Date: December 27, 2020

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For episode 41 of the "50 Baptist You Should Know" Series, we will discuss the ministry of Hyman J. Appelman.

Appelman was a Jew born in Russia in 1902.  His family migrated to America, and after learning English and excelling in Northwestern and DePaul Universities, he became successful trial lawyer. (1921 to 1925)

After experiencing some severe work and mental overload, he was saved at 23 years of age.  He was immediately disowned by his family.  After a struggle with doubt and depression, he had a divine appointment with a chaplain who helped him.  He became an evangelist who saw thousands attend his crusades.

Appelman published 42 books, served on the mission boards of several organizations that ministered to Jews.  He went to be with the Lord in 1983.