Date: July 4, 2010

Bible Text: Ezekiel 12:27 |


I want to set the stage for what I am going to speak on tonight.  The hippies of the 60s were rebels.  They hated everything that America stood for at the time.  They tore this country to shreds.  Cities across America were in smoke.  There are still blocks of empty space in Chicago that they burned down.  Then they graduated.

In the 70s, the hippie generation was ready to take charge.  They were taking over anything from grade school, to high school, to college, and graduate school.  They were taking over the unions; and as you can see now, socialistic type people run the unions. They took over most churches.

America changed drastically during that time, and there were other battles such as the one we fought in 1974.  I’m certainly not saying ours was the only battle.  It was a big battle but not the only battle.  Praise God, there were people who stood.  Most would not stand, and let me say something to encourage you.  The majority of people have never stood, even in our own American Revolution.  I’m preaching this for us because I think we’re in for a much bigger battle in the near future.  In the 70s Hillary Rodham was an “intern” type in Washington; now she’s the Secretary of State.  Her husband was the President for two terms and destroyed morality.  Their wickedness went a long way to help destroy morality in America.

When these people that were young, I think they were over-zealous.  I believe that was their biggest mistake.  They moved too quickly.  Now they’re in power; and if you listen to the radio or read the newspapers, they are in every way trying to destroy the country, put the death knell into it, the knife into the heart, and destroy the country we have.


In the 70s we had a senator by the name of Birch Bayh.  His son is Evan Bayh. Vance Hartke was another senator.  We rose up and voted them out.  We voted the sheriff out. We voted the prosecutor out.  The little town of Chesterton was not going to change America, but that movement was going on all across America; and it resulted in what is called today, the Reagan Revolution.  The “bums” were thrown out.  Better people were brought in.  Some good people, enough to change America, held it off for a period of time.  But we got lazy, and now it’s worse than ever.

Now, again, my opinion is that back in the middle 70s they moved too quickly, too hard. The things that they tried to do in our case were all against the law.  Every bit of it was against the law.  They were too zealous.  But now they have much of the law on their side.  They have much of the judiciary on their side.  We fought and they lost, but all this hatred and venom have been building up behind a dam.  And if it breaks, it’s going to be the end of America as we know it.  It’s not the end of God, praise God.  When I preach this, I am not pessimistic.  I think I have one good fight left in me, and I’m ready to go. I’m kind of looking forward to it, and I’m not pessimistic.  I’m not melancholy about it; but I do believe that if we lose now, you will not recognize America five or ten years from now.  So I’m glad that it was recommended that I speak on this subject.  I wouldn’t even call it a sermon, but I hope that God will use it in your heart.

Ezekiel prophesied destruction.  He warned the people that the wrath of God was going to fall on the people of Israel, but they didn’t believe him.  The Lord said, “Son of man,

what is that proverb that ye have in the land of Israel, saying, The days are prolonged, and every vision faileth?”   They were saying that it will be a long time before this ever happens.  Further down we read, “...behold they of the house of Israel say, The vision that


he seeth is for many days to come, and he prophesieth of the times that are far off.” That’s what most Christians are saying today.  We have socialists and communists in government today.  We have socialists and communists in all our universities around the country.  We have socialists and communists in the unions, and they’re out to destroy our country.  I think that most of you realize this, but there’s just something about human nature.  There’s just something about Americans, and something about Christians that makes them say, “God will take care of it.”  The preacher stands up and says, “According to the Bible, our country is about to be destroyed.”  Our country has been blessed more than any other country in the history of the world. and God has destroyed countries for less than this.  God will not, God cannot, allow America to continue this way―raw sex, hatred of God, not just anti-God, a hatred of God.  God is not going to put up with it.

People say the preacher is talking about things afar off, but I believe we’re on the brink of destruction.




We started this church in 1970.  In 1971, a bill passed by both the House and the Senate, that gave control of the children of America over to the government from ages two to six. Now, let that sink in.  Picture that happening this week.  That the House and the Senate vote to give control of your children to the government from two to six.  That’s what happened in 1971.  Nixon didn’t do a lot good, but praise God, Nixon vetoed that.  Don’t tell me it doesn’t matter who is in office.  I’m going to read some things that I was

reading and teaching as we started this church.


“The 1970s will see more and more control of the lives of children being taken over by the schools,” according to the National Education Association.  Don’t let anybody tell you that the NEA has anything good for us.  They are wicked, they’ve been wicked from the start.  In the January 1969 issue of Today’s Education, the journal of the NEA, an article by two professors of education at Indiana University outlines “…drastic changes which may be expected in the schools in the 70s.”  It was predicted that when all these changes are complete “educators will assume formal responsibility for your children when they reach age two.”  Age two.




Now, I can’t go into everything that happened, but there was a pivotal case concerning Levi Whisner and a Christian school in Ohio.  Our case was not about the Christian school.  His was.  And again, I wish I had more time to get into this, but think with me. Christian schools as we know them, just sprang up, really, in the late 60s and the 70s. There were hardly any schools like ours until that time.  The government picked on Levi Whisner, and his good school.  Their test scores were much higher than the national average, but they don’t care about education.  Let me drill that home.  I’m not saying all public school teachers are wicked, but the NEA doesn’t care about the children.  They care about destroying our nation.




Levi Whisner started a school much like ours, the state of Ohio said, “No.”  The state of Ohio was full of great big independent Baptist churches, but the state just swaggered in and said, “No.”  It got to the place that, very frankly, the government said, “We’re going to court.  You have the kids in the courthouse in a room with their suitcases packed


because if you lose, they’re going to an orphanage.”  Let that sink in.  The saddest part about it, was that not one of those bigshot preachers would lift their little finger.  They were honest about it.  They said, “I don’t want to be involved.  If I get involved, maybe they’ll come again at us.”  We see that idea all around us.  But the NEA article went on. “What about parents who prefer to keep the form of responsibility for their own children?”  The authors of the article cautioned their readers that “there could be a tinderbox quality to the introduction of mandatory foster homes and boarding schools for children between the ages of two and three whose home environment was felt to be malignant.”  A malignant influence.  Let’s just say if I’m in the box, it’s going to be a tinderbox.  You say, “A malignant influence—what do they mean?”




I’ll go into this more later, but whenever a bill is introduced in the state, it is normally produced by the federal government.  They send the guidelines.  If you think I’m too strong when I say that our country’s leadership have communistic tendencies, or, at least, are socialists, you have your head in the sand.




What is the first thing communists do when they come in and try and take a country? They destroy religion.  It’s the “opium of the people.”  They go after religion.  A family attends our church regularly whose father was in a concentration camp for just that reason.  When I preached around the country on this issue, I ran into dozens of people from Eastern Bloc countries.  Every one of them said America was going down the exact same path of East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Russia, or any of the other countries.  They get rid of religious people.  That happened to millions of Christians.  Millions!  They put


them in prison, got them out of the way.  They take their jobs first—all this in order to brainwash the children.




Do you want to know why I’m against Barack Obama?  Because that is him.  They feel they have a window of opportunity right here.  They know they have overstepped and they know that this election is going to be bad, but they want to destroy everything about America that we hold dear as fast as they can.




Excuse me for going back and forth forty years, but U. S. taxpayers were being asked to support a program that gave our children over to the support of the government from the cradle to the grave.  That’s exactly what happened in Russia for sixty years.  In the 70s Senator Birch E. Bayh, Democrat, Indiana, said that “universal childcare is an idea whose time has come.”  He advocated legislation for this that would cost 12 billion dollars.

Now again, that was forty years ago, 12 billion dollars.  How many billions would it be today?  “For the first three years of operation, a childcare system that would free all working mothers irrespective of income level.”  In other words, they’re going to take your kids, they were going to put them away.  Good people fought them and won.  We

voted out Birch Bayh, voted out Vance Hartke, and that is what has to be done today.  It’s a bigger battle today, but it needs to be done today.




In December of 1970, Stella Schwartz, a delegate to the White House Conference on Children, said, “Our children, our forgotten Americans, will have their own leader in the White House.  He will be appointed by the president and will be known as the National


Child Advocate.”  The whole idea was to come against parents.  1979 was the “Year of the Child.”  Dr. Edward P. Zwiggler, the head of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare’s Office of Child Development reported that “with help from friendly lawmakers and the support of powerful lobby developed in the White House Conference,” his office would become the “nation’s advocate for all children.”




This was all before our case.  His office would create a national system of child advocacy “…to see that children are permitted to participate,” now get this, “in the new lifestyle program.”  What is that?  Raw sexuality.  Everything that is anti-America.  “To see that they’re permitted to participate in the new lifestyle program, local child advocates would represent the children against their parents, school authorities, and the police when they claim they have been abused, expelled from school, or arrested.”  What was he saying? That the government was planning to take away your authority over your kids—take your authority in raising your children.  Even at that time, the public schools were full of drugs and birth control.  Just to show you the difference, birth control devices were passed out

in senior high school back then.  Now it’s fifth grade.  Abortion was being taught; it’s just stronger now.  The year we went to jail, 170,000 were attacked in the classroom. You can image what it is today.


Over 30 years ago, they were after your home.  We and others fought huge battles, and we won.  But we’ve fallen asleep.  If you believe the Bible when it says, “Children, obey your parents in all things,” you better watch yourself.  “He that spareth the rod hateth his son, but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes.”  We went to jail for that.  They said they were going to take the side of your child against you.  Young Hillary Rodham and her friends put together the very Child Advocacy Program that we fought.  Federal funds were used for a handbook that was sent to every legislator.  I had one.  Don’t think

that we have “States’ Rights.”  We don’t.  We learned that if a state doesn’t pass a certain law, after a while, the federal government says, “That’s it, we’re pulling your funds.”




We fought the Bill in Indianapolis.  We fought in both Texas and South Carolina, the joint House and Senate conferences.  Some of these bills talk about “mentally abusing” a child.  Do you know what mental abuse is?  Believing in the depravity of man.  They have it right in the law.  If you believe in the depravity of man, if you believe in Hell, if you believe in spanking, you’re guilty of mental abuse.  You have no right to your child. There was a plan to get your children.  That plan is still there.  It’s still in place.  If your kid falls off his bike and has a bruise, and the doctor has any questions, under law he

must take that child.  He’s not going to say what he’s going to do.  “Mother, stay here for a moment.”  Then, you just won’t see your child.  That has happened to more than one couple sitting in this auditorium.  The welfare took their children and destroyed them. Hassle numbers are set up in school.  “If you have a problem with your parents, here’s a hassle number.  There are child advocates to take the side of your child against you. That’s exactly what we fought against.  That’s exactly what we stumbled onto in 1974.


In the fall of 1974, a mother wanted her 15-year-old son to come to our church and our school.  His brother and sister, 11 and 13, were already enrolled and loved our school.

We didn’t have the higher grades at that time.  As we added the upper grades, she wanted the older boy in there.  Her husband had been an alcoholic, but after some sort of

barroom fight he got saved in the hospital shortly before he died.  The last thing he said to me is, “Please, will you make sure my son, Kenny, gets into your school.”  Now, Kenny didn’t want to go.  He’s 15 years old.  He had seen the signs in Portage High School, “Have Hassle—Call Us.”  So he went to the Child Advocate.  His name was Sergeant Lloyd, and Sergeant Lloyd.  Before that time, if some kid ran away, the welfare would call up and say, “We have your son; come and get him.”  Not anymore.  Now they

were “feeling their oats.”  I didn’t know it until probably after our court case, but this was the pilot program for the United States of America.  We stumbled into it.  We just stuck a great big stick into their spokes and let it be seen for what it was.  The Advocate called

the mother and asked, “Will you come?  We want to meet with you to see if you can have your son.”  She asked me to go also since her husband had died.  So we had a meeting— with Sergeant Edward Lloyd, the child advocate, Mrs. Phoebe Leeds, the head of the Juvenile Division of Welfare, the mother, the son, and me.  If you could have seen how smug that kid was!  He had the cops on his side against his parents.




It’s unbelievable what the mother was told at that meeting.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  I thought I had been dropped into some gulag, or something like that.  They told the mother, for instance, that she could not tell the boy that he had to go to church.  She could not tell him that he had to go to school.  One of the most unbelievable aspects was


that the boy had signed for a car by forging his dead father’s signature.  I heard them say with my own ears, she could not tell him not to drive the car!  No insurance, under age, forged signature!  That’s child advocacy!  I remember saying, “Sergeant, if he got in an accident, who would have to pay the liability?”  He kind of chuckled and said, “She would.”  She had borne that child, she had fed that child, she had taken care of him when he was sick, she had clothed him, but now she had no rights whatsoever.  After about an hour and a half, she said, “What if I have problems with him at home and I can’t discipline him?”  They said, “Well, just pick up the phone and call us.”  Talk about Big Brother.




In the midst of all of this, I said, “What if I were to have a seven-year-old son who always went out in the streets and I spanked him to keep him from running out in the streets?”  Sergeant Lloyd said, “If he were able to dial the police, I’d have him out of

your home that night.”  And I said, “Sergeant Lloyd, you’ve got a gun on your side.  You better have it pulled because you’re not getting my son.”  The mother was told that if she got her boy back, she could not mention Fairhaven Baptist Church in his presence, and

she couldn’t use the word “God” in his presence.  Now what would you have done?  God, the Bible, orders, “Train up a child in the way he should go,” and the government was saying, “No.”  Now listen to what I’m saying here.  People say, “Well, you’re supposed

to obey the powers that be.”  People always say, “You need to obey the powers that be.” Yes, as far as fire laws, taxes, health.  But my powers are higher than the fourth floor of the county building.  When the Apostle Peter was told not to preach, what did he say? “We ought to obey God rather than man.”  When Peter was put in jail, what happened?


God sent an angel to break him out.  Moses’ mother disobeyed the law when she was supposed to allow him to be killed.  You say, “What are you getting at?”  I believe in being a law-abiding citizen, but when they tell us we can’t preach the gospel of Jesus Christ or we can’t raise our children, that’s when they’ve crossed the line, and I’m not going to obey them.




People say, “Stay out of politics.”  We weren’t in politics.  They were in our church, and they drew us into politics.  Our country was founded as a republic, but most people don’t even know that.  Our forefathers died for that freedom; and if you read the Constitution and our forefathers’ writings, we should do the same thing.  What kind of preacher would not stand with that mother?  Who will fight if we don’t fight?  I used to say, and I

honestly believe it much more now, that if the enemy were to drive up in tanks in Chesterton and say, “We’re taking over,” the average person in America would say, “Can I have my television?  Can I have my beer?”  That’s all they care about!  Listen to what the average person says the fourth of July means to him!  “Can I have my television?

Can I have my beer?”





Let me tell you something, we have everything to lose.  When we talk about their taking our children and brainwashing them, that’s everything.  When we talk about their taking our religion, that’s everything.  Obama again, “We’re not a Christian nation.”  We’re not the Christian nation we ought to be, but we’re not Muslim yet.  We’re a Christian nation, and they want to take it away from us.


After this meeting the first thing I did was go to our lawyer.  He was a good man, and when I told him what happened, he said, “I can’t believe it.  This can’t be happening.” He said, “Meet me that tomorrow.”  He was mad, but the next day he was a different man.  “Reverend, keep away from this.  This is too big for you; it’s too big for me.  Stay

away from it.  If you move forward, I will not be your lawyer.”  He was a Christian man, an arch conservative.  “I will not be your lawyer.”  So, we said goodbye to him.




Now you’ll see how stupid I was.  I went to the juvenile judge, Alfred Pivarnik not knowing he was behind the whole thing.  I went to him, a future Indiana Supreme Court Justice and a Republican, and said, “Let me talk to you.”  He was a Republican.  “Let me talk to you.  Let me tell you what has happened.”  He says, “No, we can’t talk.  It would be unethical because I might hear the case.”  I remember saying, “Oh, sir, I’m so sorry.  I don’t want to be unethical.”  I left his office, and the next day a totally distorted article was in the newspaper  quoting Judge Alfred Pivarnik.




I couldn’t get anywhere going through the proper channels, so I went to the newspapers, the second stupid thing.  I called a news conference, and they all came in my tiny little office.  I said, “Now I don’t expect you to agree with me, but I just want to tell you what is happening.”  I went into detail and I honestly told them everything that was happening. And, of course, the next day everything in the paper was a totally opposite story.  Don’t trust the government, and don’t trust the newspapers.  So, we bought ads in the

Valparaiso Vidette Messenger, I believe, and then the Michigan City News Dispatch.  We just went down exactly what had happened.


I got word from Judge Alfred Pivarnik, not directly, of course, but from a good Baptist preacher, “Shut up.  Shut up, or else.”  Now, all this time Sergeant Lloyd was building a case against us, which was against the law.  Everything they did was against the law.  At the end they had a grand jury.  I remember reading in the paper, “They’re going to have a grand jury,” and I remember saying to Sharon, “Wow, a grand jury!”  I didn’t know what a grand jury was—it was grand, it was good.  Grand was big, and I went down there and said, “I’m ready to testify.”  The mother went down there and said, “I’m ready to testify.”




Of course, they didn’t want our testimony.  A grand jury is used by a prosecutor to build his case.  He gives them what he wants them to hear.  If you’re ever in a grand jury, don’t let him do that to you.  We were able to read the grand jury transcript after our case.  The compalint was that we “snuck religion on the kids.”  Now think about that.  We “snuck religion” on them.  I’m not exaggerating.  “Our halls were too quiet.”  We “taught against rock music.”  That’s what we went to jail for.  The principal and I were picked up after testimony like that.  The child advocate was making up a case against us.  We were

jailed.  To my knowledge, I don’t know of any pastor in America that for one hundred years before that was put in jail for anything like this.  This was a criminal case.  We were booked and fingerprinted.  The Bible says, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he’ll not depart from it.”  That’s why we were going to jail.  You say, “Were you scared?”  I was scared.  I was in a fog.  The jail cell was cold, of course, the blanket had dried vomit on it, the lavatory was full of human waste.  Because we

wanted to defend parent’s rights and freedom for Christian schools, we were picked up in the night.  Just like in Communist countries, they pick you up at night.


But they made a big mistake.  They didn’t know where I was, and the principal called me. I’m a gimmicker, and I had five minutes to think as I was being driven to church.  I asked the person driving me to call influential people, Christian leaders.  I said, “Then call

every member of the church and every school parent.”  Now they thought we would make bail.  I was so dumb, I didn’t even know to make bail.  I didn’t have a lawyer. They put us in jail, and by the time they had us booked, the phone was ringing.  Many hundreds of phone calls came in from coast to coast.  "What are you jailing the preacher for?"  They didn’t expect that.  Then, I heard singing,—“Onward Christian Soldiers.”

People like Chester, and John, Wally, and others were outside.  I had instructed that if the people had two cars, bring two cars and have the blinkers blinking.  According to the newspapers, there were at least five hundred people outside singing.  That good Republican jailer, a Baptist also, came up to me and said, "Tell these people to leave. They’re inside."  I remember Ed Weimer was in there.  I said, "It’s their jail.  You tell them to leave."  They were nervous.  They put us in jail.  People were demanding their rights and all that type of thing.  The next morning, ABC, CBS, NBC, the Chicago Tribune—were out there.  “You don’t want to talk to them, do you?” I said, "I demand a razor.  I demand a clean shirt."  And they said, "Okay."

I want to point out that it was a horrible thing—but they tried to shut this little church down and shut us up, but they actually put me on a pedestal.  I went outside and the media was all there.  Some of the reporting in the Indianapolis Star was very good.  The Commentary of Joel Daily was very good.  Channel 5 came and studied our school and said, "There’s no graffiti!  It’s quiet.  The bathrooms are clean."  Somebody did a whole series on our bathrooms.  After four days we made bail.  The Today Show was the only


national morning show at that time.  They called up and wanted us, but I was told, "You can’t leave the state."  The next five months were terrible.  School enrollment was down. When people found out any kids were from Fairhaven, they would spit on them and cuss them out.  Some of our people were beat up.  Our bus ministry had just started to really boom that fall, and it went way down.




Area preachers struck out against us, writing letters to the editor.  I hate sissy preachers who are afraid to be involved, afraid to take a stand.  They wanted to distance themselves just like the bigshot preachers did in Ohio.  The biggest name preacher at the time said in front of a crowd, "We praise God for the stand."  But behind closed doors he said, "You go shake hands with that judge and say you’re sorry."  Sissy preachers.  You guys that are going to be preachers, if you’re anything, be a man.  Be a man.




The next five months were just terrible, and the trial was the most publicized in the county’s history. The prosecutor presented his case.  Nothing was said about the 15-year- old who was taken from his mother.  That was just a smokescreen.  It was a case that they set up to shut us up.  Let that sink in.  Politics is horrible, and the judicial system is just as bad, or worse. They’re not on your side.  If anything happens, get a good lawyer.  God gave us a good lawyer.  He said it was God, it wasn’t him that won.  But humanly speaking, you need a good lawyer.




The only thing the prosecutor had was that we spank.  Aren’t we horrible?  Yes, we spank. According to Indiana law, you can spank. I remember a lady who was asked on


the witness stand if her child was spanked, and she said, "No."  In the newspaper a few hours later they reported that she said, "Yes, bruised and bleeding."  Don’t believe the newspapers.  For weeks and months we were on the front pages of the newspapers. According to the newspapers, it was as if we beat people with a horsewhip.




There were five charges against us.  The main one was conspiracy to commit a felony, aggravated assault and battery.  That would have gotten me fourteen years in prison.  I didn’t spank kids, but the reason I was charged with that was that I wrote the handbook that said we believed the Bible taught that we should spank kids.  That’s where the conspiracy came into it, to commit a felony, aggravated assault and battery. Two other charges were for criminal libel.  I know I’m throwing a lot of information out there, but the criminal libel charges were for the two newspaper ads that I put in.  They wanted to call me a liar, but they didn’t want to let it go to court because they knew I could prove them liars.  That’s how they work.




There was one week of testimony against us, all being about “too quiet” and this type of a thing.  After one week, I’ll never forget, the judge put down the gavel, and gave what is called a “directed verdict.”  I didn’t even know what that meant, but he said there wasn’t one word of evidence against us so we didn’t even have to defend ourselves.  I don’t have time to go into it.  I get choked up thinking about it.  Because this case was such a huge thing, people came to us whom we didn’t even know.  They came and said, "This is

bigger than you know.  We want to help you." Remember the lawyer Crumpacker.  Now he was a big lawyer from Hammond, had a big suite of offices.  They disbarred him


because he stood with us.  There was an organization that had been in business for fifty years, the Northwest Indiana Crime Commission, headed by Elmer Jacobson.  It wasn’t a religious or a right-wing organization.  It was funded by the mills but it was disbanded because they took our side.  They tried to disbar the judge who ruled in our favor.  Don’t trust politicians.  So many are wicked.  Jim Tsoutsouris, a great honest lawyer, only charged us 5,000 dollars to take our case.  But other auxiliary costs were $110,000.  The so called Christian lawyers we got from Lester Roloff, (and I don’t mean to blame him— they took him for a million dollars) before we ever went before a judge, charged $40,000. Don’t trust most lawyers either.  $110,000 would be half a million dollars today.




The buses dropped like a rock, the school was down, our kids were beat up, a Christian family was ruined, and then a few years later Judge Pivarnik sued us.  I don’t have time to go into it, but with about a day left, he sued us again.  He said he was going to “bleed us to death.”  We were in a battle for our nation’s life, our church’s life, our families’

lives.  But I believe with all of my heart, we’re in a harder spot now.  Much harder.  What I just described is what Hitler did, what Musitung did.  It is a planned program, and it’s working.

First of all, our kids are made into dunces.  You, parents, who don’t insist that your children gain academically, there’s something wrong with you.  If you want them just to be at the average for the nation, they will be horrible.  Of all industrialized nations, our country comes in dead last in math and science.  I read where a professor at a law school said the average reading skills of people who enter law school is sixth grade.  So our nation is a bunch of dummies, and then revolutionary ideas are brought in.  Students


don’t know who George Washington was.  They don’t know history—it’s been ripped out.  It’s all revised, all liberal.  Why would you stand for America if you don’t know what America stands for?  That’s where they’re at.




Then come the revolutionary ideas about sex, and war, and abortion, and religion, and women’s liberation, and children’s liberation.  In a public school, they pat your kid on the head and tell him how smart he is, and how dumb his parents are.  The government has

the brain of the average public school child, and now they want their body.  They’re after your kids.  35 years ago there were a whole lot of the World War II vets, the greatest generation.  They’re gone now.  Our nation doesn’t have much of a backbone anymore. Parents, this is what the whole message is about, this is the reason I’m teaching it tonight. We need to teach our children to stand like Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego.  I know this isn’t Bible, but get your kid in the boxing ring and let him fight.  You fathers, learn some wrestling moves so you can work with them because if they don’t have any guts, they’re not going to stand for anything!  I don’t care how much Bible they have, they won’t stand if they’re little sissies!  There’s no thrill like doing right especially when everybody else thinks you’re wrong.  Forget about the things of the world.  Get your house in order.  Vote.  If you don’t vote, you’re going to answer to God.  Vote according to the Bible, not according to the unions.  Work in the church.  That’s more important while we have time.  Work, for the night is coming.  Work while we have freedom.

Write litters when it’s time.  If we just mention it, do it.  Rally when called.  It’s important.  I’d rather be right and in jail than compromise any day.  I don’t have a death wish, but I really have an inkling that it may get to that point.  Don’t feel sorry for me.


Feel sorry for me if I compromise.  If this nation continues to go the way it is going, some day your grandchildren will be allowed to come over to your home for a visit. They’re going to get up in your lap and they’re going to ask, “Is it true that at one time

we had freedom in our country to go to church, and the preacher could preach on what he wanted to preach?”  “Yes, it’s true.”  “Is it true that at one time we could vote good people in and back good people?”  “Yes, that’s true.”  “Oh grandpa, if that’s true, what did you do?  What did you do with your freedom?”  It’s something we’d better ask ourselves now while we have a chance to do something about it.

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