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March 22, 2020

Finishing the Job

Passage: Joshua 11
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A Study of Joshua from Joshua 11

Historical background of Joshua

  • Meaning of the name: Jehovah is his help; Jehovah is my Savior.
  • Family background: He was the son of Nun, from the tribe of Ephraim and a leader.
  • Biblical background: Joshua can be translated as "Jesus".

5 Helps for Completing the Task

  • There are God-ordained battles
  • The example of Joshua
    • Sin
    • Self
    • Satan
  • The example of Caleb
  • There is strength for the battles
    • Scriptural references
      • Matthew 3-4
      • Joshua 9
  • Learn to get up after falling
  • Learn to seek God for help in the battles
  • Be determined to fight the battles



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