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Bible Text: John 8:32-36 |

John Newton’s description of himself:
"At this period," he writes, "my temper and conduct were exceeding various. At school, or soon after, I had little concern about religion, and easily received very ill impressions. But I was often disturbed with convictions. From a child I was fond of reading… I began to pray, to read the Scriptures, and to keep a sort of diary. I was, presently, religious in my own eyes; but, alas, this seeming goodness had no solid foundation, but passed away like a morning cloud, or an early dew! I was soon weary, gradually gave it up, and became worse than before; instead of prayer, I learned to curse and blaspheme, and was exceedingly wicked when from under my parents' view. All this was before I was twelve years old."


I. Freedom from guilt

“Lord, I believe Thy precious blood,
Which at the mercy-seat of God
For ever doth for sinners plead,
For me, even for my soul, was shed.”
—W. J. Shrewsbury

  • Isaiah 43
  • Psalm 103
  • Micah 7

II. Freedom from darkness

  • The cause
    • 2 Corinthians 4:1-6
    • The devil has blinded them
  • The cure
    • John 1:1-5
    • Luke 1:68-69, 77-79
    • Matthew 5:14-16
    • Jesus Christ

III. Freedom from fear

  • Acts 4:29
  • Christ gives boldness

IV. Freedom from bondage

  • Romans 8:15-18, 31-32,37
  • Gal 4:30-31

What a wondrous message in God’s Word! My sins are blotted out I know.
If I trust in His redeeming blood, my sins are blotted out, I know!
My sins are blotted out, I know.
They are buried in the depths of the deepest sea:
My sins are blotted out, I know.

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