Camp Advance Update – Shepherds Week

Since its inception Fairhaven Baptist Church has provided a caring outreach to the special needs members of the surrounding communities. Without a doubt the highlight of this "Shepherds" ministry is the annual camp week. Several dedicated church volunteers work together to make these weeks memorable. Activities included daily Bible challenges, games, bowling competition, crafts, singing competition, and a puppet show, just to name a few.

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The Mickeys

We started our missions program Grace to the Regions Beyond, for the purpose of taking the gospel to the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Traveling to Congo always took us through the country of Burundi.  We did not know much about this small country that sits south of Rwanda and east of Congo.  To continue reading the update from Robert Mickey, please click the link below. The Mickey Family

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The Pierce Family

Our nation's heroes stand ready twenty-four hours a day and three hundred sixty-five days a year to be called upon for selfless service.  Your love, giving, and prayers for military missions allows our family the honor of sharing the true hope of Jesus.  We are thankful for your selfless sacrifices to our Savior.  To continue reading the update from Harold Pierce, please click the link below. The Pierce Family

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The Gardners

We once again want to thank you for your faithful support and prayers for us as we labor for our Lord.  It's a great time to serve the Lord and we have had some great meetings on our furlough time in the States.  We have had opportunities to go out witnessing at some of our churches, which has been a real blessing.  The work has been sown and God will give the increase.  To continue reading the update from Dan Gardner, please click on the link below. The Gardners

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Herb Curriden

What a wonderful God we serve.  God not only saves us but He helps us every step of the way.  As I talk with folks about the Lord - many have decided to ignore all the promises of God.  They want to do it their way.  But praise God for the few that accepted His Mercy and Grace by Faith.  To continue reading the update from Herb Curriden, please click the link below. Herb Curriden

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The Truitts

It was in November, after returing from pastoring in Grand Cayman Island, that I prayed about going to Germany in May for the BIMI Missionary Field Conference.  Things didn't look very promising and I asked the Lord again in January and February, but it still looked like the Lord had other plans for us.  After the Wednesday evening church service on April 11, Linda said, "Look here, there is a ship re-positioning from Tampa to Rotterdam (last minute price of $349), and it's leaving this Sunday the 14th."  To continue reading the update from Chuck Truitt, please click the link below. [...]

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The Canavans

Jaime grew up within a Catholic home in Sardinia, Italy.  Catholicism and the socialistic utopia of Europe left him, like millions of others in Europe, wandering in darkness.  Seeking a change, he moved to Ireland when he was 20.  To continue reading the update from Dan Canavan, please click the link below. The Canavans

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The Alexanders

Our master's module on Biblical Counseling began on Monday afternoon, ending on Friday at noon.  Barry (a BMM colleague) and I did the translating.  Dr. Jeff Newman did a wonderful job of presenting an overview of Biblical Counseling as well as its theological implications.  We had 10 students matriculated and each one of them expressed their appreciation for the class.    To continue reading the update from Ed Alexander, please click the link below. The Alexanders - June 2019

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The Eli Schrock Family

Psalm 111:2  The works of the LORD are great, sought out of all them that have pleasure therein.  God's work is evident around us.  We truly are undeserving of His blessings.  As we report on the work in Cambodia, we are thankful for the part you have played in getting the Word of God to Cambodians.  To continue reading the update from Eli Schrock, please click the link below. The Eli Schrock Family

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The Mickey Family

FAMILY CONFERENCE People speak different languages, eat different foods and have different cultures, but when getting past those differences one thing remains the same; people are people and we all have the same concerns and problems.  In Kenya, as it is all over the world, the family is under attack and the need for biblical answers is great.  For some time we have been burdened to begin a family conference in order to better strengthen our families.  To continue reading the update from Robert Mickey, please click the link below. The Mickey Family

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The Rardin Family

"Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us" (Ephesians 3:20).  This has been the memory verse for our adult and teen Sunday School classes the last few weeks, and we have seen its truth demonstrated in our services this past spring evangelistic campaign. To continue reading the update from Clint Rardin please click the attached link.  The Rardin Family - June 2019

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Couriers for Christ

50,000 Russian John & Romans completed during Teen Mania. Ten years ago Pastor Joson Brenenstuhl and Pastor Josh Stertz started Teen Mania, hosted by Wyldewood Baptist Church.  Under the direction of Josh Stertz, this outreach continued to grow until Wyldewood did not have a large enough facility to accommodate the teens and their activities.  Thus it was moved to Northland Camp and Conference Center in Dunbar, Wisconsin.    To continue reading the update from Couriers for Christ please click the link below. Couriers for Christ

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