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Bible Text: Matthew 16:18-19 |

Where does the Catholic church claim to receive its authority?

Through Peter and the subsequent popes

  • Peter was the first pastor of the church at Rome
  • Peter was given the keys to the kingdom of Heaven, and that authority was passed along the line of the popes

Through the "Kingdom of Heaven" theology

  • Equating Old Testament Israel to the New Testament church
  • Initiation into Judaism in the Old Testament by circumcision, initiation into the church is at birth by baptism
  • The church exercises authority over secular authorities, theocracy on earth
  • Entered into by baptism and maintained by the Sacraments

Through the "Keys of the kingdom" theology

  • Peter was specifically given authority and only him
  • "bind and loose" - authority to absolve sins, to pronounce doctrinal judgements, and to make disciplinary decisions in the church [Jesus himself forgives, not man]

Through the "church fathers"

  • Mostly were pastors of churches in the first five centuries.  Defended the theology of the NT from error, but in reality, they corrupted it with the greatest errors!
  • Three categories of error
    • Apostolic fathers - contemporaries of the Apostles
    • Ante-Nicene fathers - lived before the Council of Nicea
    • Post-Nicene fathers - lived after the Council of Nicea
  • Nicean Council
    • Constantine called for a meeting of bishops in Nicea to clear up some controversies
      • Nature of Christ
      • Date of Easter
    • The Nicean creed became the accepted position of the church
    • The real problem is that the emporer of rome as "head" of the church, was able to "settle" doctrinal disputes. Pastors accepted it, false doctrine was spread thereby
  • Who are the real "church fathers?"
    • The Apostles! (not "church fathers")
    • Those who present the Word of God (Hebrews SLIDE 40)
    • Those who present the foundation for the church (Ephesians 2:20)
    • Those who give instruction on church behavior (1 Timothy 3:16)

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