Date: August 28, 2014 ()

Bible Text: Ecclesiastes 12:8-14 |


The microphone cut out halfway through the message. Below are the transcribed notes of the lesson:
Epilogue- Afterward
Ecclesiastes 12:8-14
-          Ecclesiastes is a sermon: the words of the preacher
-          Poetic, Inductive (starts by showing rather than telling
Text: Life is empty, meaningless…
-          1-2: Wisdom + do not satisfy
o   Better to live joyfully
-          3-4: Business + Public Affairs do not satisfy
o   Joyfully live where you are
-          5-6 Wealth + Conservatism/ Moderation do not satisfy
o   Enjoy what you’ve been given
Summarizes Some (the above written) then concludes:
Chapter 11:1-12:7

  1. Be charitable
  2. Be industrious
  3. Have perspective
  4. Be cheerful

-          To most ancient Israelites, judgment (punishment) occurred here- famine, oppression, disease, etc.
-          Future judgment would be a relief from the inequalities of earth
-          Charity, Industry, Cheerfulness
o   Because there will be future judgment when all is made right.
Preacher’s Afterword

  1. Life here is empty (vs8)
  2. The truth gives meaning
  3. Helps make sense of life- (vs9-10)
  4. Pushes to do what ought- (vs 11)
  5. Hold in to where we should be (vs 11)
  6. Ever learning and no truth is weariness (vs12)
  7. Conclusion
  8. Fear God

i.      Acknowledge Him, remember Him, He knows, He will set things right

  1. Keep Commandments

i.      Give Work, rejoice
ii.      Obedience is HEART of faith
iii.      Obedience is evidence of faith
iv.      All with true faith obey

  1. God will Reveal

i.      Even the good that I would
ii.      Evil