The Ingalls Family – Couriers for Christ

Working Together - What a joy and blessing it is to work together with the BPS Seedline churches!  These photos were provided by Missionary Scott Sandy, director of Northeast Baptist Seedline.  Their network of churches purchased the paper and provided the hands-on labor so that Lithuanians could have a portion of the Word of God.  Thank you for freely providing these scriptures. To continue reading the update from the Ingalls with Couriers for Christ, please click the link below. Couriers for Christ

Harold Pierce – Armed Forces Baptist Mission

Our family is a thankful recipient of your kindness and love on a continual basis!  The Lord graciously uses your unwavering faith, love for missions, and giving to impact those who have honorably answered our nation's call of military service. To continue reading the update from Harold Pierce of AFBM, please click on the link below: Harold Pierce

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Evangelist Rodger Bottrell

Since our last news letter we have experience the winter of 2019.  This time of year is very hard on a motor home, so we have to head south.  God helps us to win people to the Lord and preach in good churches where the weather is warmer SOMETIMES.  While in Camden, Arkansas, I had the privilege of teaching my Brother-in-law's class where two boys, Isaac and Carson, accepted Christ.  We rejoice to hear they weree baptized shortly after we left Arkansas. To continue reading the update from Evangelist Rodger Bottrell, please click on the link below. Rodger Bottrell

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Eli Schrock Family

In Cambodian culture, young people are generally considered a nuisance, therefore not much effort is put into the training of youth.  While the world neglects these young ones, the Word of God teaches us the value of planting the Seed of the Word of God in tender soil.  How exciting to see these teens open their hearts to the truth: there is only One True God and all other gods cannot compare! To continue reading the update from Eli Schrock in Cambodia, please click the link below: Eli Schrock Family

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The Oetman Family

In February, I made another trip to the Philippines to speak in a few churches that I wasn't able to visit when Brenda and I went there in December.  The day after I arrived, I was invited to preach to around 800 police officers and recruits with our missionary Pastor Roland Vicente.  Brother Vicente is a retired Brig. General in the Philippine National Police.  God worked in a mighty way during that service. To continue reading the update from Rob Oetman serving in Korea, please click the link below: Rob Oetman Family

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The Hardeckers

Hardecker Headlines Two years ago our Children's Sunday School class consisted of four children (and two of them were ours).  We average 60+ between the girls class and the boys class.  Additionally, we also now have a Jr. Church ministry during the morning service. To continue reading the update from Bill Hardecker in the Philippines, please click the link below: The Hardecker Family

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The Rardin Family

God has been blessing with two new ministries that we have begun these last couple of months.  In our new RU addiction recovery program, Todos Transformados, we have seen an average of almost 30 students every Friday and, after nine weeks, we have had only one Friday with no new visitors.  Several of the new students have attended or are still attending our church every Sunday.  The program is now being advertised on the radio once a week.  We hope to see some come to the RU program through that medium as well. To continue reading the latest update from Clint [...]

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Dan Canavan Family

March 2019 - We have started off 2019 with salvation decisions, baptisms, additions to the church and returning visitors.  We seem to be experienceing some growth.  We are so very grateful to God for making it all possible.  There are links in the side bar to videos and pics on page 2. To continue reading the latest update from Dan Canavan, missionary to Ireland, please click the link below: The Canavan Family

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Andrew Guerrero – Philippines

We pray this letter finds you in the best of physical and spiritual strength.  Thank you for always keeping the Philippines in your prayers.  We look forward to once again witness the Lord's goodness and blessing this new year. To continue reading the update from Pastor Joey Andrew Guerrero, please click the link below. Andrew Guerrero Family  

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Fourth Annual “Conquerors’ Challenge” Basketball & Volleyball Tournament

We were privileged to host the fourth annual Fairhaven Basketball and Volleyball Tournament - The Conquerors' Challenge. Teams from Cozaddale Baptist Academy in Goshen, Ohio; Prairie Christian Academy in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin; New Heights Baptist Academy in Fort Wayne, Indiana; and Pacific Baptist School in Long Beach, California were all able to join the Fairhaven teams this year. Everyone had a great time. Congratulations to the New Heights Baptist Freedom team for taking first place in volleyball, and the Prairie Christian Patriots for taking first place in basketball!  We are already looking forward to next year's tournament March 12-13, [...]

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