Just as the apostle Paul sought to declare “all the counsel of God”, we strive to make sure that the preaching from our pulpit does not just focus on a few topics, but rather that all of God’s Word is expounded on and made available through sermons. No matter what walk of life you are in, or what you are facing presently, our prayer is that you will find something here that will aid you in your spiritual walk. Our pastoral staff covers a wide variety of topics, including: salvation, Christian growth, Bible study helps, the family, prayer and the devotional life.

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Learn about the miracle of George Washington and the Continental Army's escape from Long Island, New York in 1776 During the American war for Independence.
The Names of God Jehovah (LORD) - "the self existent one" Elohim (God) - "the supreme one" The People Mentioned Enemies (physical and spiritual) Fervent prayer required Made him trust…
The Bible is the authority for faith The Bible is the authority because of its importance - 2 Timothy 2:16 The Bible is the authority because of its intent -…
The Samaritan Woman The curiosity A purpose and path of our Savior A genuine love of our Savior The craving Christ's desire for water Shows humanity and deity The conviction…

The Race Set Before Us

January 2, 2022
Preparation See the witnesses Set aside the weights Patience Be steady Be submissive Perspective Direction Determination   Good Things become bad things when they get in the way of the…

The Ministry Well

December 30, 2021
Introduction: The first thing we see here in verse 17 is that Jacob went on a journey. In the same way, everyone who has been saved has also started on…
Josiah was a man of... Character Convictions Calling to God Josiah lost the battle because of... Wrong Friends (wicked, weak) Wrong Fight Wrong Foe

The Peace of Christmas

December 26, 2021
Peace that comes through forgiveness Ephesians 2:17 Peace that lives above circumstances Romans 8:38-39 Peace that is beyond understanding Philippians 4:6-7 Peace that is always available John 14:27 John 16:33