Proverbs 9: 9 Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be yet wiser: teach a just man, and he will increase in learning.  10 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom:and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.

Dear Supporters, Prayer Warriors and Friends of the Ministry,

What wonderful promises we are given in God’s Word.

We have found that many of our service members not only desire to know what Scripture says, but many are also willing to trust in what it says.  And for that we are  eternally thankful.  I thank the Lord for people being saved and for many increasing in faith and knowledge of Scripture.

Last month, I finished teaching the Discipleship Courses in Kentucky.  The vets and active duty members that we have been working with have all completed these classes and hopefully will become active members of good fundamental Baptist churches.

Since then, I have been preaching in small, struggling churches and visiting with military vets and current members in hospitals and homes. While in Maryland I had opportunities to preach in churches and to minister in VA hospitals and rescue missions where many ex-military stay.  I have also been meeting with military personnel that might be of assistance as we begin the ministry here in the Baltimore area.

Housing has been a challenge.  I am left with more decisions that I thought.  Do I buy a house, rent a house, rent an apartment, or stay in a senior living housing unit?  There are several senior housing units in the area where I believe God is leading me.  In a senior living unit I would not have to mow a lawn or do maintenance, which would leave more time for the ministry.  Please pray for wisdom as decisions have to be made soon.

I have also discovered that I will have to raise more financial support to live in the Baltimore area.  The cost of living is considerably higher there than in London, KY.  According to the Cost of Living Comparison Calculator, the overall increase in living expense is 24.78% higher in Baltimore that in London as of June 2018.  Please pray about this increased need.

My wife and I have been in the ministry since 1971, and we have tried to trust God with all our hearts.  But I also believe that we have always tried to use the whole counsel of God to discern wisdom.  I do trust God to meet my needs – that is His promise.  But I also know that the Scriptures also tell us to count the cost and determine if our means are sufficient (Luke 14:28).  Jimmiedean and I had to make those decisions in 1971 when God lead us to leave New Jersey.  Then we had to make that decision again when God lead us to London, KY.  Then we had to make that decision again when God called us to Germany.

God has met and exceeded all our expectations, but that does not make me overconfident.  I still want to “count the cost” before making the commitment for a lease on an apartment, as well as the many cost that are involved in beginning a new ministry.

Now that the Discipleship Courses are finished in Kentucky, I am now talking to pastors to see if I could come to present the ministry to their churches to increase my monthly prayer and financial support.  Also I have noticed that some parts of the Discipleship Course needs to be improved.  Please pray for wisdom as I try to refine those lesson plans.

Thank you again for your spiritual and financial support of our ministry.  Because of your support, we are able to do God’s work.

In the Lord’s service,
Herb Curriden
cell: 859 608 1820
email: [email protected]