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January 26, 2020

Behold, A Woman in the City

Passage: Luke 7:37
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Luke 7:37

Religion says, "She IS a sinner."  Christ says, "She WAS a sinner." -Evangelist Paul Schwanke

  • Who was this woman?

    • She was a Big Sinner

    • She was a Famous Sinner

    • She WAS a Sinner

  • What did she do?

    • She anointed Christ's Feet

    • She wept

    • She let her hair down

    • She touched Jesus

    • She taught us to stand up for Jesus Christ

      • His Name

      • His Fame

      • His Honor

  • What was Christ's Message?

    • 50 Pence Sinners vs the 500 Pence sinner

      • They both get saved the same way

      • The both die and go to Hell


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