In the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20), God commands each and every believer to proclaim the life changing gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that God intended for the Great Commission to be carried out by the believer through the Local N.T. Church.

Among many other evangelistic tools, the bus ministry is among one of the greatest evangelistic tools in the history of the local church. Millions upon millions of people have come to church, heard the gospel preached, and had their lives forever changed since the introduction of the bus ministry. At Fairhaven Baptist Church, we have seen the powerful, life-changing impact of this ministry on countless boys and girls, teens, and adults.

Since 1972, our bus routes have run up and down the streets of our community as well as many other communities around Chesterton, every Sunday, bringing in thousands of children and adults. We have seen many souls saved, lives changed, and families helped. The bus ministry still works in this changing world!

If you need transportation to our church, we would be delighted to bring you to church on one of our many buses. To see if one of our buses service your community, please view the list of locations below. If we service your community, feel free to email the bus captain in your area for further information.

Joe Bishop is our bus mechanic and works hard to keep our large fleet of buses running.  Visit his website for helpful tips.

Bus Ministry Areas of Service and Leaders:


Joel Porozynski e:  [email protected]

Visit the Chesterton route's Facebook page here.

East Chicago

Adam Case  e:  [email protected]


Tony Wright e:  [email protected]

Gary (West)

Josh Altman e:  [email protected]

Glen Park

Ura Schrock e:  [email protected]

Lake Station/Hobart

Paul Hawn  e:  [email protected]


Cooper Gressly e:  [email protected]

Westville/Kingsford Heights

Paul Knowles e:  [email protected]

Michigan City East

Ra Yoeum e:  [email protected]

Michigan City West

Brian Rinehart e:  [email protected]


Kevin Wasielewski e:  [email protected]


John Mushall e:  [email protected]


Winston Wilcox e:  [email protected]

Visit the Portage route's Facebook page here.

Valparaiso/South Haven

Derek Edwards e:  [email protected]