CAMP ADVANCE: Music & Outdoor Weeks

Camp Advance is in full swing, and we are gearing up for our Music & Outdoor Weeks! You can register your camper online by following the link below, or by calling or stopping by the front desk (219-926-6636). You can also email our camp secretary at [email protected]…/…/2018/06/817059846471671

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The Rich Family

We continue to press forward here in Zambia.  It is only by our Lord's power and strength we continue on.  In April we said goodbye to our latest intern, David Crego.  Our internship program has given us the great opportunity to have a lifelong impact on future servant leaders.  To continue reading the update from Adam Rich please click the link below. Adam Rich prayer letter

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Men’s and Ladies’ Retreats

The Lord blessed with a wonderful time of fellowship and spiritual refreshment during our men's and ladies' retreats.  Dr. David Sorenson was the guest speaker for the men, and his wife, Pam, was the guest speaker for the ladies. [...]

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Kindergarten Graduation

Fairhaven Christian Academy held its annual Kindergarten Graduation on Thursday, May 23. Everyone enjoyed seeing what the K5 students have learned this year.  The service also included an awards ceremony for high school students and children in Master Clubs as well as specials by the high school choir and a clarinet choir. Before we know it, the FCA Kindergarten graduating class of 2019 will soon be the FBA High School graduating class of 2031. [...]

The Dunbars

I hope this letter finds you well.  We are enjoying our time serving the Lord.  Some have said it is so hard to serve the Lord.  However, the Bible says, "the way of the transgressor is hard" Proverbs 13:15.  Praise God for the opportunity to work in His yoke.  Click on the link below to read the update from Joel Dunbar in Brazil. The Dunbars

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The Ashleys

Paul's desire was to go to new lands that had not been evangelized.  His view of evangelism was to establish a solid, indigenous church rather than mass evangelism.  He would return after his first imprionment back to those very churches that he had established because they were struggling.  To continue reading the update from Gary Ashley, please click the link below. The Ashleys

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The Gordons

These past weeks, our Lord has given us several means with which to challenge God's people in the area of prayer for laborers.  His harvest fields are in greater need of believers to go far and near.......  To continue reading the update from Pat Gordon, please click the link below. The Gordons

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Couriers for Christ – May 2019

In our April newsletter, I mentined that we were planning to load a container on Wednesday, March 27.  We will be loading it at Berean Baptist Church in Adrian, Michigan, during the Wings Bearing Precious Seed regional conference.   To continue reading the update from Couriers please click on the link below. Couriers for Christ - May 2019

Fairhaven Baptist College

Fairhaven Christian Academy