Not only do we place a great importance on the teaching of the Word of God, but also on the need for godly fellowship with like-minded Christians. To this end, we have many adult fellowship groups to offer. As you browse through these groups, we hope that you will find a group that you can be a part of.


This group is for married couples who have been married for 6 years or less. Throughout the year, we have scheduled fun activities and special targeted teaching times as well as special times where we come together to serve others.

For more info, contact Jeremiah Mitchell.

Young Couples

This group is for married couples who have been married for 7-12 years. Throughout the year, we have scheduled fun activities and special targeted teaching times as well as special times where we come together to serve others.

For more info, contact Pastor Dan Armacost.

Bible Study Group

This group is for our retired members. In this group, each month, they pick a book of Bible to study in detail. As a group, they promise to read the particular book throughout the month. Each week, they come together for a guided discussion time about the book and the things that they learned from their individual study. Periodically throughout the year, they fellowship together around food and fun.  If you are interested in becoming a part of the Bible study, email the church office.

Jolly 60s

The Jolly 60s is a ministry of Fairhaven Baptist Church that provides good Christian fun and fellowship for our senior citizens in our church and community. The Jolly 60’s meets every Wednesday morning at 11 a.m. Our service includes singing choruses, sharing prayer requests, preaching and special music. Each week we have a different activity following the preaching time. We have Christian films, games, musical performances, guest speakers, and much more. Once a month we go on a special field trip that is easily affordable. Sometimes we go on boat rides, visit museums, or just go out for a nice meal at a local restaurant. Some of the highlights of the year include our Thanksgiving Banquet, Christmas party, and a summertime picnic at the park.


We believe every person deserves a chance to thrive and grow in God at Fairhaven Baptist Church. Our Special Needs Ministry reaches out to children, teens, and adults with physical, cognitive, and/or emotional disabilities and gives them the proper love, tools, and care to help them develop spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

For more info, contact Elaine Janowski.

Sunshine Girls

This group works in connection with the Jolly 60s ministry and is designed to help widows in the church and other elderly single ladies. Periodically, they meet for fun activities and fellowship as well as service opportunities in our church as well as the community.

For more info, contact the church office.


Oftentimes forgotten, Spanish-speaking people are loved and welcomed at Fairhaven Baptist Church. To this end, we have developed special programs just for them, yet they are still a part of the church as a whole. Each person is encouraged to trust in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and then given the tools to be a successful Christian. Often through this ministry friends are made and good fellowship is to be had. Throughout the year, this group meets together for various activities, such as monthly soul-winning and visitation as well as special, fun activities.

So that the church may be together for all of our services, messages during Sunday and Thursday services are translated for those who speak Spanish.  The Spanish class also has their own Sunday School class each Sunday.

For more info, contact Clint Schreiber.


Finding a place where as a single you can grow spiritually, serve the Lord, and make great Christian friends is becoming hard to accomplish. Through this ministry the Word of God is taught and exalted, abundant opportunities exist for ministering to others, and there are many opportunities for fellowshipping and making friends that last a lifetime!

Service to God

All of our single members are encouraged to serve the Lord in many different areas. Whether it be participating in the music program, teaching in a Bible club, or encouraging seniors in a nursing home, singles are encouraged to place the Lord first in their life.

Friends and Fellowship

Having godly friends and enjoying refreshing fellowship is an integral part of the singles ministry. Every week there are opportunities after church for an ice cream at the Snack Shop or often a time to cheer on the college basketball team. Sometimes special activities are held where trips are taken to the ball game, concerts in Lincoln Park, or just a relaxing cookout near our 20-acre lake.

For more info, contact Dr. Jeff Voegtlin.