Dear Praying Friends,

One of the reasons we write is to encourage our readers to actively serve the Lord. I heard it said, if you do no good at home, you’ll do no good anywhere else. Just because we are in the mission field doesn’t make our service for the Lord more special than service for him “at home.” The truth is that hearts are darkened on the mission field just like it is darkened on any soil. God wants us to let our light “so shine” (Matt. 5:16), and trust in Him that He can and will do those things that we cannot do. And since the Lord has indeed helped us it is only right that we pause and give Him all the praise, honor, and glory! Thank you for praying for us. Please continue to uphold us in your prayers. May all of us enter in at once in the service of the King of Kings.

Your missionary because of Jesus,
Bro. Bill Hardecker

Hardecker Headlines Oct 2018  [dg]