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Bible Text: 2 Kings 4 |

2 Kings 4

Examples of mothers in Scripture:

  • Naomi
  • Hagar
  • Hannah
  • Elizabeth

Examples of mothers in history:

  • Nero's mother - Murderess
  • Lord Byron's mother - Proud intellectual
  • John Wesley's mother - Spiritual
  • George Washington's mother - Plain and sensible

I. Lessons from a distraught mother

  • Go to God for your needs
  • Follow the Lord’s commands
  • Lead your children in following God

II. Lessons from a faithful mother

  • Make space for God in your home
    • Her perception, “as oft as he passed by”
    • Her persuasion, “she constrained him to eat bread”
  • Service to God is its own reward
    • Find opportunities to serve God in your house
    • Use your means to serve God and provide for others
  • Trust God with your children

“Being a king, an emperor or a president is mighty small potatoes compared to a mother or the teacher of children. To teach a child to love truth and hate a lie, to love purity and hate vice is greater than inventing a flying machine that will take you to the moon.” – Billy Sunday

Mother’s Work

Nobody knows of the work it makes to keep the home together;
Nobody knows of the steps it takes, nobody knows - but mother.
Nobody listens to childish woes, which kisses only heal;
Nobody pained by naughty blows, Nobody - only mother.
Nobody knows of sleepless care bestowed on baby mother;
Nobody knows of the tender prayer, Nobody - only mother
Nobody knows of the lessons taught of loving one another;
Nobody knows of patience sought, Nobody - only mother.

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