Date: February 7, 2021

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For episode 47 of the "50 Baptist You Should Know" Series, we will discuss the ministry of Georgi Vins.

Georgi was born to parents Peter and Lydia Vins in 1928 Siberia, Russia.  Georgi spent most of his life under Communist rule.

As a small child, Georgi would experience his Father sentenced to prison.  His crime was preaching the Gospel.  Georgi and his mother would not hear what happened for over 60 years.

After the conclusion of WWII, Georgi and his mother moved to Kiev where he earned an engineering degree.  For a time, they and the Baptists enjoyed a time of relative freedom, but that would change.

Throughout Georgi's ministry, he was imprisoned multiple times and always resisted the Communist regulation.

Listen along as we discuss how God used the ministry of Georgi Vins.