Date: April 30, 2020 ()

Bible Text: Psalms 128:1-6 |


  1. Determine to use God's Word instead of worldly counsels.
  2. Don't consider children a burden, or a robber of your time and pleasure.
  3. Never make possessions more important than relationships.
  4. Beware of comparing children and spouse with others.
  5. Don't make a federal case out of kids being children.
  6. Be Aware of threatening constantly, but disciplining inconsistently.
  7. Beware of belittling children or spouses.
  8. Beware of saying during discipline "this is hurting my reputation."
  9. Husbands and wives should not argue in front of the children.
  10. Don't argue with your spouse when you are disciplining a child.
  11. Don't spend time bragging on talents as opposed to character.
  12. Be careful to not allow the television or radio to play constantly.
  13. Don't be careless with cell phones.
  14. Teach children not to be afraid of things.
  15. Always take time to listen and talk.
  16. Don't have dual personalities (church time/home time)
  17. Don't complain and criticize.

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