Just as the apostle Paul sought to declare “all the counsel of God”, we strive to make sure that the preaching from our pulpit does not just focus on a few topics, but rather that all of God’s Word is expounded on and made available through sermons. No matter what walk of life you are in, or what you are facing presently, our prayer is that you will find something here that will aid you in your spiritual walk. Our pastoral staff covers a wide variety of topics, including: salvation, Christian growth, Bible study helps, the family, prayer and the devotional life.

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How does bitterness come about? Selfishness Jealousy Covetousness Misrepresentation of God's power How is bitterness healed? Forgiveness

Purposeful Problems

May 28, 2023
The Problem - Lazarus was sick Bad things happen to good people God's love does not exclude us from having troubles The Prayer  - Mary and Martha reached out to…

Royal Resolves

May 25, 2023
King David had royal resolve in some areas Praise Perfection Purity People Pride Perspective Personal life Public life
 Men begin to multiply These men wanted to do as they please The vast majority only cared about what they wanted Noah was the exception, and God noticed He found…
  Hannah prayed while raising Samuel Hannah promised God Hannah wanted to see progress with Samuel's development Hannah wanted to see productivity in Samuel's life Hannah was looking for a…

Pack That Kid A Lunch

May 14, 2023
Happy Mother's Day! Three moms that packed their children a lunch Timothy's Mother Following Jesus Christ She taught her son everything she knew Moses's Mom Taught to forsake this world…
Definition of a critical spirit Nicely exact; Having abilities to judge beauty or blemish; Inclined to find fault; Judging with severity Description of a critical spirit It is selfish (1…
Our responsibility of faithfulness Our reckoning of faithfulness Our reward of faithfulness
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