Date: October 6, 2019 ()

Bible Text: Hebrews 1:1-2:9 |


Christ is Better

Hebrews 1

Three important words in the study of the book of Hebrews

  • Better (used 13x)
  • Perfect (used 14x)
  • Eternal (used 5x)

The Ministry of Angels

  • The existence of angels
  • The examples of angels in Scripture
  • The efforts of the angels

The Ministry of Christ

(6 ways Christ is better than the angels)

  • Christ is the only begotten child of God
  • Christ is the choice for true worship
  • Christ is the consecrated one
  • Christ is the creator
  • Christ is the commander in chief
  • Christ is the crowned one


Christ is better. I hope that you saw some aspect of this idea in this morning’s message. We will be looking at this concept through the book of Hebrews over the next few weeks. I pray that first, it will give you a better appreciation for Christ our Savior and second, that you will be encouraged to become more of a student of the Word of God.

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