Dear Friends,

This summer has been full of blessings.  At the beginning, we baptized Rosa and Elizabeth, a woman and her teenage granddaughter who were saved this spring.  Also this summer, Martina, a military wife for whose salvation we had been praying for months, was saved and baptized.

Lazaro and Abigail were married last summer, and last month we received this young couple into our church membership.  Abigail is the sister of one of the soldiersʼ wives in our church.  Abigail’s niece was saved at the youth conference we attended this last spring.  Lazaro and his wife go visiting on Tuesdays and Saturdays when he is not working as a security guard.  I see a lot of potential for the future in their lives.

Our people really worked hard to get kids out for VBS.  We normally have about 50 kids (ages 3-12) on a Sunday morning.  On our first day we had 90 children, and it went up from there with a high day of 125 children and 18 parents (besides over 20 workers).  Eleven children and teens were saved during the week.  It has been great to see our Mexican people work so hard to reach their own people.

We always have a closing day on Sunday when the kids have a program to show what they learned and to receive diplomas.  We had 95 children in church and 143 adults — for a total of 238.  Our prayer is always that we may reach a new family.  It looks like we’ll have a few new families that will continue to come.

It was good to see a man named Hector come out to church that Sunday with his wife.  He is a brother of one of our military men.  His family is involved in witchcraft, but I was able to lead him to the Lord when he was in the hospital a few weeks ago.

God blessed again with an even bigger children’s attendance the following week with 102 children and 133 adults — 235 in all.  We have several new parents that are coming with their children.  We are looking forward to ministering to them as well.  Please pray with us that these results will be lasting.

We had a young man named Asael who had come out a couple of times before bring another young man named Carlos.  Both raised their hands for salvation and knelt at the altar at the invitation.  They were both dealt with and were saved.  Another lady visitor raised her hand and received assurance of salvation.

Thank you for your support and your effectual prayers that have brought down so many blessings.

For His Cause,

Clint Rardin