Dear Praying Friends,

We continue to hear good news from Liberty Baptist Church in Mexico City. Since my visit the first Sunday of May, souls have continued to be saved and baptized, including Laura, who our newly saved and baptized pharmacist, Jose Luis, had invited a couple of weeks ago.

Our entire family is now traveling this summer visiting churches in the South and Far West.  It will probably be the last time our entire family will be able to spend this much time together.  Our daughter, Kellie, a junior in college, will be continuing her studies in Elementary Education at Fairhaven Baptist College.  Joseph, our oldest son, who has also been studying at Bible college, will be returning to Mexico with us to help teach in our Christian School; to help Oscar, our assistant, with the teens; as well as starting a bus route for the church.  Our two youngest sons, Jackson and Elias, finished their junior and freshman years, respectively, in the high school of our home church’s academy.  Both did well in school which allayed our concerns as we were not sure how they would adapt having been home-schooled for seven years. Jackson believes God has called him to preach.

We are so grateful to our home church, Fairhaven Baptist Church, for providing a place for us to stay and letting our children attend tuition-free at the academy during the school year.  It was a great help to our boys’ spiritual, social, and even physical development to be involved the academy’s sports program and our church’s youth group.

I want to end the prayer letter asking you to seriously pray for the presidential elections in Mexico on July 1. The candidate that is far ahead in the polls is far to the left and is portrayed as a Messiah to the poorest people of Mexico just as Hugo Chavez was in Venezuela. When Andres Obrador lost the presidential elections in 2006, he declared the results fraudulent and blocked the main avenue of Mexico City with pitched tents for weeks.  I remember walking among the tents and seeing symbols of the hammer and sickle everywhere.  He even pretended to be the president giving out presidential proclamations months after the election as if he were president.  He is so far to the left, that the leftist party for which he was the candidate in 2006 and 2012 kicked him out of the party and even made a coalition with the right-wing party to keep him from being president.  Yet he is far ahead of the two other candidates and does not need even fifty percent of the vote to win the election.  We do not need another Venezuela on America’s southern border.  We are thankful for all the churches this furlough that have invited us to present and report the work in Mexico City and that have taken us on for support.  We are looking forward to being in several more churches this summer before we return to Mexico in late August. Thank you for continuing your faithful economic and prayer support.

For His Cause,

Clint Rardin