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Bible Text: Genesis 1-2; Matthew 19:3-9 |


This is lesson one of the NAVIGATING HOME & FAMILY series.

Tonight we will be starting a series, a foundation of looking at the idea of the institution of the home. And I think that most of us would say that God did that, but we are going to kind of look at what that means. I think that easily we can expand on next year, as far as the institution of the home. To say that the family is in disrepair and in a state of deterioration in America is an understatement. The biblical home has been on a target by the liberals and politics and has been usurped by public education aggressively for close to about four decades or more. And it has been undermined even by church denominations for many, many years now.

There is the promotion of men, such as Bill Nye, Bill Maher, who have scoffed at religion and Christianity as a crutch. And so they then come in and say that it is silliness. Then you have public education assumption that they are the responsible parties in the home. In fact, I just found this article that was written, October 8th, so this was written Tuesday. Tuesday on October 8th, there was in Australia, a top psychologist group representing 24,000 psychologists in Australia. I did not even know that there is that many people in Australia, I think it is a one-to-one ratio with psychologists and people there. But think about this, so probably the main, psychology group of 24,000 psychologists in Australia claim children should neither have to get parental consent nor undergo mandatory counseling to undergo irreversible gender transition surgeries. Think of what they just said. So, you know how I mentioned that there is an undermining of the home. So what did the psychologist just do? They just said they sidestep parents, and basically children get to decide whatever. Well who brought you into this world. I mean, it is kind of a no brainer there, but that is what happens when you get away from biblical foundations. And so that was that one.

Then I read this yesterday, an article on kids. This is from Canada, parents in Canada have filed a class action lawsuit against Epic Games. The company that made the popular video game Fortnite. The distraught plaintiffs accused of the devious minds behind Fortnite of intentionally creating it to be as addictive as possible. This addiction has destroyed their children's lives they say. The lawsuit says that one of the supposedly addicted children has played around 1,800 Fortnite matches in seven months. Okay. While others have logged about, 7,000 matches. Now, Google, if you just do your extensive research through Google because Google knows everything. So you just say, how long does a Fortnite match take usually? Google will say that it takes 20 minutes. So if this kid has logged in 1800 games or 7,000 matches, whatever, they have spent at least 600 hours and some of them 2,000 hours doing video games. Now my problem with this is that the parents are suing them. Why don't you just unplug it? It is their fault. I don't understand this, go over, grab it and throw it in the garbage. It is unbelievable. Right? But it is the mindset today. It is everybody else's fault. Everybody else has to do whatever. So again, that is another article.

Then this was today. So this is this week, you might have seen this Kaiser Permanente. I remember going to Kaiser. Kaiser was one of the big hospital organizations in the Cleveland, Ohio area. So growing up, that is where I would go and get the physicals for school and all that. But they just came out with a 60 second online national video. So this is what it does, it begins with a voice saying there are those who will say that you are too fat, too skinny, too old. And then eventually through the ad, shows a drag queen, reading and dancing for laughing children. And it continues on and it says, there are those who will say that this is too much. Then it says at Kaiser Permanente, we believe everybody deserves the right to thrive. And then at the end, it says, basically if you are one of those that says, this is too much, ends with the phrase too bad. So what are all of these people saying? Here is Australia, the group of 24,000 psychologist, and here is Canada, it's parents that are upset at the video game, and here is a medical industry that is coming out saying, Hey, if you don't like it too bad. You know it is all an attack on the home. It is all an attack on the home.

A very simple, I think illustration of this is even in the music culture. I think of the music culture and I am talking even about Christian music and not necessarily here. But all you have to do is be a little bit in tune in America and you see that there is just a whole bunch of silliness. The music culture in our society, and this includes the "Christian" and I put that in quotes. The Christian music industry has virtually destroyed a basic Christian value. You know what that value is called? Silence. Silence, calmness, the sheer noise, even nice sounding noise in many homes today would make many of our great grandparents go out to the pasture. Not because they are older, but because they want it quiet. They want it quiet. Where in all the loudness of modern worship music and idolizing of favorite groups and the scrambling for each new CD or iTunes, and the bickering over how loud to play it. Is there a reverence sense of God anymore? That is just a simple illustration and most of you know that. Where is God in that? Where is God in our homes anymore?

And so as we begin, I want us to think about, is there an attack on the home? I think all of us understand there is. So as we begin, I gave you some words and you can find other words. And that would be something that you can just look at over time. Again, I have some additional stuff and we are not going to be able to cover all of it. My main thing is to cover our main three points. So just as an introduction, I put some Bible words regarding the home. There is: home, family, marriage, marry (not in the person Mary, but to be married or marry somebody), husband, wife, children, there are other words and those are scattered throughout scripture. The home, when you look up the home, normally it means a place. Does it necessarily mean what we are thinking as far as a culture, because it's meaning almost a house. Most of the time that word home is used in the Bible. So we are going to look at our three main points.

So Roman numeral number one, God established the home. So where do we see that is found simply in Genesis chapter one and Genesis chapter two. So here we see in verse 26 of chapter one, "And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air..." So verse 27, "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion..." Then in verse 29, 30 and 31 gives us a couple other things, it says "it was very good." So then look at Genesis 2:18. We often use this when it comes to marriage, but again, this is talking about the establishment of the home. So, in chapter two verse 18, "And the Lord God said,..." what it is not good? So that is the first time in Genesis one and two, it is the first time basically for us at the beginning of time for man, that God said something was not good. So what was not good, " is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him. And out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam..." And so Adam is there doing his job that God has left for him. And then in verse 21, the difference that we see, I think it is purposeful that you notice that in verse 19, it says "out of the ground." God made what the animals, but Eve was not made out of the ground. "And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof."

Okay, so here we see that woman was made differently than the animals. And so this helps us in understanding, God making things, God establishing things. He is establishing a home and even a wife. There is this cave man idea that the wife is something different you know, well she is made out of man. So it is a very special relationship, the husband and wife relationship, and then God brings her unto the man. "And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man." Genesis 2:24 and 25 are quoted in Matthew 19:3-9. Matthew 19 in verse three through nine, we see that Christ quotes this passage in Genesis verses 24 and 25, but basically in verse 24. So he says to the Pharisees in Matthew 19:4, "And he answered and said unto them, Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female." So what were the Pharisees asking about? They were asking about divorce and remarriage. So they were asking a home question, weren't they? So God or Christ defines by going back to the Genesis pattern, to help us to understand what the home is. "And he answered and said unto them, Have you not read...," So, Hey, it is in the book of Genesis. He "made them male and female...For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh? Wherefore, they are no more twain, but one flesh. What, therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder."

So what are we seeing in this passage? We are seeing God's pattern. God's pattern for our home is one man, one woman, and it is specific in verse four, because Christ is quoting. And he is going back to Genesis and I'm telling you, I remember Pastor Lewis, was just, saying about a month ago on a Sunday night, he was talking a little bit about soul-winning and talking about his church. And, I was just talking to him or texting back and forth this week. In October, he basically is taking a Sunday service, I think Sunday night he is talking about the LGBTQ issue and, going through it scripturally there in Chicago. And it is purposeful if you know anything about Chicago, it is a hotbed for iniquity and immorality. So, he wants his people to understand biblically, what is the attack on, the attack is on what God calls a home. God established the home. So point number one, underneath this, God establishes then the contents of the home. So what are the contents of the home?

According to Christ who is quoting Genesis, it is a man and a woman that are brought together in marriage. Notice what it says, they leave father and mother and they come together basically in marriage. That is what we call marriage. So living together is not a home, what is a home? It is a man and a woman coming together and they understand that God means them to be together. So that is the husband and wife relationship. That is the contents, so God established the contents of a home. I did not establish it. So when some man comes and they say, wait a minute, you know what, I really like this man. And that should be a home. No, I'm sorry. Why? Because God established the contents of the home. I did not establish it. God did.

So why is there an attack on God's word? You know, why? Because if you do away with this (the Bible), then it is your opinion and my opinion. Well, so what makes you God. I am not, actually, I am not God. What I have is his Book though. And His Book establishes the home. God established the home and then he established the contents of the home. There are some people that say, well, then, what makes up a home? Well, according to the Bible here, yes, children can be a part of that, but a husband and a wife make up a home. That's simply it. Now if God blesses them with children - great. But according to the Bible, a home is a husband and a wife. It is a man and a woman, male and female. It is not two females. And even now, I don't know if you noticed it. All of a sudden Hollywood is getting all nasty with their stuff too. Like revealing stuff, it i's not having a couple of women and a man or a couple of men and a woman. I do not know if you have been paying attention, but all of a sudden the Hollywood people are coming out saying all these weird things that they are doing. I am sorry that is not a home. Why? Because it is a man and it is a woman and that is all. And those two brought together is the contents of a home. So in our point here, what are we saying? God established the home, He established the contents.

Number two, God established the roles. Where do we find that? We find that in Genesis 3:16. So you can write that down. But another passage in the New Testament, which I think is a really good passage, is first Corinthians chapter 11. So first Corinthians chapter 11 says this in verse three, "But I would have, you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God." So right there in scripture, what is laid out for us? It is laid out for us that God established roles.

So in my home, I'm the head of my home, actually I am not according to the Bible. Who is the head of my home Christ. If it is a godly home, Christ is the head of my home. Christ is the head that's according to this, "that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God." . And so guess what, God established the role. So then I come to scripture and I try to understand, okay, what is man's role in the home. What is the woman's role in the home. So God established the roles.

Number three, God established the rules. There are some rules that should be very evident in a home. Let's look at some points underneath that. Number one, God should be a priority. We find that in Deuteronomy chapter six, we also find that in Matthew 22 in verse 37. God should be a priority, it is very clear. Again, some of this is made to where you can do some of your own personal study on family, on your own. So God should be a priority. Secondly, scripture should be preeminent. That is Deuteronomy chapters 4, 9 and 10, and also Deuteronomy 6:1-7, scriptures should be preeminent. These are again God's rules. These are not things that I set. These are things that God set in motion. Thirdly, the home should be orderly. Where do we find that? Proverbs 31. You can look through it, but specifically verse 27, it talks about the virtuous woman. And one of the evidences is that there is order in the home. Okay, so the home should be orderly. Then also it talks about this in first Timothy chapter three, it is talking about a pastor's home and saying that it is an example. And what is the example - it is ruled well. It is in order and that sets a tone for the homes in a church. So it is orderly. And last the home should have unity. Psalm 133 talks about that.

So, I want to get to number four. All right. So, God established the home. He established the contents, the roles, the rules, and he also established the purposes of the home. I find four purposes in the Bible for the home. You can probably find more but as I was going through scripture, I found four. One is to bring glory to God. The biblical home brings glory to God. Why? Because that is the purpose of every life. So in your home, one thing that is easy for you scripturally to do in your home when you are deciding on doing something is thinking, hey, together as a family will just bring glory to God. That will solve some sin problems in your home. Won't it? Hey, I was thinking tonight that as a family we can go to the bar. So let's sit down and pray about that. Will that bring glory to God tonight? Hmm. Well, I guess I am going to change our plans. Okay. It will help you. That is one of the purposes, to bring glory to God in your home.

Secondly, this sounds odd but the home was established to rule the earth. You saw that in Genesis one and you will also see it in Genesis two. Man and woman were brought together and what did God tell him to do? He told them to replenish, but he said subdue it. So guess what? With my dog, it is okay to put him on a chain. Oh, look what you are doing to that dog. Guess what man does he subdues. He rules the earth. And so he should not be mean. But guess what, our society is so messed up. You save an owl and you kill a baby. again. You know why, guess what happened? It is out of whack because we chucked the Bible. Man is the preeminent creature. He was made differently. How is he made differently? God formed man and woman. Did he form the creatures a little bit? The animals were different. What they were made out of dirt. They were made differently. They weren't that special creation that God took time with like man and woman. So to rule the earth.

Number three, to bring fellowship to each other, where do I see that? In Genesis two, remember what God said? It is not good that man is alone. So guess what? Some people say, you know what I want to get married because I am lonely, that is actually a legitimate reason. That is a legitimate statement there. Yes, that is one of the purposes to have some companionship. According to God, God noticed that with man and said, it is not good that he is alone. I will make him somebody that basically they are together. And I think you notice that in Genesis chapter two, that it says it is not good that he is alone. And then it goes into that Adam was doing his job, and what was he doing? He is bringing all these animals. He is naming them. He i taking care of them. And I think what he noticed is that, hey, even the dogs has a girlfriend. I do not have anybody, no friends. So to bring fellowship to each other.

Then four was to raise a Godly seed. It says to be fruitful and multiply. So, to procreate is actually one of the reasons that a husband and wife do come together. So that is the end of Roman numeral one.

So Roman numeral two is the one I will have you do some study on. (Because I want to talk a little bit about point number 3 at the end here.) So number one was God established the home. Number two is, man maintains the home. And what do we mean by that? I do not want to just leave it up to God, man maintains the home. So what does this mean for you and I. God has transferred the work of the home to man. That is you guys that is dad and mom. So do not say, you know what? I do not understand it. I am supposed to take care of the kids. Yes, you actually are. That is what I said, it is not God's job. It is your job. It is your job. He transferred the work of the home to man. It is our job. Nowhere in the scripture, do you see that anybody else is responsible, but dad and mom, right. So all of the bloggers out there that are blaming us for bad kids, guess what? They don't know their Bible. They do not know their Bible. Show me in scripture where a church is responsible for the children in the church. Tell me. Now I am not saying we are not responsible for the truth. We are responsible for imparting the truth. The church, according to Timothy, is the pillar and ground of the truth. So where in the world do they get off at saying, you know what that church there... Actually go to your mom and dad. Now you may say, that is mean. That's Bible. That's what the Bible says and is very clear on that. Show me in scripture. What happened with Aiken, he was responsible for all his house. Look at Joshua in Joshua 24. What does Joshua say? We are going to serve the Lord, me and my house. I do not know about everybody else, but my house we are going to serve the Lord. Why? Because he could take ownership of his house. Man maintains the home. God established it, but then he transfers it and says, hey man, it is yours now. You maintain that work. So God has transferred the work. Number two on there is God expects man to maintain the home.

Then number three, God provided government and churches to assist in this. This is where we do not have a ton of time, but there is scripture to back that up. First Timothy 3:15 is where the church is the pillar and ground of the truth. Hebrews 10, Acts 2, that's the church government. Actually a good passage of study on that is Romans 13. And what you will see is that government is there to help assist you in your home, a good government. That is why I listed down for myself First Timothy chapter two, where Paul instructs, Timothy and says, pray for your leaders. Why do you pray for them? Because they can help you if you have a good government. Guess what they help you do. They help you in your home because they punish sin. Now, when you have a bad government, guess what they do. They lift up sin. So is it the government's fault that your kids go bad? Only, if you relinquish your rights to the government and that's our next point.

Roman numeral number three is the enemies of the home. Number three is the enemies of the home. And I just put down three of them because as I got thinking about this, and this is where I think we could delve into and go a little deeper sometime as far as the enemies of the home. Because if God established the home, as I was trying to think about it and study this. So if God established the home, then how can I find the enemies? God establish it. The enemies of God are the enemies of your home. I do not think it is a weird leap for us. And what are the three main enemies of God, the world, the flesh and the devil. So guess what dad and mom in each area you need to be careful.

So what is the world? It is the world system we are not talking about... We are not talking about the world, as far as National Parks, that they are out to get my kids. I am not talking about the Grand Canyon. I am not talking about the world that way. What I am talking about is about the world's philosophy, isn't it? The world system. So what is the world system. Dad, mom, try to disagree with me, but today it is public education. It is public universities. You better be scared to death of that world system. Why? Because guess what it is going to do--remember. Right away you can read articles basically everyday. And I do not recommend that because don't read that instead of Scripture. I would recommend reading more Scripture instead of articles like conservative articles, because Scripture lifts up, your conservative articles, depress you because it is worse. It's worse. But I get in Scripture. You know what? The Bible tells me that in the last days it is going to be like that. And so Jesus is coming even so come quickly, Lord Jesus. But I need to be aware. And guess what the world is going to push its system on us. And we need to be careful.

The world has its music. The world has its lifestyle. The world -- it is this world. Even in America, be careful that the world does not come in and rip apart some of the godly things in our home. Because guess what the world says, you know what you need your time, the kids need their time. And so basically every home is just kinda doing their own thing and they are never together. So how has that helped our society? Never being together. Be careful of the world's idea.

The world's idea is, and some of you have talked about this, that dad your job is to provide a home and educational funds for your kids. That is okay but according to the Bible, God is preeminent. Scripture needs to be preeminent. Then also we said that the home should be orderly. That means, the home that is the hub not the world. God established these rules, so watch out for the world. And you say, well the world says this, where is that in Scripture. Let me line it up. Be careful. And so I know it can be busy, but you know what I think families should do. Cut out some things and maybe sit down once in a while and have dinner together. Wow. The world says, don't do it. Maybe if the world says do it once in awhile, maybe they are coming back to an idea of a right home.

The flesh. So what does the flesh mean? The flesh is evidence in a home when self is preeminent, that includes you dad. If I am always hitting my chest, say I am the head of this home, you are going to listen to me. And I am just mouthing off all the time. You know what my kids are going to say, wow, it is always about dad. Wait, who is the head of my home? Actually, Christ. Christ is the head and self needs to be pushed out of the home. There should be a downplaying of self and a godly attitude of service, which needs to permeate. And this starts from the top down, not opposite. So there should be an evidence of service from dad, mom, and all the kids. You know how the kids will catch on to serving God, when they see dad and mom doing it, come along and do it. Many husbands and fathers do not promote this because they present a wrong picture of that. That you are not presenting a Christ centered life. You are number one. And you vocalize it. I am the head. Listen to me. Don't you know who I am, and that is an arrogant rant about self and it does little to build up Christ in the home, but it does well to introduce the flesh in the midst of the home. And pretty soon your kids are doing the same thing. The flesh needs to be pushed down in the home and parents, that is your job. What is the enemy of the home, the world. So fight to keep the world out of your home. What is the enemy of a godly home, the flesh. So fight to keep the flesh limited in your home, and that is a limit on self. What is the opposite of self, service, serving, serving others.

And then of course, the devil, the devil, and I think all of us know this. I think that sometimes that would be a great study yourself to do. It is the devil, he is an enemy of a godly home. So what is he going to do? He is going to come in and try to split mom and dad. He is going to try to try to pit kids against parents. The devil is going to come in and a lot of times, and I think you know this, the devil uses the flesh and the devil uses the world at his beck and call almost to help out. But you do not have to be scared. What you have to do is make sure that God is preeminent. It needs to be over and over and over. So how do you work on that? Now we will come to this idea and that will be in January. We are going to talk a lot more about the training. We are going to talk about discipline, but training is the key. Deuteronomy six talks about that. So read that passage in Deuteronomy six and it uses the word diligently. You know what the word diligently has in the Hebrew behind that. It has the idea of a sculptor that is chiseling. And guess what a sculptor does nonstop? He keeps chiseling and chiseling and chiseling, and he keeps coming back and he keeps coming back and he keeps coming back. And in that passage, it is all referencing that we are diligently chiseling and chiseling and chiseling what? That God is preeminent and that scripture is preeminent. So it should be all the time that, hey kids, God is first in our home. So is that evident? When is the last time you read this book in your home? I am not talking about church, I am talking about your home.

God established the home, man maintains it. He maintains it by doing Gods order. He follows God's rules, God set them. I did not set them. He set the purposes, He set the guidelines. And then because it is a godly home, I know that God's enemies are my enemies, and that is the world, the flesh and the devil. And so as we start out, my prayer is that you understand God established the home. So then the next couple of weeks, we are going to be looking at then the two main people in the home, and that is the husband and wife, mom and dad, a man and a woman. Okay, so that is the start of a home. And then if God blesses with children, then we will move on to those lessons. And that will be, I think in January, because basically, most of the rest of this fall we are talking about God's institution of marriage and then doing a couple ideas about parenting.


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