Date: January 10, 2021 ()

Bible Text: Galatians 6 |

Opening Thought:

Galatians 6

As the church we are a community of believers. We are referred to as the body of Christ or the family of God. We learn that if the church is going to thrive then we must work together to make her thrive. Many times, we are all going in different directions, and we forget to take time out for one another.

  1. Explanation of Passage
    • What type of person this passage is not dealing with? - a stubborn or rebellious person
    • What type of person this passage is dealing with? - caught by surprise
    • How to deal with this person?
    • Why deal with a person in such a manner?
  2. Application to our Lives
    • Lift up - support
    • Let go - submit
    • Lay down - surrender

Make Life a Little Sweeter

O let me shed a little light on someone's path I pray.

I'd like to be a messenger of happiness today!

It may be just a phone call, a smile, or a prayer,

Or a long-neglected letter would lift the edge of care.

I want to spread some happiness in what I say or do,

Make life a little sweeter for someone else! Don't you?





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