PayPal Giving Fund

  • Uses your current PayPal login.
  • 100% is passed along to FBC.
  • No recurring donation setup.
  • Receipt comes from PPGF, not FBC.

For a long time, we have been able to give through the PayPal Giving Fund. This way of giving allows you to make sure that every dollar you donate gets to the church, as PayPal covers the fees. The difficulty with this method is that each time you want to give, you must go to the page and go through the process again. Then you need to send the receipt to the finance office letting us know whether it is for regular offerings or something else. Also, there is no way to set up recurring donations through the PayPal Giving Fund.  And finally, with the PayPal Giving Fund, you have to print your own receipt, and the church does not record those donations on an ongoing basis. We only keep track long enough to make sure the money goes to the fund that you wished for it to be put in. If you wish to claim this giving on your tax return, you will need to keep and use the receipts from the PayPal Giving Fund. You can continue to give this way using this new link:

The Fairhaven App

  • Connected to your Fairhaven App.
  • Fees (2%) are taken by the provider.
  • Can set up recurring payments.
  • Receipt/statement comes from FBC.

A new way that is now available to give online is through the church organization software, and it is called Pushpay. With Pushpay, your giving will be recorded and included in your annual statement from the church office. There are also ways to set up recurring giving for any of the projects that the church is working on. A downside of using this method is that there are processing fees that need to be covered. You can leave those fees for the church to cover, or there is an option for you to cover the 2% fees when you give your gift. You can use this method by going to