September 4, 2018

Dear Praying Friends,

This last Saturday evening we arrived in Mexico City after a year-long, pleasant furlough.  Rhonda, my wife, came down with shingles the last two weeks of our travels. This was very difficult for her, but she is feeling better.  Please continue to pray for her.

We returned to a strong church with a great attendance of 226 this last Sunday and fifteen people participating on our Tuesday night Jewish Outreach.  That evening I was able to visit in the home of a new Jewish contact named Nathan who has already attended our church once in my absence.  He is very receptive to hearing about the true Messiah; please pray for his salvation.

We have had a revival of sorts at our pharmacy around the corner from our house.  Adalberto delivers medicine for the pharmacy and was invited by my wife a couple of years ago.  In our absence, he invited Jose Luis, the head pharmacist this last spring.  Since then, Jose Luis has been baptized and then invited Laura, the other pharmacist, and Ernesto, who works on the grocery side of the pharmacy.  Both have now been saved and baptized.  They attend faithfully and now want me to counsel them about getting married!

A couple came up to me on Sunday and asked if I could dedicate their baby next Sunday.  I didn’t recognize him at first, but it was Santos, a man that was saved when I came down last November to preach the church’s anniversary.  His wife Angeles was saved subsequently, and I had baptized them last February when I visited.

One of the most exciting conversions this summer was that of Alan and Elizabeth.  Elizabeth was the only of three children of Artemio, our bus captain of the military route, who was not saved.  A university student, she fell in love with another unsaved young man and married him.  Amazingly, this summer they began to attend the church and one Sunday they came up to Oscar, the young man preaching in my absence, and let him know they accepted Christ in their home and wanted to be baptized.

Since then, they have been faithfully attending and are on fire spiritually.  They both go out on Tuesdays passing out tracts to the Jews and witnessing to the Gentiles.  Alan witnesses to his neighbors (they live just a couple blocks from the presidential residence), relatives, and those of courier business that he and his wife are involved in.

Alan is entering the Bible Institute as a full-time student and his wife as a part-time student.  They are excited about the Christian life, and I believe God is calling them into full-time service.  Alan has a lot of relatives that are in Satan’s grip of alcoholism and drugs and live in the infamous neighborhood of Pensil where my son Joseph will be working to start a van route.  Alan will be very helpful in its development.

We had a fruitful time out West this summer visiting supporting and new churches and are grateful for the following who took us on for support:  Ottumwa Baptist Church, Ottumwa, IA; Southwest Baptist Church, Midland, TX; Lighthouse Baptist Church, Port Townsend, WA; and Mountainview Baptist Church, Custer, SD.

Thank you for your prayers and faithful economic support.  We look forward now to see new fruit to your account in Mexico City.

For His Cause,

Clint Rardin