From the desk of Dr. Ernest Gambrell  ~  President, FBWWM

September 2018

Dear Supporters and Friends,

In our last “Prayer Letter” we shared the work we are doing to obtain a “Temporary Non-immigrant Religious Visa” for Yery Martinez and his family to come to the United States from Honduras. That continues. At present, Keith Rheinheimer, our Vice-President of Operations, is in Honduras working with and assisting Brother Martinez. Please pray that God will let us “find favor” with the immigration department. As God answers our prayers, I will keep everyone informed.


    Richard Miller, who has worked in Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Australia, and Manus Island for almost 50 years, has major problems with his T3, T4, and T5 vertebras. They are causing him severe pain and he is only able to sleep 2-3 hours a night – at best. Surgery is the only treatment. However, in the past, Richard has had a serious heart attack. He must get clearance from his Cardiologist before the Neurosurgeon can schedule the surgery. Richard has an appointment on September 12th with his cardiologist. PLEASE PRAY that his heart will be able to stand the surgery and the surgery will go well.

Andy Bishop, and his wife, Lois, have served the Lord in Mexico for over 25 years. He contacted me this week. He has a serious problem with his “5th Cervical” in his spine! This is the report Andy received after several MRIs: “The neurosurgeon says that he must have a prosthetic titanium vertebrae and a splint for C 4, C 5 and C 6 of his backbone!  He also said he could take bone from Andy’s hip and use it instead of the prosthetic vertebrae, with the metal splint.” Bro. Bishop contacted his insurance company to be sure the surgery was covered. They assured him it was covered and emailed him the claim forms. Three weeks later he received an email stating that his insurance had expired, and they were not renewing the coverage. He contacted them by phone and told them it was a “pre-existing condition” that they had already approved. They refused to cover the surgery. He forwarded all the correspondence to me and I forwarded that to a Christian law firm that handles our legal work around the world. We are praying that the decision will be reversed. PLEASE PRAY the coverage will be re-instated and the surgery will go well.

Due to the seriousness of the problem, Brother Bishop has scheduled the surgery for Monday, September 10th. PLEASE PRAY for the surgery to go well and that the cost would be covered by the insurance company.

In closing, I want to thank you for your continued love, prayers, encouragement, and support. In 2019 I will complete 50 years in the ministry of world missions! Your faithfulness has made this possible.

Trying to Faithfully Please and Serve Him,

Ernest and Barbara Gambrell – John 8:29

FBWWM – Ernest Gambrell