Growing in the Lord is a process that does not just happen overnight, and one that often requires help from many different avenues.  Understanding that every person learns in a different way and benefits from many types of exhortation, we strive to make a wide variety of resources available for the Christian’s use.  Our bookstore offers books, study Bibles, sermons in CD and mp3 format, Bible stories for Sunday School use, godly music, and much more. Our media department makes weekly sermons, lessons, and church services available to listen to, as well as having a choice of written sermons by topic.  With our church calendar and recent news you can be sure to stay up to date on what the Lord is doing in our church, as well as any upcoming ministry opportunities. You can also enjoy the most recent articles from our magazine, “Always Abounding.” There is always something new to be learned as we grow in the Lord!

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