Date: September 9, 2018 ()

Bible Text: Hebrews 4:12 |


  1. The power of God's word
    a. Can Convert from Sin
    b. Can Clean from Sin

Hopefully there's someone around you that has a Bible, and show you the book of Hebrews. Hebrews is in the back of the New Testament. If you're at Revelation, you went too far. So the book of Hebrews chapter 4.  For those that know the Bible this is a very well-known verse, Hebrews chapter 4 in verse 12 so well-known verse in the Bible. There's a couple of words that are not well-known because it's written in Old English, you don't know the King James was written in the 1600s. They have they have modified it. It's not written like it was written in the 1600s otherwise, you wouldn't be able to read it that much but most of the English is still there, and so we'll go through it, and explain some of the words, but Hebrews chapter 4 and verse 12. The Bible says: for the word of God is quick, and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

So, the word of God says again for the word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. The greatest book ever written I believe is the Bible, the word of God, it’s the world's most fascinating book, there is probably library, full, libraries filled, if we, if we gathered all the books written just about the Bible, commentaries, and all kinds of different things some people that hate the Bible. If you gather it all, guarantee our library couldn't contain it, and a lot of libraries couldn't contain all the books that were written about the Bible. Patrick Henry, you may not know who he is so you can look them up later, but Patrick Henry said this about the Bible “The Bible is worth more than all other books that have ever been printed and a study of God's word will convince people of its power to change lives” and I believe that it can change yours this morning. There are many of us that have experienced the power of the word of God, and that's what we're going to talk about this morning God's word is powerful, God's word is powerful, and it says it right in our text says for the word of God is quick and then the next word it says it is powerful. We're going to think about what how is the word of God powerful?

Heavenly father, I thank you for today for this morning. Thank you for the folks that came out Lord, and might have been somebody that came out maybe because of some of the activity this afternoon, and I thank you that we can have a nice activity, but most of all Lord we come to church to hear from you and from your word specifically in your spirit. We would ask as we come to this time where we bow to the sovereignty of Scriptures. The Holy Spirit would have his will and way you do, that which I can't, and that is speak to Hearts. Well, thank you for what you do in Jesus name. Amen.

So there's a couple words. Let's do those first in our text. It says for the word of God is quick. Alright, so what is that idea of the word of God being quick? The Greek word if you know the, a little bit about the Bible the Old Testament mainly is written in Hebrew, and the New Testament is mainly written in Greek and so in the Greek when they came to this word, they translated it quick. So what does quick mean? It means alive, living, it means it's not dead, it's not powerless. So, and as in essence the Bible saying for the word of God is alive, and it's powerful. Alright, so the word of God is powerful it has power in it. and it has power, it's alive, its power, it's not powerless, it has a living power, it's energetic, it's active, and so the Bible is telling us that it's alive, and then it says it's powerful. So what does that word powerful? There's a Greek word, and when we take a Greek word, we transliterate it. Alright, we don't necessarily say it in the Greek, I don't speak Greek. Okay, so in English, we take it and we have an English transliteration. So, that word powerful is energy owes.  So, what does that sound like?  Energy. Okay. There's a there's a battery that's out there. You guys know that battery? The Energizer battery or bunny whichever one of those that never stops, write that word, energy are energized and what's it saying? It doesn't stop, it just keeps going that's the power of the word of God. So it says it's quick, it's powerful. Then there's another word there, it says it's sharper than a two-edged sword. Now most of us, we're not swordsman. I don't know, maybe you are, maybe that's your thing, I don't know it, I don't know, I prefer not to get into politics, I prefer, I prefer guns. Alright it just, you know, they say you brought a sword to a gunfight. All right, that's what I'm like, yep you're done. So there's a sword, but this one it says a two-edged sword. So what's two-edged mean? What's neat is in the Greek? It's saying it's a two mouth sword. You say well wait a minute to mouth. And the idea was that anything that was around this sword it got devoured. Anything around it, it got gobbled up, and it some of it was because of the swordsman was good at it, but also because of the power of the sword anything around it, it destroyed it. There was no contest up against this, up against this, sword.  So you get in the picture? The picture of the word of God comes pretty clear to us when you study the words because it's alive, it never stops, and whatever is in its path it destroys.  So what are you, what are you finding out about the word of God the word of God is powerful? The word of God is powerful. So what's the power that is available in the word of God if you have your Bibles go to Psalm 19. Normally if you have Old and New Testament you drop your Bible right in half, you're probably going to be in the Book of Psalms. Okay, it's the one of them. There's a hundred and fifty Psalms. So we're not reading all of them. We're going to try one just to look at one verse or a couple of verses this morning Psalm 19. Psalm 19 at the end of the psalm has a lot to say about the word of God. There’s a lots of different adjectives or descriptions for the word of God in the Bible Psalm 19 uses of few of them. Right in Psalm 19, look at verse 7 the law of the Lord. So the law of the Lord that is, the word of God. If you go down to verse 8 the statutes of the Lord that's another description of the word of God. If you go to verse 9 the fear of the Lord that's a description of the word of God then even in there you have the word testimony, the Commandments, the judgments, all of those are descriptions of the word of God, but notice in verse 7, what does the Bible say the law of the Lord? What kind of what kind of Bible do we have? It is perfect, and it's so perfect. It's so powerful that guess what it can do. It can convert the soul converting the soul. So what is what is one of the powers that is available in the word of God? How is God’s word powerful, the word of God is powerful because it can convert sinners. Nothing else, right now, I know it's through the blood of Jesus Christ, Jesus, according to John chapter 1 is the Living Word of God. We have the written word of God. Jesus is the Living Word of God in between those two. There is no contest for a sinner you, you come to the word of God, the written word of God in you come before the Living Word of God, and guess what will happen a sinner will fall on his knees? Because the word of God has power to convert, we were there in Hebrews. So let me read a verse in 2 Timothy, in 2 Timothy chapter 3. 2 Timothy chapter 3 it says this and that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, and notice what it says the holy scriptures which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith, which is in Christ Jesus. So what does the Bible telling us? The Bible is telling us and here Paul was writing to Timothy and saying “Hey you need to be in the scriptures because the scriptures are able to make you wise unto salvation”.  There are folks that claim all kinds of things as far as how to get saved. They will tell you that, if you do such and such deeds, this is how you get saved you join this church, that's how you get saved. You get baptized with a certain procedure her certain way of baptism, that's how you get saved, but the Bible doesn't say any of that.  And I hold to the truth of scripture and the scriptures say that Jesus is the way the truth the life. No, man, cometh unto the father but by him, so through Jesus, we can have salvation. The Bible is able to make you wise unto salvation. This is what I can tell you you hate this book, you're not going to get saved.  That's what the Bible, with the Bible you are going to be made wise unto salvation so somebody that and they could be you could go to a church, and this is what I'm telling you, they may call themselves a church again, we gave you a little bit of a Greek lesson at the beginning the word Church in Greek is ekklesia, ekklesia. That's member a transliteration of that word. So ekklesia there's a lot of ways you can use that word in our language today. It's a called out assembly now at high school, you have an assembly. But just so you know, they aint Church it most you know that hide a church when you come together in your assembly, maybe it's ninth grade or ninth through twelfth grade and they say, all right, the ninth through twelfth grade is a there's a comes over the intercom, there's going to be an assembly in the auditorium. Just so you know at high school, they ain't Church, ain't Church. Alright, the principal may think he's the preacher, I, he may get up there, and do it, but ain't you? Okay, so there is a lot of people and there's a lot of, even in America a lot of places that you drive by. and it says the word church on it, but this is what I can tell you if you go to that place, and they don't pull out this book, it ain't church, it ain’t church.  Alright, it's a, it might be a called out assembly. It might be a group of people that are getting together and they're getting together the saying getting together to have an activity, but the Bible binds us together the Bible brings the church together, that's what brings the church together, and the Bible is able when I come to church, and I understand through scriptures. What, what, the scriptures say about says salvation, that's how I am able to get saved, through scriptures, the scriptures are powerful. There is a young Minister that came to a man, there's a famous preacher in the 1800s, and you can still find a lot of sermons written by him. Probably the most read preacher in the world as a man named CH Spurgeon, and CH Spurgeon one day had a young Minister that came to him, and he said I haven't had a conversion and what he meant is somebody gets saved as a result of his preaching for months. He said “I've had somebody gets safe for months” and Spurgeon the wise preacher looked at this man and said “Well surely, you don't expect every time you preach for somebody to get saved or something some type of decision to be made” nd the young preacher looked at Spurgeon was like “Well, yeah, you know what? You're right. No” and you know what Spurgeon looked at him and said, “That's why nobody gets saved” and what he was saying is every time he opens up the word of God, there's the ability for someone to get saved, every time. Why is it because of the greatness of the speaker? Is it because the greatness the eloquence of the words going forth? No, it's because of the power of the word of God. The word of God has power to convert sinners. It is not just our thoughts, it's not just our random ideas that we put together, we said “Hey come to church and you'll hear some random ideas”. No, it is the word of God. It is his words. And his words are powerful and it's through his words that you can get saved, but then what else do we see about the power of the word of God? We were there in Psalm 19. So I'd like to look at Psalm 119. Psalm 119. Psalm 119, a little farther down our pages. We're going to look at two verses. Psalm 119 in verse 9.  Look at Psalm 119 in verse 9. It says Psalm 119:9 wherewithal by, and that idea of wherewithal that's the idea of how, how shall a young man cleanse his way? So, it's giving us a question how in the world can a young man be clean? And that's not talking about a shower or a bath. Alright, now some of you older folks aren't maybe you got some teenagers in your house and your like “Hallelujah, finally the Bible addresses my stinky young man”. I don't understand that cause you're like “How in the world can this stench get off of this boy”. Alright, now that's dealing with something else, you need to talk to your doctor about that. Alright, we're going to come back to the Bible. So we're dealing spiritually, so it's saying “How does a young man spiritually get clean” and you know in today's day and age, that's a good question, why is that because all around us? What is their fill? You can barely turn on the radio, you can't turn on, you can't turn on the internet, you can't watch anything, and guess what's bombarding you, it's bombarding you with, with immorality, with impurities, and the Bible says man, how can a young man? Keep clean notice the dancers us? By taking heed. What is taking heed? It's by the listening, by doing it's not just by taking heed means some action there too. So, what do I take you to God's word?  They're not the word of God, not only has the power to convert a center and it has the power to clean a center.  It can clean you up it can make you a better person. Appreciate the testimony because that's my testimony, I never regret, I have never regretted one minute in this book, but there's a whole lot of things that I regret minutes about, but not one minute because always in this book it can fix me, it cleans me, it makes me a better person, and here as a young person an older saying “Man, you don't understand some of the things I've been through”. I don't, but this word of God, it can clean you up. One of the baby greatest purposes of the word of God is to deliver Christians from sin, that's what it can do. Satan wants to convince you that it's impossible to overcome some things, it's impossible to live a purer life, it's impossible to have a clean life, and yet the Bible, look at verse 11 Thy word have I hid where in my heart that I might not sin against thee. Alright, I don't have to live in sin all the time, I don't have to live in discouragement and despair and live and defeat all my life why because the Bible is powerful, it not only can convert my soul, it can clean my heart, and this morning maybe it's you here this morning, and you've never come to Jesus Christ as your, it's a wow, I mean this word of God, I didn't know about the word of God, and I'm, I'm sad to say that in America today, there's a lot of people that don't understand about the word of God, we belittle the word of God. There's even politicians. It's say “Oh man those that cling to their guns and cling to their religion”. Well, I guess what? You can call me weak, you can call me whatever, but I'm going to cling to this because the word of God has power the word of God can convert the word of God can cleanse, and we've seen that happen, we've seen that happen in our church.  Folks that were, basically chained to some addiction, chain to, and bound by the fetters of sin, and through the power of the word of God, it's been broken.  That's the power of the word of God, Deal Moody said this and many people have written this in the Flyleaf or their Bibles. Deal Moody has been equated with this quote it says “Sin will keep you from this book”. Are the Bible, or this book will keep you from sin?  The word of God is powerful and cleansing from sin, but not just that, in Deuteronomy, let me read a verse, and I think you'll know this first because Jesus quoted this in the New Testament and Deuteronomy chapter 8. The Bible says this in Deuteronomy chapter 8, He says “And he humbled thee, and suffered thee to hunger, and fed thee with manna, which thou knewest not, neither did thy fathers know; that he might make thee know that man doth not live by bread only, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of the Lord doth man live”. So, what else does the Bible do? Right, the power of the word of God converts the soul, it cleanses the heart, but it can give you strength. Did you notice what the Bible says? And Jesus quoted that, remember when He was out in the wilderness 40 days, 40 nights. He was out in the wilderness and then the devil came and tempted him and Jesus was out fasting. Why was he doing that? Cause it was the start of his ministry here on this Earth, and what he wanted was God's power. He wanted God's strength. So he's getting with God, getting the strength, and the Devil comes, and you can say “Well that isn't fair”, just understand the devil's always going to come after you if you want to do something for God, and I think that's why some quit, even here, some of you, you haven't been at church, and months, and you come back today. Maybe it's because something fun’s going on, but for the last couple of months like “I don't need Church” and you gave in to the devil, and you can you can say whatever but I think have Bible to back it up because the devil whenever you want to do what's right, the devil's going to fight that understand that and it doesn't mean it doesn't mean that well, you know what I'd this is just hard in our own strength. You can't do it. But with God's help you can live a crisp Christ honoring life a Christian life. You don't have to give in to the devil, you have a devil's going to make it easy for you at first to do his way, but this is what I can tell you from years of being in the ministry the devil the devil's paycheck though is really bad. Alright, the wages of sin still as death, He can't get around that the wages of sin is death. I just saw that in the news either Friday or Saturday. There's also a well-known rapper and guess what at 26 he's dead.  So it's a shocker to me, I'm sorry. It's not a shocker when I find out somebody that hates God, somebody that lives there wildlife, and lives a drug-infested life in the alcohol, the alcohol just flowing down there, down their throat when they die at 26, and then we said “Oh man, I don't know” and we honor him and praise him. No, I ain't honoring him praising because Wicked discuss what it has its reward and its reward is not good, the wages of sin is death, but what is the Bible do? The Bible produces strength?  It gives you strength.  We all know this you if you are. I was reading I think this morning you have the popcorn festival down in Valpo, and they have some big runs down there. They have a marathon and some five caves and different things like that, and there's a guy that was running that and I think he ran the either of the Boston or the Chicago. I don't know if it's coming up or it just got done, but it was saying the guy that took first in the Popcorn Fest Marathon. He also did well at the Chicago marathon, and I'm sure if we could sit them down and bring them in here, and just say all right, so so prepping for your Marathon, was it the twinkie diet?  Alright, you know all up and down we wouldn't want to be we want want to be cheering for him along the edge there if he was on The Twinkie Diet because you know what we would all be splattered as he came by us.Alright, we'd have cream and all kinds of things just spewing out. No, guess what? He probably has a regimented not just physical exercise, but he has probably a regimented nutrition diet, and guess what that diet is made? He probably has somebody that is put it together for him so that he can have maximum strength when it's game time. Well, guess what? When I get up every day, I need maximum strength for game day, because every day the Bible tells us hey what it tells us that don't you know that we don't wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers and workers of Darkness, that's what the Bible says, and so it tells me put on the whole armor. So every day we gotta suit up. Every day, it's a battle out there, but I don't have to go in my strength, I've got God's word that can give me some strength. It's a diet especially made for victorious Christians, so get in the book. Read that book. The Bible says this, that He esteemed this, I think was Job, Job said he esteemed the words of God more than his necessary food.  Now some of you and we all know this because all we'd have to do is take a look at your social media and we would know that you are kind of obsessive about your food.  You take pictures of it you zoom in on it, I mean, it's nonstop. You're like, all right, I get it, it's a piece of pork, and I know you might have smoked it for like, I don't know 58 hours, are you might have, you might have hand rubbed it? And I mean, it's just like what in the world, you know, if your food will you I so we know some of us, we really we're obsessive about our food.  We want that stuff, we're like, “Ooh, that was good men at tasting” and you just I mean you just go on and on you could write paragraphs, and paragraphs volumes about just a piece of meat, but guess what? But it's here today and gone tomorrow, you know that, but in the same way, I need my, the Bible in the Old Testament, the children of Israel had mana from Heaven. Mana was God's food is his food that He gave His people. You know what we need? We need that mana from Heaven why so we can have, strength for today, strength.  I asked you then.  Have you found the power that's in the word of God?  The power to convert the sold the power to cleanse the heart the power to have strength day by day. You may not know Jesus Christ as your savior, this book will introduce you to, and through this book you can understand that through Christ, you know, people always have little catch phrases, and they know like one or two verses in the Bible. And in fact, there's a famous basketball player.  I can do all things through Christ, it's on His tennis shoes. We'll just so you know, I don't think God really cares how many Hoops you make I'm just telling you, I'm just throwing it out there, I'm just saying it, I don't really think He cares, I really don't think he cares, you know, how many goals you make in soccer? I'm sorry. Alright, guess what I have never read the word basketball in the Bible. Alright, I've read a lot. I probably read the Bible at least 40 to 50 times. Okay. I've never found the word bask, but I did find the word basket. Alright, and, and, and some of you we could put a couple together, and may be case, right so and so then some of your basket cases. All right, so we could we could throw that together, but I'm not found basketball, I’ve not found, softball, baseball a lot of those things, but you know that I can do all things they forget the very important part of that verse, it's through Christ. That's who this book introduces and what's amazing to me is some athlete can go up, and in fact, I was reading a book recently from a famous coach and he was saying that every time, that one of his players in college would go up to the free-throw line. he'd have to kneel and crossing like “Get up, it's like, it's too late, it's too late to pray. You know, what if you haven't practice quit relying on God for that right now, I don't think He really cares”. He said “There's a lot more things, there's wars going on, there's people committing suicide, there's people addicted to drugs and alcohol, and you want Him to help you with your free throw?. Right, now I kind of agreed with that coach, I was like, I don't think you really cares right at that moment, but what God does care about, is you have in victory every day. And that's spiritual, it's spiritual warfare because God knows, you may think He doesn't, and all myself, maybe your parents, there could be a good friend, and they may be spiritual, but they can't be with you every minute of the day they can. You know what God, He actually is Supernatural, He can be with you every moment of the day, He can help you, and when that temptation comes in strong, and it could be in, in the confines of your room, and the Bible says that “How can a man, how can a young man be pure and the confines of your room? When that internet screen pops up” and it's saying “Hey look at me, in the confines of your room the word of God it can keep you clean”. It's powerful. It can be there, it can be there when maybe it's somebody and they're putting pressure on you to do something that a morally wrong. What’s this Bible? It has the power to keep you pure and right and it has the ability to give you the strength and most of all it has the ability to take a person that's heading to hell, and had him to have it. That's the Power of this Bible, this book, that's why we take time, and the fall, and we lift up this book it's not the paper, it's not the binding, it's not, it's not the special of the specialness of the book, and I do, I believe I should reverence my Bible, I shouldn't just throw it around, but this is a supernatural book, and it can change your life it can it can change your destiny, that's the power of the Bible. I'm on my way to hell and I come to the word of God and I find out from the word of God that I'm a sinner. What does that mean God? It means that I'm bad, I'm doomed. I'm on my way to hell. Oh God, how am I supposed to get saved? And the Bible through the through the pages of the word of God I find out that Jesus paid my price He took my place, He took my sin, and I can trust in Him, and then He just doesn't come and leave me and say “Well, you know what? Hey, I got you saved. Now you're on your own”. That's not the type of God we serve, He preserved this book for us, so that I can go to it every day, and through the pages of this book, I can find out how to live my life, and not only converts my soul and cleanses my heart and it gives me strength for my daily walk. There's a man in the 1800's his name was George Mueller. George Mueller was an amazing, man. It is said at the end of his life George Mueller wrote some things down, and this book, like I said, I probably read it 40 or 50 times, George Mueller at the end of his life said that he had read the Bible over a hundred times cover to cover, and then somebody said “Is reading the Bible necessary?” and George Miller, after reading the Bible a hundred times said this “I look upon it as a lost day when I have not had a good time over the word of God, I have so much to do so many people that see, and some people say I cannot find time for scripture study”. Perhaps, and this is what he said “Perhaps there are not many who have more to do than I” and this is what he said “For more than a half a century, I've never known one day when I had not more business and I could get through” and then for the past four years, this is towards the end of his life for the past four years. He had hand-written 30,000 letters. He had 1,200 believers that he pastored, he had circulated millions of tracks and books and bibles, He had five orphanages that he had to keep track of, and this is what he said, “But they have always made it a rule to never begin work until I have had a good season with God”. You know what? You're never too busy to spend time with the Lord. You're never too busy to be in this book.

Heads bowed eyes closed this morning. And it just a moment. We're going to have a time of (cut)