor Dan Armacost

Pastor Armacost has been in full-time ministry for over 25 years. Besides Dean of Students responsibilities for our college, he is the Dean of Bible and serves as an Assistant Pastor at Fairhaven Baptist Church. Pastor Armacost's particular areas of experience are in children's ministries, Bible doctrines, and Baptist history.

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Dr. Jeff Voegtlin

Dr. Voegtlin has been in Christian service for over 25 years. He conducts our church and school orchestra programs.  He also overseers the educational program of the college.  Dr. Voegtlin is available to speak for education and music seminars as well as a number of Bible class modules.

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Stringhaven is available to provide beautiful instrumental string music for churches.

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Fairhaven Baptist College Ensembles

Our ensembles provide conservative, sacred music for churches.  Each ensemble is accompanied by a school representative.  Scheduling an ensemble is a good opportunity to meet students currently enrolled in Fairhaven Baptist College.

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Dave Olson

For more than 25 years, Dave Olson has served the Lord in many capacities.  After heading up a Christian school and serving as a pastor, God called Dave into missions.  He and his family served the Lord as missionaries to Zambia, Africa, for 10 years.  Brother Olson has a burden to train men to plant churches at home and abroad.  Dave Olson is available to speak for missions conferences and special meetings.

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