Dear Praying Friends,

Good things are happening in Mexico City during our absence.
The church celebrated Kid’s Day to begin the spring campaign. They had 362 in attendance — 199 adults and 163 children.  Twelve adults and 5 children made decisions.  I flew down for their Mother’s Day celebration on the 6th of May.  They have it on a different date in Mexico.   We had 181 adults, 262 altogether.  The auditorium was full of people.  Two were saved.

Even in the weeks leading up to the spring campaign, souls were being saved.
Eduardo and his family have been coming to church for over a year with his sister-in-law, Ana, who was saved two years ago.  Last summer, he and his family joined the church and have gotten involved in everything.  Alexandra, their fifteen-year old daughter, wants to go to the Christian school this year.  A few weeks ago, Eduardo brought his brother, Jorge, out and and he is now saved and attending and has been bringing out their mother.
Angelica was a Catholic English teacher looking to teach in a school. Someone told her about our school.  She came out to church, was saved a few weeks ago, and now continues to attend.
Magdalena is our shepherd in our church.  She is twenty-nine with the mind of a nine-year old.  She went to nearby Sam’s Club after church a few weeks ago to mooch off the people eating pizza from Sam’s at the tables outside Sam’s.
A Christian military officer gave her some pizza and she told him about our church.  She brought them that Sunday evening and his unsaved wife accepted Christ.  Although he had to go up north for a military operation, the wife and her autistic son continue to attend and I baptized her when I went on the 6th of May.
Jose Luis is a pharmacist around the corner from our house.  He has always been very friendly to me.  We have a man who attends our church who delivers medicine for the pharmacist.  He invited him out about a month ago and Jose Luis accepted Christ.  He even brought 24 2-liters of pop for the big day.  He brought the other delivery boy, Isaac, to church the Sunday I was there.
There are five boys that come off one of the bus routes.  Paris, the oldest, believes he is called to preach.  He is 15.  Their parents barely came out although they claim to be Christians.  Their dad was a policeman and was killed in the line of duty in March and Oscar held the funeral.  Many policemen attended.  Since then, the mom has been faithfully attending.
To show you how the areas are where we have our routes, one of the ladies who came to one of the Bible clubs we had in Febuary continued to attend our church sometimes; but her older son lately was shot and killed during a drug transaction.  That is the kind of people we are trying to reach out there on the routes.  We need to get to them before the devil does.
Thank you for yor prayers,
Clint Rardin