The Alexanders – October 2019

The days of our 40th anniversary conference were some of the busiest we have had in some time, but they were wonderful! The conference went very well, and we got excellent feedback from those who came, both speakers and graduates. To continue reading the update from Ed Alexander, please click the attached link. The Alexanders - October

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The Eckels

We continue to press on growing here a little there a little.  We see visitors still coming and some come from soulwinning.  We have a new family that has been coming that was reached through our Soulwinning ministry.  Peter, his wife and child have been attending faithfully as well as Simon a man whom I am discipling.  To continue reading the update from Chris Eckels, please click the link below. The Eckels

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The Hardeckers – September 2019

Praise the Lord for two ladies who visited one of our morning services and came forward at the end to receive Jesus as Saviour.  Please pray that they would return and grow.  Their names are Pearl and Gisselle.  To continue reading the update from Bill Hardecker, please click the attached link. The Hardeckers - September  

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The Rardins – October 2019

This summer we had the blessing of taking our second son, Jackson, to Bible college to study for the ministry as well as return our daughter, Kellie, to finish her last year there at Fairhaven Baptist College.  We also were able to visit some churches in the States and we feel privileged to become partners in missions with Lighthouse Baptist Church in Alexandria, VA, as well as Longview Baptist Temple in Texas.  In our absence our church had a back-to-school Sunday with a great summer attendance of 277 with over 150 on the buses, 94 children, and 183 adults. To continue [...]

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The Halls – September 2019

Thank you for your prayers and financial support, and for the cards, and letters, e-mails, and phone calls.  Your care for us and your prayer for us is much appreciated.  We truly count you as co-laborers in the work the Lord is doing through us here in Australia!  To continue reading the update from Jon Hall, please click on the link below. The Hall Family - September 2019

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The Cromwells – September 2019

In early September, Judy and I began three months' service to Straight Paths Baptist Church in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.  With me is Togsoo, the interim national pastor.  Brother Togsoo was saved under the ministry of Jason and Becky Muller, and is completing studies at a nearby Bible institute.  Our service is to guide and counsel during the transition to autonomous national leadership.  To continue reading the update from Byron Cromwell, please click the link below. The Cromwells - September 2019

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The Gardners – September 2019

Greetings from Okinawa, Japan.  We made it back to Okinawa on July 18, just in time for a typhoon that was hitting Okinawa.  Because of the typhoon they didn't think we were going to be able to land, but God had different plans and we arrived safely.  To continue reading the update from Dan Gardner, please click the link below. The Gardners - September 2019

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The Barkers – September 2019

We have had a wonderful summer this year with the trains and Vacation Bible School.  We traveled many miles and saw some great decisions.  One of our Vacation Bible Schools was all the way down in Florida.  I took a young man with me, named Jared, from a church in Indianapolis.  He was a big help running the trains.  To continue reading the update from Dave Barker, please click the link below. The Barkers - September 2019

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The Boots Family – September 2019

It has been an exciting past couple months.  On August 17, we held our Police Appreciation Sunday.  As you may know, I am a chaplain with our county police department, and there are over 650 sworn officers in the department.  Six of them came with their families, and we had a total of 63 people there on that Sunday.   To continue reading the update from Steve Boots, please click the link below. The Boots - September 2019

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Sunday Sermons | September 29, 2019

Here are the sermons from Sunday: Sunday Morning WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS IS REAL RELIGION – Pastor Steve Damron To view the notes or listen to the audio for this sermon. Go here. Sunday Evening HOW SURRENDERED ARE YOU? – Dave Olson To view the notes or listen to the audio for this sermon. Go here.

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