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If the Saviour’s won your heart
And for Heaven you’ve made a start,
Study well your Bible chart,
And go on.
Bear in mind that what you know
Proves itself by what you show;
Let your life be all aglow,
And go on.
Never from your purpose turn!
Daily from your Master learn.
Walk with Jesus, then you’ll burn
And go on.
Buy the truth and sell it not:
Praise the Lord for what you’ve got;
Be content whate’er your lot,
And go on.
  • True Faith Defined
    • Faith
      • A gift of God needed for salvation
      • Must be exercised
      • Actively pursuing God
      • A spiritual muscle
      • Striving to please Him in earthly pursuits
    • B. Biblical faith
  • True Faith Demands Choices
    • Abraham chose not to be close to Sodom
    • Lot chose to live outside of Sodom
    • Abraham chose to rescue Lot
      • When you choose to not live by faith, it affects those around you
  • True Faith Demands right priorities
    • The King of Melchizedek
    • The King of Sodom
    • The Lord Most High

“Know ye therefore that they which are of faith, the same are the children of Abraham”
-Galatians 3:7

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