The Gambrells – October 2022

Once again, I want to thank you from my heart for your faithful financial support and for your faithful prayers and holding us up before the Lord as we continue to serve pastors and local churches who support missionaries through the ministry.  You are never forgotten! To continue reading the update from Ernest Gambrell, please click on the link below. The Gambrells - October 2022

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The Smiths – September 2022

Wow where'd the summer go?  We had an excellent VBS this year.  A Chinese family that attends services semi-regularly asked if they could help and help they did!  Cecelia helped with the food and Justin helped with the crafts and games.  To continue reading the update from Mike Smith, please click on the link below. The Smiths - September 2022

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The Ashleys – October 2022

Luke continued the report about the fourth missionary journey to Rome and the kings or Caesar by mentioning in verse 18, the tempest which caused them to be tossed and to lighten the ship further in precaution and further preparations.  To continue reading the update from Gary Ashley, please click on the link below. The Ashleys - October 2022

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Inner City Baptist Missions – August 2022

Recently we had the blessing of helping a new church plant in Atlanta, Georgia.  The Lord has richly blessed the City Baptist Church of Atlanta.  As they are growing they are in need of a church building of their own.  They recently did a survey of what has happened to some of the former church buildings in Atlanta. To continue reading the update from Inner City Baptist Missions, please click on the link below. Inner City Baptist Missions - August 2022

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The Dunbars – September 2022

Please pray for Brazil as on Sunday, October 2nd, they have a Presidential Election.  We are praying for the man to get in who will allow us liberty to live a quiet and peaceable life and for the Gospel to continue to have free course. To continue reading the update from Joel Dunbar, please click on the link below. The Dunbars - September 2022

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The Halls – September 2022

Greetings in the Lord from New South Wales in Australia!  Thank you for being "labourers together with God."  Your care, prayer, support, and example are greatly used by the Lord.  Please find below our most recent update. At Shoalhaven Baptist Church, please pray for the modification and occupation approval of the new youth building.  Several in our youth group are growing and on the brink of major life decisions, so please pray for Blake, sisters Lisa and Shara, Christian , Lizzie, Levi, Victoria, and others.  To continue reading the update from Jon Hall, please click on the link below. The Halls - [...]

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The Cromwells – October 2022

Geoff Gaus answered the congregation's call to pastor Independent Baptist Church, arriving on September 9, with his wife Nina and their three boys.  His presence and immediate active service have already impacted the church.  We have seen backsliders reclaimed, refinement to outreach and other aspects of the ministry, and a general tone of encouragement among members who have prayed for a pastor.  The congregation is ecxited and grateful for his arrival. To continue reading the update from Byron Cromwell, please click on the link below. The Cromwells - October 2022  

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The Rardins – September 2022

We have been at our home church at Fairhaven for a month now to begin our year of furlough.  It has been a joy to be with our two sons studying at Fairhaven Baptist College and also a joy to knock on doors here in Indiana and work to reach our fellow Americans for Christ.  Whether knocking on doors for a bus route or visiting new move-ins, it has been great to get to witness to some and even bring one of our new move'ins visits to our home church's anniversary Sunday service.  Old fashioned soulvinning still works in the States. [...]

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Couriers for Christ – October 2022

How we thank the Lord for once again bringing together a team, from five different states, who united with one mind to labor for the gospel in the hard field of Berlin, Germany!  Paul told the Philippians to be "striving together for the faith of the gospel."  Striving means to make great effors to achieve or obtain your goals.  To continue reading the update from Couriers for Christ, please click on the link below. Couriers for Christ - October 2022 - pg 1 Couriers for Christ - October 2022 - pg 2 Couriers for Christ - October 2022 - pg 3

The Mickeys – September 2022

Though hotly debated and protracted beyond a reasonable period, we are thankful that the Kenya elections were relatively peaceful.  There were claims and counterclains of rigging and corruption.  It seems at this time, although the winning candidate won with just a small percentage, the country has accepted the outcome and is ready to get on with their lives. To continue reading the update from Robert Mickey, please click on the link below. The Mickeys - September 2022

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The Schrocks – July 2022

August 23rd is quickly approaching - the day of our departure to Cambodia.  Furlough is coming to a close, and we will be returning with two more individuals than we left with.  Our son, Christopher, after speding his freshman year in Bible college will be returning to the field for a year.  It will be nice to be together as a family again.  Also, we are excited about Joy Zdziarski, a young lady from Illinois, who will be teaching several of our church's young people in our growing Christian school.  To continue reading the update from Eli Schrock, please click on [...]

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The Gordons – September 2022

So many times, it is what some may call "small things" that God uses to accomplish much for His Glory!  God is answering prayer and doing many things around the globe. In the South Pacific, the David Smith family, serving in New Zealand, received their residency visas!  What a relief for them to no longer go through a yearly application process that consumes large amounts of time, strength, and resources.  This is no small thing. To continue reading the update from Pat Gordon, please click on the link below. The Gordons - September 2022

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The Alexanders – September 2022

Jan flew out last Monday evening and her mother passed away while Jan was en route.  The funeral was on Thursday in Greenville and the family felt it went well and that mom and her Lord were honored.  Our son, Ed, and his family were able to be at the funeral and Jan enjoyed being with four of our grandkids for a couple of days.  To continue reading the update from Ed Alexander, please click on the link below. The Alexanders - September 2022  

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