Date: August 30, 2020 ()

Bible Text: Luke 6:27-38 |

For some reason we usually think of a commandment as either placing restrictions on us or making undesirable demands on us. Because of this misconception of the commandments of the Lord, we often overlook the precious promises that are contained in them.

God’s promise of direction, Proverbs 3:5-6
God’s promise of provision, Matthew 6
God’s promise of comfort, John 14: 26
God’s promise of presence, John 15
God’s promise of joy, John 15

  • The command to give
    • Giving leads to spiritual maturity, 2 Corinthians 9:7-11
      • Stage 1: "I won't give"
      • Stage 2: "I will, but I won't like it"
      • Stage 3: "I will, because it helps people out"
      • Stage 4: "I will, because I am thankful to God and love God"
    • Giving leads to fruitfulness
    • Giving leads to happiness
  • What can we give
    • Give sickness to the Lord - Luke 6:17-19
    • Give godly love to those that hate us - Luke 6:27-29
    • Give to the needy - Luke 6:30-35
    • Give mercy - Luke 6:36
    • Give forgiveness - Luke 6:37
      • Giving is a heart issue - Luke 6:43-45
  • The power connected to giving

How Can I Keep From Giving?

Over against the treasury
Emmanuel was sitting;
rich cast in of their great wealth
What seemed to them befitting.
A widow came and gave two mites,
Which then was all her living;
She did the most of all the host—
How can I keep from giving?

How blest the man who knows Thy word,
"Give and it shall be given;"
His all he brings unto the Lord,
His treasure! is in heaven.
Help me, dear Lord, that I may give
Thus even all my living;
Since of Thy bounty I receive,
How can I keep from giving?

I have received a precious gift,
No mortal tongue can speak it;
The like is ready now for all
Who diligently seek it.
I can but sing the praise of Him
From whom I am receiving;
And as He gives Himself to me,
How can I keep from giving?

To love the Lord with all the heart,
And as myself my neighbor,
I mean to strive with all my might,
And to this end will labor.
And may I never faithless prove,
But always be believing;
For while I think of Thy great love,
How can I keep from giving?
-by Robert Franklin Skillings

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