Date: September 16, 2018 ()

Bible Text: 2 Timothy 3:16 |


In 2 Timothy Chapter 3, if you do not have a Bible, hopefully you found the pew Bible that is there. There's a pew Bible, it's black in the front. They're not all the way down. If you can't find that hopefully someone near you. 2 Timothy it's in the New Testament towards the end of, there's a 1 Timothy we're looking at 2 Timothy and we're looking at a verse that is pretty well-known as far as scripture found in 2 Timothy 3:16. 2 Timothy 3:16, so let's read that together. Ok We'll all read it together can we, can we handle that? We read one verse up there so let's read this one together. 2 Timothy 3:16 follow my lead, all Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction and righteousness. So let me mention that first part of the verse again, it says “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable, and is profitable”. Surveys that have been done in the last I would say 10 years, surveys in America show an alarming percentage of young people. I would say even going up to middle age that they say that, they may go to church most in that area. Now our age group, middle age, and down into the teen years are not really that interested in church anymore, and some though have gone to Sunday school, some have said they went to church a little bit. If they're middle aged, they say that they went to church for a little bit, but the alarming survey or the alarming percentage is that many of those say they have gone to church cannot name basically most of the books of the Bible, they can't quote many verses out of scripture, they have little knowledge concerning the great doctrines of the Christian Faith. They don't know much about biblical characters. They have a foggy idea of what really book questions that may, what is Nazareth famous for? You should find that out. What happened at Gethsemane, Calvary, who was Simon Peter? These questions were asked a number of pull in their 20s and in their 30s and the majority of these people had, what was important about it, and Gethsemane, and Calvary, and Simon Peter. More than a third of some of the people that they asked did not know that Jesus spent his early boyhood in Nazareth. About a quarter were unable to identify Calvary as the place where Christ died. Nearly half had no idea what happened in Gethsemane, and 75% percent couldn't even identify Simon Peter. What does that tell you and I? It tells us that there is a lack of Bible knowledge, and then in this passage and 2 Timothy Chapter 3, the Bible says this all Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and it says it is, guess what the word is? Profitable.

Last week we said God's word is powerful, this week we're learning that God's word is profitable. Now what is the word profitable for me? If I came to you and I said "Hey, I want to give you something that is profitable" most of us would think in the area of finances, that's where normally I think is "Hey are you going to give me something that's going to make a profit for me", "You've got to give me something that's going to make me rich". Well, the Bible says that we can be rich, we can be rich in godly things, and the Bible is profitable, and it tells us what it's profitable for. You may have heard this in the news in the last couple of weeks I think it was maybe three or four weeks ago, there was a young American couple, Jay Austin and Lauren, and it starts with a G, that's all. I'm not going to venture, venture to say her last name. They were both 29 years old and they quit their jobs and they were gonna take a year long trip on their bikes, took a fatal turn near the Afghan border. As they were going around this world trip they quit their job, this couple that was 29 years old. Jay Austin in his journal wrote this, they had a kind of a ball, they were doing either daily or weekly, and Jay Austin wrote this in Morocco: You watch the news and you read the papers and you're led to believe that the world is a big scary place. People that they're all, people are ax murderers, and monsters, and worse.

Listen to what he says in his book: Evil is a make believe concept, we've invented it to put the complexities of fellow human holding values and beliefs, and perspectives different than 29 years old he says we're going to go on a bike trip around the world, and we're going to venture out, and as he's going around here, he is in Morocco, he's doing his daily journals and weekly journal, no evil, but this is what happened to him, people warned him about this and said "Don't do this, don't do this" but they came to the Afghan border and there's Isis terrorist, and they stabbed him to death. You know what? The Bible tells me there's evil, but you can't, and you can choose to ignore it. You can say "No there is no evil" but that doesn't make the evil go away. You can say "Wait a minute, what, what does the Bible tell us?" and we're going to talk about a few things here this morning and we won't we won't be real long, but I'd like to have us consider how the word of God is profitable. The word of God, yes it's powerful, and it can change a life, it can change a destiny, and we've consider that last week, but the word of God is also profitable, it can benefit you here this morning, it can change your life, it can change how you act. As the testimony gave, and not only can change our destiny, but it can change how we act in this life because there is evil.

Pray and ask the Lord to bless these few minutes as we look and consider this topic. Heavenly Father I pray as we come to scripture, I pray that the power of the Holy Spirit would be evident. I pray that we use it do that which I can't, you're leading in our lives as it comes to the invitation time will take you for what you do.

So the Bible is profitable. There's three words or four words that are given right here in our text. So let's go back to our text and 2 Timothy chapter 3, and notice what it says, it says all Scripture, that's the word for Bible, so it's saying the Bible is given by inspiration of God, that word inspiration we've used it over and over that is the word, but it's saying that the Bible is a different type of book because God breathed. Just like in Genesis it's the set, they think it's Genesis 2 or Genesis 3 where the Bible says that: God breathed living soul. That is the same idea given in this passage God, a book like the Bible. and you would say "Well wait a minute, I've read some other books and I've read some books that man they’re interesting, and they were, but the Bible is different because it is God breathed and just like God and it gave us life God breathed into this book and it is alive". So here we see I'd breathed, then it's profitable, and it gives us four things that it's profitable for, for Doctrine business. So I want to just think about those four words and the ability of it. I notice what it says, it is good for doctrine. Now what is doctrine then from a pulpit, and even we have a college and we teach, we teach preachers doctrine so wow, what kind of doctrine? That's what the Greek word mean, it means teaching. So the Bible says they can teach you, and we will come back to that idea. Then there's another word it says “for reproof”. For reproof, now most of the time. We look at reproof as a bad thing. When someone comes up or a parent says "Hey I'm going to reprove you" OK we would say it's a bad thing, but there's another time. There's a few times that this word reprove is used in the Greek right. Remember the New Testament is written in Greek, so we're in Timothy just a little bit down the road and the New Testament is a book called Hebrews, so turn in Hebrews chapter 11 and you're going to find another time where this word "reproof" is used, and I think it's interesting. Notice what it says in Hebrews chapter 11, this is the chapter we call it the Hall of faith. It's all about faith, notice in verse 1. Now faith is what? It's the substance of things not seen. You'd say wait a minute I do not see the word reproof in there. In before, it's the evidence. Guess what? And says it's that which convinces you of an argument, it's convincing. That is, it convinces us, reproof, but it's telling us this: It is good to teach you. It's also good to convince you, you can build your life in what the Bible says it is, it is that which can convince you. You can rest assured on happenstance, it's not just something made up, it's not just fairy tales, it is doctrine, it's foot good for reproof, and then for a correction. Guy and some orange jumpsuit. No, he's in a correctional facility didn't mean, for doctrine, that means teaching, for reproof that’s argument, then for correction. This is what correction means, it means a setting a right, a rest, a medical term. When something was broken they would go to a doctor and as I can come to God's word and I maybe limping a little bit spiritually or I condition. With this heart, it's desperately wicked, I've got a heart condition, and guess what I can do. I can go to the Bible, and paying if I'm doing something wrong, I can go to the the Bible, to help me get healed and corrected.

So the Bible says it's profitable for what? for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, and then for instruction and righteousness. That's what was mentioned in the testimony. What, what was mentioned in the testimony? That I don't get just saved for way down the road, I get saved for now. It means that right now, I do what the world say, and this is where we're gonna get into: the Bible is profitable, profitable because the Bible teaches me different things. We're in second to first Timothy in chapter 1. Notice what the Bible tells us here, so we're in 2 Timothy, just go a little bit earlier, and you're in 1 Timothy, in 1 Timothy chapter 1, knowing this that the law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient for the ungodly, and for sinners for manslayers. You know what the Bible is telling me right there? There’s bad, there is bad that goes on. Look at first sin for whoremongers for them that defile themselves with mankind, for menstealers, for liars, for perjured persons, and if there be any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine look at verse 11, according to the glorious gospel the blessed God which was committed to my trust, and then he thinks God in verse 12 then verse 13 who was before a blasphemer and a persecutor and injurious, but I obtain mercy because I did it ignorantly and unbelief and the grace of our Lord was exceeding abundant with faith and love which is in Christ Jesus. Look what he says, in this saying, and worthy of all except taken that Christ Jesus came into into the world to save sinner of whom I am Chief what the Bible is profitable to tell you, it's profitable to tell you that there is sin, there is evil, there is wrong and that is kind of contrary. Here was a couple and they said man, they may have gone to church, they may have gone to different places, and they're saying I've heard that there's evil, there is not evil, there's just positivity that's what we need, but there is evil, we've seen that in the newspapers over and over. We helped start a church over 10 years ago now in Chicago, South Chicago, he was here just this past week, and we were talking about it as we sat at lunch, and we were talking and last weekend and the weekend before he said it is it. It's like a bloodbath in Chicago. He said he saw so much red tape around his neighborhood to, to. There was a shooting right near him. He said there's just shootings nonstop and I was like it's happening because there is evil in this world, and when you ignore it, and you say well it’ll be dealt with. Even in today's society, we try to come while you know what I mean everybody has their own opinion and you just need to live your lifestyle, and there's a favorite phrase in Hollywood that comes out “you know what you just gotta follow your heart”. I'm telling you right now you don't want to do that, the Bible tells us that the heart is desperately wicked who can know it. The Bible tells us that there is sin, and we were born in sin and that's where the Bible is profitable because then they make sense to me. I can't comment even though there is something as as we're barred as a child grows a little bit and if he is not taught that there is sin and there is a right and wrong, and everything is just follow your heart, what if my heart wants to be and I'm not trying to get all political, but it's right here in the Bible. What if, what if, what if my heart says that I want to like somebody of my own gender?  Sorry. The Bible says it's wrong. And you're saying well wait a minute. That's judgment. Oh no it's the bible. Most profitable, and then you say well wait a minute what's going on in our society. Because everybody is following their heart. There is no right and wrong, then guess what happen? Well, I want to follow my heart and kill you, well what's wrong with that? I followed my heart, I can’t judge against it because the bible still says thou shalt not kill. There’s another touchy thing today and this goes way back into the 60s and 70s, but then in the 80s it became almost just so popular that now guess what, the Bible says one man, and one woman.. for life. It became, It started from California moved out our way, and it became popular to have a no fault divorce. The Bible says divorce is bad, sorry, and I want our young people to know that divorce is bad, and yet today you're like “Oh, I'm following my heart. You know I didn't really love this person” OK. You should have thought of that before you started down the marriage vow road, you two just started ,and now it's just popular. Well I'm not going to get married, I'm going to have one week, and I'm not trying to be all crew, but now we have it to where it's premarital sex and so they say that even in high school they say that the average high schooler has had numerous partners. Guess what we're asked and there's wrong? The Bible still says thou shalt not commit adultery, the Bible still says that it's not good for a man to touch a woman,and I know the Bible I've read the Bible. I have studied the Bible and about all it's profitable to have a pure life that's profitable to have a moral life. In our society today. How much purity and how much morality is there? And guess what we got rid of this book: God's word is profitable.
Why? Because it teaches me morality, it teaches me godly principles but it starts with this passage here. I had you read that in Timothy. And what did Paul say about himself. He learned that the Bible was written because there's sinners blasphemers murderers, and then what  did he find out about himself? He found out that he was that, and he was chief of sinners, but guess what he found out also that Jesus Christ according to this Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners and that's why afterwards. This is what he says now unto the king eternal immortal and visible the only wise God be honor and glory forever. So this is what he's telling us the Bible is prop because it teaches me that there's sin.The Bible's profitable because it teaches me there is a God.It is it teaches me there is a God. There are some people who say well I don't know. I mean you got to you're going to find your own wa, that's another famous path. You know you've got to follow your heart. You got to get a dream and follow your dream like. I don't know what does that mean. I don't know following the Bible's literal easier to me because I can read. I don't have to have some vision or dream. I mean that's weird, I mean what if you have a vision what if you watch start because now it's very popular to watch you fall asleep in the middle of the horror film and you wake up and you had a dream that you were, I don't know an axe murderer. Follow your dream. OK.  I'm gonna kill a bunch of people. You got to be careful of this this nonsense that's out there. Follow your dream and follow your heart. Actually this is what I'm recommending:  follow the book. It's profitable. It's profitable. Did you talk to it right? It says it's profitable for doctrine, it's teaching. I can learn from the pages of God's book that there is a God. Those that say there isn't a god. I'm sorry. The Bible is bigger than them, the Bible is more powerful than them and the Bible is more profitable than them. I have seen folks that did not believe in God you know what their lives was in shambles. All they may have had a lot of money, they may have had a lot of possessions, there’s no joy in their life, and then they found Christ, and Christ changed it can teach you about God. It can teach you about sin, it can teach you about a savior, savior that can save you, and what's that reprove you’re doing.  It's saying “hey this is fact it's concrete”,” it's for sure”, and then it's profitable for correction. Remember it says it's for correction, so what can the Bible do? The Bible can take you from a place that you don't know about Jesus, that it can resolve that for you, and how can you resolve it? the Bible says that if we confess our since, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins. The Bible says the even nine heart that God raised Him from the dead. Thou shalt be saved happenstance again, that's not a maybe thing. Maybe this morning you're saying well I don't “I'm not, but my salvation” that's because you're resting on what you have done. That's because you're believing in your heart or resting in salvation you're not resting on that, I'm resting on two words says that if you confess with his mouth the Lord Jesus, and you believe in Jesus Christ. The Bible also talks about our sin we need to come to the point that we understand our sin, put Jesus on Calvary, and what is Calvary? Remember we said 50% of Americans don't even know what Calvary is anymore. Calvary as the Old Rugged Cross, it's where Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Jesus did that. He took our, I ask you then today, have you come to the let me share a story with you? This is from movie, I'm sorry it probably doesn't depict the accurate details. Seven. There's an English ship called the bounty, it was commanded by Lieutenant William Bligh, South Pacific. Sailors signed up for the bounty under Lieutenant William Bligh because they heard holed up with sailors to go to the South Pacific, pretty fit, and appointed a young friend Fletcher Christian for 6 months the sailors, man, they lived the life, they had a happy go lucky life, and Fletcher Christian and in for departure many of the men wanted to stay behind with the island. They were like “I would live in paradise, this is ridiculous, and we’re not getting oout of here”. So three men trying to desert were flogged, but that was a beating that they did for deserters for those that were rabble rousers. The mood nine flights are Christian staged the most famous mutiny. Mutiny on the Bounty, and soul here Fletcher Christian staged this famous mutiny, Bly and his supporters were set adrift in an overloaded lifeboat. What's amazing is one hundred miles and they landed on another island. The mutineers aboard the bounty immediately began quarreling about what to do next. Apt a bunch of people and travelled with the remaining crew a thousand miles to a boat group quickly unravel.They found some plant,s and they started as fighting, disease and murder. His name was Alexander Smith. Alexander Smith then was on Pitcairn Island after disease, and drunkenness, and murder, had just ravaged, and so here is Alexander Smith. One man with all he said he found himself as the only man on the island what to do, and he dug around, and he found a box that had the Bible. He picked up the Bible, Alexander Smith as he just gripped his heart then he began to instruct, scriptures out them obey its instructions. The message of that book transform 18 away. A ship comes by Pitcairn Island diving society based on the Bible ship landed on the island and found a happy society of Christians living in prosperity even to this day.
You can go to Pitcairn Island now was it, the paper wasn't this breathed word. This book is profitable one last thought. Some may know of this man there's a kind of an intellectual man that's he's a, he's known to debate, and I thought this was an interesting thought, arguments were going back and forth and this atheist just maligning the Bible, and Sri, and finally this was his closing argument or one of his closing thoughts. He said if you as this professor was named Professor Glover. He said Professor Glover “If you were stranded at midnight in a desolate, and as you stepped out of the car and fear gripped your soul then fear gripped your heart, and you suddenly and you look around and you see ten burly men running or would it not make a difference to you to know coming from a Bible study all” Oh yeah, it would, wouldn't it because you know what the Bible is profitable and it doesn't just leave me with unanswered questions it makes it possible for that which is broken to be corrected. Have you found the Bible to be profitable to show you how to get to sheaven? Heads bowed eyes closed this morning heads bowed eyes closed, heads bowed eyes closed.