Date: December 1, 2019 ()

Bible Text: Philippians 2:1-11 |

The Example of Christ

"Thought it not robbery"

  • Alternative views
    • Lucifer
    • Adam and Eve
  • Jesus is God, he didn't need to become like God

"Made himself of no reputation"

  • Christ gave up the use of his divine power for his own human needs
  • He owned everything, yet he became poor, and used His power for others' needs.
    • Hungry
    • Tired

"The form of a servant"

  • He took it upon himself (he didn't trade it)
  • The likeness of man, the lowliest of such (baby, servant)
  • He left Heaven to live in human society

"Obedient unto death"

  • Other's didn't have to die (Enoch, Elijah)
  • He chose to take the death of the cross, the most extreme humiliation possible
  • To the Jews, those who died on a cross were cursed by God
  • To the Romans, crucifixion was saved for the worst criminal

"A name which is above every name"

  • All will bow the knee to Him - at least once (Isaiah 45:20-23)
  • Those who have not bowed in life, will bow! (Romans 10:9-10)

A contrast with Mankind

  • How many times do we live as if we are God, or there is no God?
  • Not God, but taking the position of God
  • We must empty ourselves
    • Good things we do, giving money, etc.
    • Performance-based religion where we "try" to please God
    • I am not the master of my life
  • Take up the cross (Luke 9:23)
    • We can't follow Jesus "too"
    • Starts with denial of self, something we don't enjoy. (Luke 13:24)
    • He then does the lifting up

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