Just as the apostle Paul sought to declare “all the counsel of God”, we strive to make sure that the preaching from our pulpit does not just focus on a few topics, but rather that all of God’s Word is expounded on and made available through sermons. No matter what walk of life you are in, or what you are facing presently, our prayer is that you will find something here that will aid you in your spiritual walk. Our pastoral staff covers a wide variety of topics, including: salvation, Christian growth, Bible study helps, the family, prayer and the devotional life.

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Arising in the twilight Sitting to Searching Starving to Stuffed Scared to Shared Awake to righteousness Anticipate his return

Christ in You

February 7, 2021
Many times we try to live the Christian life in our own strength but fail. We must realize that Christ wants to work through us.   Christ Is Our Hope…
For episode 47 of the "50 Baptist You Should Know" Series, we will discuss the ministry of Georgi Vins. Georgi was born to parents Peter and Lydia Vins in 1928…

Leaving Behind a Good Name

February 3, 2021
Lettrice Sanders and Don Fly Memorial Service Do What You Can Do What You Can Where You Can Do What You Can While You Can

The Results of Sin

January 31, 2021
A Character Study of Achan Causes of Achan's sin Man's sin nature Man has a desire to take things that don't belong to them Man has a tendency to disobey…

The Test of Faith

January 31, 2021
Character study –Abraham Opening Thought: Temptations come from within a man; we see this explained to us in James 1:12-16. Trials or tests come from God and are made to…
For episode 46 of the "50 Baptist You Should Know" Series, we will discuss the ministry of Tom Malone. Tom Malone accepted the Lord as his personal savior as a…