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  • Opinion - A conclusion without a rationale
  • Evaluation - A conclusion based on a standard

Questions to Ask about Potential Workplaces

  • Obviously, is it a lawful occupation according to the Bible?
  • How old is your child?
  • Who will work there?
    • Men are called to lead, take responsibility, be wise, and protect
    • Young ladies are learning to keep the home, be virtuous, eventually raise children, help her husband
    • There are vocations that can be for both, and there are some geared towards a gender.
  • Who else works there?
    • Co-workers will heavily influence your child.
  • What will they learn while there?
    • Will they be allowed to be lazy?
  • What is the working environment?
    • Is there a TV or music on constantly?
  • How obvious are the contrasts with Christianity?
    • The more subtle the contrast, the more danger
  • What experiences have others had?

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